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Damn, they really did it.

Like, now what is 50 Cent going to talk about for hours? The rapper has been so tied to the show as star, executive producer, hype man, Emmys shit talker, that I didn’t see a world where they’d kill him off. And yet, here we sit, Kanan Starks, who had been this year’s leader of the Power power rankings, is dead.

Originally, even in the immediate aftermath of the shocking episode, the plan was still to do a regular edition of the Power power rankings. But then, when looking at it, basically everything important (minus Proctor) was connected to Kanan’s surprising demise. This led to a change of plans with this week being all about the bad guy, who, despite killing his son, getting Tariq into a life of crime, and stealing Tommy’s business, we couldn’t help but be a fan of.

So strap in and strap up, because this is where it goes down.

R.1.P. Kanan

“You know Kanan ain’t going to go down easy.”

Ain’t that the truth, Ghost.

“You always sending a motherfucker out the room like a goddamn kid. Like you forget who taught you the game in the first place.”

“Motherfucker win no matter what.”

“You hustling backwards. We losing money.”

“You like the son I never had or some shit.” “What about Shawn?”

“I never took no DNA test.”

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