These OGs are still bringing the drama, even long after Yes Duffy was crowned the winner of the first All Stars season.

By Sydney Bucksbaum
June 03, 2021 at 09:22 PM EDT

Now that we've seen Yes Duffy be crowned as the best of the best as the winner of The Challenge: All Stars, what comes next? Even more drama, of course!

The All Stars cast came together for one final true Challenge classic — the reunion — and it was filled with just as much drama as the season was. Just because they're all older doesn't mean they're really any wiser! We saw that proven time and time again this season and the reunion was no different. Just hearing all of them talk about how hard it was to handle communal living was hilarious because they weren't complaining about limited bathroom time or the close quarters. No, it was issues like Laterrian's "sleep eating," where he munches on Doritos literally while he sleeps, that woke Jisela up at night with his crunching. And there was actual footage shown of him sleeping with a giant bag of chips on his bed and him reaching his arm into the bag in the middle of the night. Laterrian, sleep eater. Who would have thought?

And while Kendal wasn't even at the reunion, she was still a big source of conversation. Like how it was apparently tough to room with her, according to Jemmye, because of how she was constantly thinking and talking about the game. Or how most of the cast was annoyed with how she didn't do the big drop in one of the early challenges and tried to blame it on not understanding the rules. KellyAnne tried to stick up for Kendal saying that you never know what you'll do in that moment, but Jemmye said that because Kendal always watches the show (in the hopes to get cast on it again, allegedly), there's no excuse for her "not knowing" what to expect in these challenges.

On a more inspiring note, Yes revealed the first thing he did with his winnings was "pay rent to the Ohlone tribe that we stole the land from in Berkeley where I own my house and own the land. So I pay rent as reparations. And that's just the beginning." He wants to use his platform and privilege to amplify others' voices and movements like Black Lives Matter and #MeToo. His fellow cast members were proud to see someone good like Yes win. It's amazing to see that money is already doing some real good in the world.

But enough of that — back to the drama! Jisela called out players for "coasting" to the final, whereas she felt she earned her spot. At first she refused to name names, but then defined a "coaster" as someone who did not go into elimination — she actually thinks someone like Yes who went on to win the whole thing "coasted" this season! Seriously? But Yes said no one should be pointing fingers, Big Easy said he'll do whatever it takes to "coast" if that means getting to a final, and Jemmye said she won't apologize for working "smarter not harder." The general consensus is: play the game how you want to play, and don't judge others for how they play. And maybe check your own record before you go trash talking players who have won multiple seasons ...

The Challenge: All Stars Reunion
Credit: Paramount+

Meanwhile Big Easy admitted he knows whenever he gets a call to do a Challenge, he knows the show clip they'll play every time: his near-death DQ in Gauntlet 3. But all that mattered to him this time is showing that he's not a quitter. He said he knew he wasn't going to win, but he was going to compete and finish a final. That was his only goal, and he's proud that he accomplished that. And that's why Jisela continuing to fight through their elimination for him and not quit due to her injury meant so much to him since it allowed him to move forward into the game and reach his goal. He even got a little teary-eyed talking about how proud he was of her in that moment.

When it came to the massive Trishelle/Katie fight, unfortunately neither women were at the reunion but previously unaired footage showed Katie convincing Trishelle to stay after Trishelle had packed up her things and tried to quit the show. And so they had actually made up and things were fine earlier in the day, but then Trishelle proceeded to get so drunk that night that she reopened the fight. And everyone thinks Arissa is a literal witch because after her big "F you" quitting speech, all the lights went out in the house when everyone was talking about her that night. Darrell said he was talking about Arissa to his wife and started choking when he said her name, so he believes it. But Arissa wasn't at the reunion to confirm nor deny her religious beliefs and/or magical powers.

As for Jisela's fight with Aneesa, Jisela continues to hold strong in her grudge, believing that Aneesa changing her vote from Yes to Nehemiah was somehow a personal attack on their friendship. Jisela said Aneesa lied to her about where she was going to vote (even though Aneesa just changed her mind, which she's allowed to!) so Jisela can't trust her anymore. Everyone then stuck up for Aneesa (who wasn't at the reunion) but Jisela didn't budge. When the host pointed out Jisela frequently went after Kendal, putting her into elimination after she had already been in multiple times, Jisela finally admitted it's a double standard and she just changed the rules when she saw fit. Okay, hypocrite! Glad that came out because this whole argument is ridiculous, but Jisela is really letting it ruin her real-life friendship with Aneesa. She even said she would trust Kendal over Aneesa at this point!

That's all there was to say about the fights, but there was plenty to say about all the hookups of the season. Jemmye revealed she and Nehemiah never actually hooked up (confirming what Nehemiah told EW), but she had actually been flirting with Teck and something probably would have happened between her and Teck (instead of her flirting with Nehemiah) if Teck had stayed longer. And she hasn't seen Teck or Nehemiah since the show wrapped filming. Jisela revealed she and Alton were just friends during the season and since they live on different coasts, they've agreed to continue being friends ... until circumstances change. But while there was a rumor Alton was married during the season, Jisela said he was single and didn't cheat.

One last fun story that never made it to air is that at one point during the season, Beth stepped on a bee and Alton came running over, grabbed her foot, and just started sucking on it out of nowhere to get out the bee stinger. I don't think that's the medically accurate way of treating a bee sting? Guess Alton just really wanted to suck Beth's toe!

Nothing like a nice toe-sucking story to end one of the best seasons ever of The Challenge, huh? Now who do we have to bribe over at Paramount+ to get a second season of All Stars in production ...

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