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Well, we’ve gone through the looking glass. The mysteries of Bardo are starting to unwind little by little. Starting from the Ground, it seems like every new civilization we meet on The 100 gets slightly more futuristic and even more twisted. It makes sense that Bardo is the last civilization we meet on this show (I assume) because it is incredibly … out there. I’m not 100 percent sure I can even explain it all, but here goes…

We start out at the Anomaly Stone in Bardo, where Octavia and Diyoza have just been pulled through from Sky Ring. O does what she does best: She fights and is able to evade capture for a short time, but she ends up getting caught when she runs into a magnetic field while “outside.” But this isn’t outdoors at all, it’s a facility that’s made to look like the outdoors. It’s like something from The Maze Runner meets Wayward Pines.

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After she’s apprehended, Octavia is taken to Memory Capture, or M-Cap. There, they want to learn everything about her as she’s “seemingly human” and they have no idea how she got on Penance. A man named Levitt, who runs the M-Cap, is instructed to interrogate her by Anders, a.k.a. Neal McDonough, a.k.a. Damien Darhk. So help me God, if this ends up being some sort of Legends crossover, I might die of happiness.

With the M-Cap, they’re able to see Octavia’s memories on a screen. They see Bellamy and Clarke, even Lincoln is there. As days go by, Levitt is able to get more and more out of Octavia despite her resistance. She eventually grows tired, and that’s how he sees Hope on Penance, or Sky Ring. Levitt is fascinated there’s a child there — Octavia says she’ll fully cooperate if he just leaves Hope out of the report. He agrees and starts fanboying over her life: He literally cheers when she stabs Pike. Welcome to the club, Levitt. She’s ashamed at being a “killer,” but he says she simply sacrifices for the people she loves. (He hadn’t gotten to the Blood Reina days yet…)

It’s right then when a Golden Mask walks in, puts a knife to Levitt’s throat, and says to let O go. Octavia thinks it’s Diyoza, and she says they need him to get back to Hope. That’s when the mask comes off: This is adult Hope! She’s there to save both of them (this is post-Dev dying on Sky Ring and her having to come through alone).

Octavia isn’t doing so hot, though, so Levitt suggests they let her go through the anomaly first and then go back for Diyoza. The problem is — and this is where things get a bit hazy for me, so correct me in comments if I get it wrong — because of the time dilation, if Octavia goes through without a mask, she’ll forget everything that happened before she went into the Anomaly the first time. She won’t remember Hope. But Hope says she needs the mask to ghost and find her mom. So Levitt pulls out a stick and a screen that came from “native Bardoians;” it’s used to tag people and pull them back from the bridge. He scans Hope’s eyes with it to capture her brain and then tattoos it on Octavia’s back. Octavia tells Hope her mother would be so proud of the strong woman she’s grown up to be, and then she steps through the stone. (That’s when she fell back into Gabriel’s arms on Sanctum.)

Alarms start going off and Hope goes to find her mother. We don’t get to see what happens, though, because the next time we see Hope, she's bleeding from her arm and about to go on a mission from Anders. (Technically, this wasn’t the next time we saw hope in the episode since events were out of order, but I’m trying to put this into a real timeline to simplify things a bit.) The mission is to tag (a.k.a. stab) her Auntie O and get her back to Bardo. Anders tells the men who follow her that if something fails, no one will follow them because of the time dilation. And once the job is finished, they’re to terminate Hope.

Cut to Hope stabbing Octavia in Gabriel’s tent. They obviously knew each other, which confuses me a bit since Levitt says they’ll both forget things even with that eye scan thing, but anyway.… Octavia wakes up back in Bardo on the M-Cap once again. Levitt says he doesn’t have much time because they’re going to pull him off her case. They sense he’s not on their side — and he’s not. He was the one who put the code into Hope’s arm.

As Levitt’s explaining to her that she has to focus on a mantra to avoid the M-Cap, Anders comes in and says, “Her brother is here.” BELLAMY! They take Octavia to the Anomaly Stone, where Bellamy (naturally) has a knife to someone’s throat. She says that if they let him go back to Sanctum, she’ll cooperate and even tell them everything about Clarke, who Anders is obsessed with for unknown reasons. O is trying to coax Bellamy into jumping through the anomaly when one of the Golden Masks sets off a bomb. When the fog clears, Bellamy is gone and the anomaly is closed.

