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Something occurred to me during this episode: What if we never see Bellamy again? I'm sure we'll see Bellamy, the character, again, but I'm not so sure about the Bob Morley-version of Bellamy we've come to know and love. Jason Rothenberg has said that Morley will be in fewer episodes this season, but what if fewer means only the premiere??

We've learned that time works differently across the planets, and with him going through the Anomaly separately from everyone else, we have no idea what kind of timeline we're working with. What if when Clarke and Co. find him, he's a 50-year-old man? I mean, I'm not saying we should put in our guesses for who plays an older Bellamy just yet (if we were going to, I'd obviously wish-guess Keanu Reeves) — but I am saying I'm getting nervous. A lot of "Hesperides" made me nervous for our beloved characters actually. Let's get into it...

We start with a flashback to 10-year-old Hope. Fresh off of her Auntie O and mom getting pulled into the Anomaly, she's left in Sky Ring alone. She takes a night to cry, and then the next day, she gets to learning how to live life here alone: She picks vegetables and catches fish. Life is fairly normal until she hears the Anomaly start to open. Four people come through, and only three go back. One very hot man is left behind. He tries to enter the house, but Hope stands her ground with a rake. He's clearly amused and a Good Guy — which is a relief because this could have been a much different, darker storyline otherwise.

This is Dev, whom Hope has told us about. He keeps his distance until she sees him eat a poisonous berry. She nurses him back to health in the cabin, and in return, he teaches her how to throw knives and fight. And just like that, she's Adult Hope. They have a sweet father-daughter relationship and a ruthless plan to get out of Sky Ring and save Octavia and Diyoza: On Dev's Absolution Day (the day a person is released from this prison world), they'll attack the guards who come through to steal their suits, then head through the Anomaly to Bardo to find Hope's family.

But Hope has never been to battle, and when she hesitates to kill the guards, Dev gets stabbed. He manages to kill the guard who stabbed him, giving Hope just enough time to grab a suit and get through the bridge while Dev dies.

Hope isn't going to make the same mistake: In present-day Sky Ring, she, Echo, and Gabriel are doing everything they can to get the current prisoner, Orlando, to open up to them. They need to win him over by his own Absolution Day, in less than five years, so they all can escape and find Bellamy, Octavia, and Diyoza.

It's about this time that Clarke and everyone in Sanctum realize Echo and Bellamy are in trouble. They find one of the Golden Masked bodies with bullet holes out by Gabriel's shack, but there are no other signs of people. They're trying to figure out what to do when another masked man approaches the gates of Sanctum and asks for Clarke by name.

Clarke tasks Raven — who is still reeling from her *cough* murders of last episode — with finding out how to get into the masked suit while she marches out to the gate with the rest of her crew. The man outside the gate lowers his mask and says he and his people are called Disciples of a Greater Truth. Not culty at all! He says Clarke is "the key to winning the last war man will ever wage," and she will be unharmed if she goes with him. She agrees to go if she can get her friends back from the other side. They plan to meet at Gabriel's shack, but he warns her that time moves faster where her friends are and "every second counts."

TIME MOVES FASTER WHERE HER FRIENDS ARE. Bellamy? Octavia? What age are you now?

Speaking of, the Sky Ring group is slowing getting Orlando to warm to them, little by little. He has a soft spot for Hope, so when things don't move fast enough for Echo, she talks Hope into faking drowning so that he can save her. He finally agrees to have dinner with them after that, and he gives them his story: He's a 12th level Disciple who follows "the Shepherd." Hmmm …. Where have I heard about 12 levels before?

Hint, hint! Second Dawn, the doomsday cult Jaha discovered in season 4, required its members to level up to the 12th seal in order to make it to the bunker. And founder Bill Cadogan's famous phrase? "From the ashes, we will rise." "From the ashes" was this season's premiere episode title. Maybe Jaha was onto something after all…

Anyway, back to Orlando: He was sent to this prison world for breaking the Shepherd's 4th Law: You must honor the day of rest to be efficient the rest of the week. Despite breaking that rule and getting tossed here for five years of repentance, Orlando still believes. That's why he agrees to help Hope, Echo, and Gabriel, but only if they agree to not killing anyone. When they do, he begins to train them for the next four years.

Cut to Echo and Hope having short hair: It's been four years, and they're all ready to go. The plan is for Orlando to be tied up and the Disciples who come to retrieve him to be disarmed by the other three. It goes according to plan until Hope stabs a woman who's about to attack Echo. Orlando sees the woman's face and begins to cry. With everyone else disarmed, Gabriel says they'll cut Orlando loose so he can follow them into Bardo. But Echo has other plans: She realizes he's still loyal to the Disciples, they're his people. As soon as they wake, they'll just go to Bardo and ruin their plans.

In order to save Bellamy, Echo has to kill all of these unconscious Disciples. She starts stabbing as Orlando stands tied to the tree, sobbing. And it only gets worse when she says they have to leave him behind. Gabriel and Hope clearly don't like this plan, but don't have long to decide what to do before the Anomaly closes. Echo gives Orlando the knife to cut himself loose as they leave — but the reality of the situation weighs heavy: He will be all alone on this planet for years, and we saw what that did to him last time. Echo's Ice Nation upbringing and assassin past are certainly showing: This is one of the coldest acts I've ever seen on this show. We barely knew Orlando, but I shed a few tears for him.

Back in Sanctum, Raven is able to open up the mask and discover how it works. With all the data revealed in the helmet, she realizes there are six planets in a network connected by a wormhole. She also realizes that Clarke is a target considered "armed and extremely dangerous," so she and Jordan rush off to stop her from going with the Disciples.

Clarke is just arriving at Gabriel's tent. But she's not alone: Gaia, Niylah, and Miller have snipers trained on the Head Disciple — but it doesn't matter because he has his own ghost people behind them. And here's where the timeline gets even more confusing: He tells her that her people killed five of his guards in the prison world. He found their bodies along with "a prisoner who spent five years with them." He killed himself after they betrayed him. I got angry at Echo all over again hearing that (and sad for Orlando) — but then I wondered when this happened? Was that in the last hour? Or 10 years ago? Will we see Echo, Gabriel, and Hope at these ages again?

Anyway, Raven and Jordan swoop in and save the day. They use the Golden Suit in invisible mode to kill all the other Disciples there. Raven is a bit traumatized by taking out eight people in a blink, but there's no time for that: They have a wormhole to explore!

With Raven wearing the mask, she can see there are six planets: one offline, and one is Sanctum. This means they have a 1 in 4 chance of finding Penance, where the Disciple said their friends were. They decide to pick one and test it out. Clarke, Niylah, Jordan, Miller, and Raven all decide to go through. Gaia stays behind to keep everyone posted on what's going on and to "protect Madi." The problem is as soon as the group is through the bridge, Gaia gets knocked out by an invisible Disciple. She wakes up just as they are shutting down the Anomaly stone. She puts up a fight, and they both fall through the bridge just as it's powered off. And another problem: They're not on the same planet where everyone else just went.

Clarke and crew end up on an ice planet. It's likely not the right one, but to get to the next one, they'll need to find the next Anomaly stone to jump. Only a whole planet to search!

Okay, so to summarize: At least five separate groups are on up to six planets, and time passes differently on each. There's a powerful group, which most likely is a cult with ties to Earth pre-first-apocalypse, that controls it all. And then there's still Sanctum, where an evil guy and about four different factions are stirring up trouble. Can we just solve one problem at a time?

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