They’re all worlds apart, but each group we saw in “Nakara” is facing threats like we’ve never seen before. But whether it’s alien creatures or resurrected evil commanders, there’s nothing our ragtag gang can’t handle. Here’s what was going down on each planet in tonight’s episode:


Isn’t it just like The 100 to finally allow Madi to be a kid again — only to give her the stress of Clarke and Gaia being missing? Indra tells her not to worry, though. She should run off to school and play soccer with the cute Null boy. (Of course, Indra changes her mind only hours later.)

Things are not going so well in Sanctum. Someone stole all the weapons from the armory, and Sheid-Russell is doing what he does best: sowing discord and chewing the scenery. He tells Indra he knows all about the guns going missing, and he knows that she’s ultimately afraid of her people following him once they learn the truth.

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And you know things are bad when Indra has to go to Murphy for help. She asks him to help her speak with Nikki, who she assumes stole the guns. After asking her about the theft, Nikki says she doesn’t know anything about the weapons, but she did learn that Murphy has had blood alteration — which means she knows her husband, Hatch, and his men were sent down to the reactor to die. She’s out for revenge now: “Tell Raven I said, 'Bang bang.'"

Meanwhile, Nelson sneaks into Russell’s holding cell to take him out. He says he wants to kill him for all the people of Sanctum whose lives he’s taken and for every Null he left to die. Poor, poor Nelson. He has no idea that he’s about to take on a commander. He can’t even get close to Russell. “If Russell was here, I have no doubt you would have killed him,” Sheidheda says after several attempts.

And that’s when Nelson learns the truth. Sheidheda came in through the Mind Drive and pushed out the Russell he knew. Sheidheda says they should start working together: He can teach Nelson about power and joining with the Eligius prisoners to overtake Indra’s leadership. Honestly, we know so little about Nelson it’s unclear whether this is a deal he’d be into…but apparently it is! He’s now Sheidheda’s mentee, and I don’t love it.

Unaware any of that is happening, Indra goes to Madi for help. She says she needs her to play the commander again in order to bring Wonkru back together. “I know you don’t want this,” she tells the young girl. “I don’t want this for you. There are forces at play here that are greater than our wants, responsibilities we must yield to.” And with that, there’s no more soccer for Madi.

Luckily, someone else has her back. Jackson, Murphy, and Emori learn what Indra’s up to and come to stop her. Indra finally unveils what she’s been hiding: Sheidheda is in Russell and she’s worried Sangedakru will follow him and dissolve Wonkru. Emori points out that all Wonkru needs is a leader, and they already have one…Indra.

The former chief of Tondc walks into the room where Wonkru has gathered and says, “There may be no commander, but make no mistake, I am in command.” Anyone else tear up at the fact that this often sidelined character gets to step out and lead her people? No, just me? Cool. Anyway, Knight, the very vocal Sangedakru member, draws his sword. Indra pulls a staff and knocks him down with very little effort. “We are Wonkru,” she says before tasking Knight with getting the guns back. And that is how you get business done.


Bookending from last week’s episode, we get to see what happened in Bardo from Diyoza’s point of view. Just like Octavia, she puts up quite the fight when the Disciple soldiers capture her and take her into Memory Capture. She uses pain to fight her memories, so they decide they must break her. She’s put into isolation with days of sound and light torture but is still able to fight off two guards. So, they tie her up so tightly that a guard has to spoon-feed her. Unfortunately for him, that guard lets down his…well, guard, and he ends up with an eaten neck, a missing eye, and a free prisoner. Diyoza was always scary, but now that she’s a mother trying to get back to her only child, she is down-right terrifying.

Diyoza is on her way back to the Anomaly Stone when she encounters three more guards. She takes them out. Three more come, but before she can do any damage, she realizes it’s Hope, Echo, and Gabriel, carrying Octavia. Of course, she’s overjoyed for her girl gang reunion (despite the fact that her daughter is now a full-grown adult, which she seems to gloss over). But that’s when Diyoza learns that Bellamy is dead — Octavia says it herself, but I refuse to believe it!

They all head to the Anomaly Stone, where they’re preparing for a fight inside the doors. Just then, Octavia sees Levitt mopping nearby. He’s been demoted to a janitor, which he says was worth it to see “another way to live.” He tells her they have to go through the oxygen farm to get to the surface. None of the Disciples will go up there because it’s not survivable. Sounds like a great plan!

When they get to the oxygen farm, an old man emerges. He tells them they can’t survive the outside without re-breathers. They’ll become “slowly extinct” otherwise. But Octavia says Levitt wouldn’t have told them to go that way if they couldn't live. Taking no chances, Echo kills the old man. And that seems to be a step too far for Gabriel. He’s decided they can’t keep killing and risk their own lives on the surface. He sets his suit to stun and knocks out his allies. Then he tries to surrender himself to the Disciples as they approach, but they knock him out, too.

GABRIEL, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I’m so annoyed by this move, but I can’t blame it all on Gabriel. Echo is a bit of a loose cannon these days as well. This group needs some sensible, semi-grounded individuals to join them…


Speaking of, Clarke, Raven, Niylah, Jordan, and Miller are on Nakara, the ice planet we saw them jump to in episode 4. The good news is they know where to find the next Anomaly Stone to jump to another planet. The bad news is it’s 2 kilometers away through an unknown frozen world. They find a dead body (which Jordan is sad to discover is human, not alien), and Raven says she believes that Nakara is an “ossuarium,” which Wikipedia tells me is a location for holding dead bones. Great! What could go wrong!

Once they get to the location where the Stone should be, they have to go down 200 meters through a tight cave. Long story short: I once was tricked into spelunking through a very tiny cave in Australia. Let me just say that this part of the episode was triggering… and that was before the gang started encountering weird smells, rising temperatures, odd sounds, and giant bugs attacking Raven’s face. This, by far, is the scariest thing that’s happened on this show. But they make it through, of course!

Raven is able to stab the spidery thing and they all make it to a large opening in the cave. And then things get worse. The wall behind them closes and acid begins seeping out. They keep walking, though, and get to where the Anomaly Stone should be — problem is, there’s a wall there. And if that isn’t bad enough, an earthquake causes another wall to divide Jordan, Niylah, and Miller from Clarke and Raven. That’s when Raven realizes this isn’t a cave and that isn’t acid: It’s a living organism with digestive enzymes. They’re about to be dinner.

Clarke and Raven think this is the end. Raven laments that she just killed four people and this is probably karma for that. But the unflappable Clarke Griffin says everything they’ve done — and everyone they’ve killed — was to save people they love. “They loved people, too,” Raven points out. I find it hard to believe Clarke doesn’t have doubts about the masses of people she has killed, especially with all the character growth and reflection we’ve seen from her through the years, but since the scene leads to a Raven-Clarke hug, I’ll just keep my mouth closed.

On the other side of the wall, Niylah, Murphy, and Jordan start firing at the creatures that have emerged again. This causes the wall dividing the two groups to move and the wall covering the Anomaly Stone to move away. The problem is the bug scratched up Raven’s mask a bit and she’s having a hard time getting a symbol code for the next planet. She finally sees one and they’re able to jump through the green flare, but right before they do, Miller notices a piece of cloth on the ground and there’s a familiar symbol. It’s the Second Dawn emblem.

To quote Niylah, “How is it possible there’s people here from the bunker in Polis?” Gabriel’s theory that there’s an Anomaly Stone on Earth isn’t sounding so crazy after all. He may be dumb right now, but he is pretty smart. How many episodes do you think it will be before we’re back to Earth again? Ten episodes left in the series and counting.

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