In present-day Bardo, Hope, Echo, and Gabriel find Octavia hooked up to the M-Cap yet again chanting, “I’m not afraid” to fight the machine. Levitt is replaced with another scientist, whom Echo immediately attacks to get info on Bellamy. He shows a video recording of the bomb incident, and let’s just say she doesn’t handle it well. Despite Hope and Gabriel telling her they need the scientist to get around Bardo, Echo brutally kills him.

Echo screams in rage at the idea of Bellamy being dead, but I’m not so sure. Despite devoting much of my recap last week worrying we’d never see Bob Morley as Bellamy again (whoops, worried about nothing), I’m not convinced that was the end of him. Since the anomaly was open, isn’t it feasible — and likely — he just fell through? Maybe he’ll accidentally meet up with Clarke’s crew as they planet hop. Fingers crossed.

The rest of the episode was set in present-day Sanctum. The Russell Problem is back in full force. His faithful have barricaded themselves inside the tavern and have decided to take Russell’s fate into their own hands. Until he’s released, they tell Indra, they will sacrifice one of their own every hour. And to prove they’re not bluffing, a woman doused in accelerant sets herself on fire. Nelson, the de facto leader of the Children of Gabriel, tries to put out the fire, but the woman goes up in flames too quickly.

Indra goes straight to Russell and asks him how it feels to know others are willing to die for his freedom. He doesn’t seem too upset, to be honest. They obviously don’t trust him to go speak with the Faithful on his own, so they need to send another Prime. Emori is still too weak from radiation poisoning to do it, so Murphy has to go. Just seconds before he said they should just let them all die — “live and let die” is the Murphy way! — so this is going to go well!

Murphy tells Indra he won’t enter the tavern, but when he sees they’re lathering up a child with kerosene, he goes inside to stop them. He tries to take all the children out with him when someone locks the front door. It’s Zev, who you may remember was Daniel’s boyfriend in his last host. Clearly, he’s mad that Murphy/Daniel hasn’t hit him up in this body because he calls him out for being a fake. He asks him to name the four pillars of Sanctum. Trey, the head honcho of the faithful, recites the pillars for him. Problem is he recited them wrong, and Murphy didn’t know the difference. (Typical Murphy not to do his homework!)

They’ve decided Murphy is going to burn next for being a false imposter, but Russell arrives and slaps Trey and tries to choke out Zev. He’s in a rage as he yells at the faithful for doubting “Daniel” and for trying to sacrifice themselves. Indra gets a look in her eye, and when “Russell” says, “Show me your fealty,” and makes the room kneel before him, she knows. Sheidheda is back.

As they walk out of the tavern, she says “There’s a spider on your shoulder,” in Trigedasleng. Russell looks at his shoulder. But then he just smiles when he realizes what he’s done. “Too bad you can’t kill me,” he tells Indra.

Back at the palace, Russell outlines just how tough of a spot they’re in: They can’t kill Russell because the faithful would revolt. And if the Grounders found out about Sheidheda, they would also revolt. His death could make him a martyr to two different groups in this already fragile cobbled-together community. But Indra does have a little bit of leverage: Jackson and Nelson are able to make sure Sheidheda doesn’t return ever again. They remove his Mind Drive.

Based on the fact that he can stand getting a large chip cut out of his neck without any anesthesia — while staring daggers into Indra — I’m a bit fearful for what Sheidheda can do. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Let’s just get him out of the way and then we can get back to what matters: the time travel mystery! Anders gave us a bit of info about Bardo, including the fact that there were natives on the planet before they arrived. And this group of people came through the bridge, which Gabriel seems to think means there’s an Anomaly Stone on Earth.

Hear me out: What if this IS earth? What if the series ends with Clarke finding the Statue of Liberty and crying out, “God damn you all to hell!” You laugh now, but if that ends up happening, just remember you heard it here first.

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