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Well, if this has to be the last Supernatural we're going to see for a while, at least we went out with a good one. From all the familiar faces to the alt world Sam and Dean, this episode was nothing if not a good time.

We kick things off in the bunker, where Sam and Dean come face-to-face with ... Sam and Dean? Only this Sam and Dean come from an alternate reality where they drive a mint green Fiat, Sam has a man bun, and they love fist bumps? But alt world Sam and Dean don't stay long, leaving seconds later when the rift they used to get to this world closes. And we don't see them again for a bit.

For now, Billie is ready to move forward with her plan. Now that Jack's body is ready to defeat God — thanks to those angel hearts he ate — it's time to prepare him spiritually. Billie says Jack needs to find the "Occultum," which is something sacred that's been missing for centuries. It's all very vague, but apparently this thing is powerful and will let him know if he's ready.

While Sam tries to find this thing in the lore — he can't — Dean ponders Billie's plan. If they're going to kill God, shouldn't they kill Amara too? If the universe doesn't exist without balance, wouldn't they need to take out both the light and the dark? (I'd vote yes.) But then the question becomes: Who takes over? Jack? The guy who just learned how to blow a bubble with his gum? That's a definite no.

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After a call with Sergei, Castiel has a lead on the Occultum. It seems a guy sold it to a faith healer years ago in order to help his son. The faith healer was attractive and healed his son with a glowing light from her hands ... and that takes us to Jo. Sam and Dean pay her a visit and update her everything they've been up to — God's back, he's pissed, and they intend to kill him — but she's not exactly looking to be on their side, even if they are better looking than God. But when Sam and Dean bring out their trusty friends the angel blades, she confesses: She did have it, but she gave it to Ruby way back when. In a flashback, we get to see Ruby and Jo interact and what's crazy is it feels like yesterday since we last saw Ruby. In a great wink, Jo tells Ruby her vessel "suits you better than the blonde." Then, when Ruby tells Jo that the Occultum is worth millions, Jo hands it over. (That angel loves money.) And then, according to Jo, Ruby stashed it in hell before the boys killed her in the season 4 finale.

Back at the bunker, a back-from-the-dead Jack is eating everything he can find — much like me in this current quarantine situation — when he tells Castiel that he understands why Sam and Dean are angry about Mary, but without his soul, it's hard for him to feel much of anything about it. He asks Cas if Dean will ever forgive him, to which Cas basically says "not sure." But it seems likely.

Sam and Dean get back just in time to see that alt world Sam and Dean have sort of returned: They can see them, but they can't interact with them. It seems their world ended when they were in the rift, and now they're trapped between dimensions ... which is precisely where Dean intends to leave them while he and Sam go to Hell. Castiel is still catching up when he asks if the Ruby they're talking about is the demon Sam was "sexually intimate with." Castiel's approach to talking about sex will never get old.

Once they catch Cas up, Sam and Dean go to Hell, where they quickly realize that it's a trap: Jo is trying to kill them. Meanwhile, in the bunker, Cas is asking Jack to almost kill him. He has questions for Ruby, but to find her, he has to enter the Empty, something he can't do unless he's on the brink of death. And don't worry, he isn't concerned that the Empty will keep him there — their deal had something about Cas being happy, and he's not there yet.

Jack sends Cas to the Empty where he finds Meg!!! Only it's not Meg, it's the Empty as played by Rachel Miner. The Empty figured it was a fitting vessel seeing as how Castiel's in search of a demon. "Go get her, pizza man," the Empty says in another fitting callback to one of the more epic Cas-Meg interactions. Cas then finds Ruby, who explains that, way back when, it was Jo who came to her. The Michael-Lucifer showdown was about to happen, and Jo suggested they ride it out someplace safe: The Occultum. Apparently it can also be a place.

When Castiel promises to try and free Ruby from the Empty, she tells him where it is. Then, Jack brings him back per Dean's orders. Castiel tells them what he knows, but they can't all leave the bunker. What if Chuck checks in on them? He'll look for them here. And that's when Dean returns to the alt versions of the Winchesters currently playing rock-paper-scissors between worlds. If they open a mini-rift and let them into their world, they'll have a way to convince Chuck they're still in the bunker ... because they sort of will be.

And this is where we get one of my favorite scenes of the hour: Sam and Dean learn about Sam and Dean. In their alternate world, these Fiat-driving brothers are hunters, but they're the kind of hunters whose father spoils them with expensive scotch. Oh, and they have a plane. See, their dad turned hunting into an enterprise — Hunter Corp to be specific! (And suddenly I need a spin-off about these two!)

But if they're going to pass for our Sam and Dean, they have to throw on some flannel ... and Sam has to lose the man bun. (Only one of those things happens.) "My hair is sacred," as alt Sam puts it. (And he's not wrong.) While our boys are gone, the new boys discover what it's like to spend all day in comfier clothing, watching porn, and drinking beer. Not surprisingly, alt world Dean loves it.

Elsewhere, our boys, along with Cas and Jack, arrive at a church when they're ambushed by Hellhounds. Sam holds them off at the door while the guys find the Occultum. In the end, it's a small ball that Jack eats before disappearing. Then he wakes up in ... The Good Place? Nope, just kidding! It's the Garden of Eden. And when the snake asks him who he's meant to be, Jack is flooded by memories and emotions before he returns to the church as a ball of light, destroys the Hellhounds and saves the day.

Back at the bunker, Dean sends alt world Sam and Dean off to Brazil without so much as a flannel shirt as a souvenir — they came to this world and all they got was ... not even a shirt! (Although they should be thankful that's all Dean did when he found out they took Baby for a spin.)

With them gone, the boys find Jack fully recovered and crying in the kitchen. He tells Sam and Dean he's so sorry. "It was my fault," he says of Mary's death. Translation: Our precious Jack has his soul back.

And that's where we leave things for now, while we all wait out this coronavirus situation. The show will be back, and we will get to see how it ends, so if this is where we end it for now, I think we'll be alright.

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