Who was eliminated in episode 14, "The Best of Enemies?"

By Sydney Bucksbaum
March 17, 2021 at 09:30 PM EDT

Fessy was a hot commodity last week on The Challenge: Double Agents, but this week's episode proves why he's such a useless prize. Plus, one of the biggest threats is sent packing and a wholesome team is reunited. Let's get into it!

While Nany's riding the high from her elimination win back at the house, Fessy puts on a horribly condescending performance for his former partner Aneesa, telling her she's going to be "fine" without him, all while wearing this pitying look on his face. Then he has the gall to tell her she's acting "moody" — mere minutes after having her partner stolen. Ugh. Just leave her alone right now! Meanwhile, Aneesa and Kyle have a new team meeting where he apologizes for calling her dead weight in the past — "And I'm sorry for bringing up 'dead weight' right now," he quickly adds while she laughs. I'm actually excited to see what this new partnership brings, although Kyle's right: they're probably going to be targets for the next showdown in The Crater this week. Their only chance at staying out of elimination is to win the daily.

Meanwhile, Cory's trying to get Leroy and Darrell to promise that he'll be the house vote since he's the only guy without a gold skull, and their silence is pretty telling. They tell him it's too early because they don't even know who will have any kind of power this week. And Cory tells Aneesa he wants to go against Kyle. He's really doing a lot before the challenge even begins. And it's firing up Kyle, who will do anything to keep his skull. Even if that means hurting Cory or fighting dirty.

The Challenge
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The Challenge: Mission Undercover

This one looks cool! Players dive down into freezing cold water that runs between two tectonic plates (big ups to CT and Big T for knowing what that means when nobody else does — looking at you, Amber B.) and swim to retrieve six rings before swimming back to the start. The twist? They have to do this all while remaining underwater. This twist would be cooler if they didn't have oxygen tanks and really had to push to do it in one breath, but alas, that won't be the case. In the end, teams use the rings to decode a word puzzle, and whoever solves it fastest, wins. Leroy and Kaycee, as the most recent double agents, pick the order, and they, of course, put Kyle and Aneesa first. Ouch!

Aneesa and Kyle move at a glacial pace in the swimming section, and they can't figure out the word puzzle for the longest time. They finally do it but the editing makes it seem like their time isn't great. When Big T and Cory do their first challenge together, Big T does what she needs to do while Cory freaks out and comes up for air immediately, officially DQing their team. Darrell and Amber B. DQ as well because Amber B. panics underwater and comes up for air. And in the biggest surprise of the day, Fessy and Nany also DQ! And it's because Fessy kicks Nany in the face before they dive down! Nany puts it best: Fessy was so focused on his own thing that he didn't take his partner into account. This is yet another reason why Fessy is not a good partner. And this is yet another challenge where Nany is screwed over by her partner.

The Challenge
The Challenge
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Kam and CT absolutely kick-ass at the swimming part but keep arguing during the puzzle. They finally solve it, and the way they celebrate makes it seem like their time was good. Leroy and Kaycee also make the swimming part look easy and complete the puzzle without any issues. So of course everyone thinks it comes down to those two teams, but the winner actually is... Aneesa and Kyle! Nobody saw that coming... not even Aneesa and Kyle.

Back at the house, everyone's worried about what Aneesa and Kyle may do with their vote, so all the people with skulls don't know if they should vote for Cory and Big T or vote in someone with a skull and force Aneesa and Kyle's hands in throwing in Cory and Big T. And Aneesa and Kyle are likely wanting to get revenge on Leroy and Kaycee for putting them first in the order for the daily, so Kam spells out the best strategy to Leroy: Darrell is the best option for the house vote.

At Club COVID, Leroy tries to make amends with Kyle. And Fessy says something along the lines of how Nany "couldn't get the job done today" without any reference to him sabotaging his own partner. Nany realizes she was a fool for trading in Kyle for Fessy and wants Kyle back immediately. And Leroy warns Darrell he's going to be the house vote, and Darrell warns Leroy right back that he'll steal Kaycee as his partner. That's diabolical and I absolutely love it.

The Challenge
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Cory and Big T ask to be the house vote, and Darrell says he's not worried about his name being thrown around as well. After the secret vote, Kyle and Aneesa find out Darrell and Amber B. are the compromised agents. Kyle wants to put in CT against Darrell, but Aneesa vetoes that idea. It would be an epic elimination and would help pave the way to a better potential future for them in this game, but Aneesa doesn't want to piss off her friends. Kyle wants to put in someone with a gold skull but we know Aneesa wants to help Cory get his. All in all, I'm not expecting any big moves from this double agent pair.


At the Crater, Darrell and Amber B. find out they're compromised, and Darrell's feeling ready despite the news. He's always such an amazing player to watch because he never whines or complains or freaks out — he's always ready to compete.

And despite having all the power to shake up the game, Kyle and Aneesa throw Cory and Big T in against Darrell and Amber B. Even though it was expected, I can't get over how boring and stupid that decision is! Alliances are important but when you're seen as the weakest team in the house, wouldn't you want to get rid of as many power players as possible? If you know it's Darrell in the sand, put him up against Fessy or Leroy or even CT. That ensures a heavy hitter leaves the game and frees up a skull for Cory.

TJ reveals that it's a male elimination, so it is, in fact, Darrell vs. Cory. This is an amazing matchup considering Cory is the reason why Darrell was sent home first in Dirty XXX. Will Darrell finally get his revenge?

The Challenge
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Elimination challenge: Operation Snapping Point. Players will be tethered together and race around poles, zig zagging until they get to a dead sprint to the button at the opposite end. First player to win two rounds, wins. And TJ's doubled the size and tripled the resistance for the third outing of this elimination this season, so the tug-of-war part should be brutal.

In the first round, Cory's speed boosts him to the button without ever feeling any resistance from the rope, and he gets the first point easily. Darrell jokes to Cory that he needs to slow down a little bit, and the second round is on. But it's over even quicker than the first, with Cory beating Darrell to the buzzer in just seconds. The rope needed to be way shorter because this should have been a dog fight in the sand, not a speed race! Darrell didn't get to use any of his skills because strength and endurance never came into play. Cory's fast, but he doesn't have endurance. I'm so disappointed we didn't actually get to see a Cory vs. Darrell tug-of-war. Mistakes were made, but props to Cory for using his speed to his advantage. One of the best players to ever grace this franchise was just eliminated, and since Darrell has never lost a final he's been in, that's really good news for all the remaining teams.

The Challenge
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The actual elimination was underwhelming, so at least Cory gives us some drama with his choice of partners — he steals Kam! And then CT asks Big T if he'll give their partnership another shot, promising to help her get her skull, and she agrees. So Team Big CT is back together again! And TJ drops the bombshell that although all the skulls have been earned, no one is in the final yet and "this is far from over."

Challenger of the week: This week it's a tie between Aneesa and Kyle for absolutely demolishing everyone's expectations, including their own. I've never been more proud of both of them!

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