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Outlander Season 4 2018

As Young Ian (John Bell) and Uncle Jamie (Sam Heughan) prepare to make their way to the Cherokees with a loaded wagon of twenty muskets, flashbacks reveal the moment when Ian was first adopted into the Mohawk family. We see women scalping his head into the traditional hairstyle and the chief renaming him "Wolf's Brother." Finally, we get some answers to Ian's past.

Back in the current timeline, everyone continues to feel tense regarding this deal with the Cherokee. Especially when Brianna (Sophie Skelton) mentions that it doesn't matter how many weapons the Cherokee receive, because it won't be enough in the end. Explaining the Trail Tears to her father barely registers. Jamie can't imagine the government displacing that many Indians so white people can settle on their land. 

When they arrive at the Cherokee settlement, there's unexpected trouble in the form of three Mohawk men who have come to trade. Ian recognizes one and is visibly pained. Jamie sequesters his nephew in a teepee and listens intently as Ian spills his guts. 

Outlander storytellers paint a vivid picture, visually and audibly, of a young white man who fell in love with a beautiful Cherokee girl. Suddenly Ian's Mohawk life makes sense. He called her Emily and was utterly surprised when his new best friend, Kaheroton, explained that the carved wooden wolf Emily had given Ian was a symbol that she had chosen him to be her mate. 

We see Ian grown as a man, a Mohawk, and eventually a husband each day. When Emily becomes pregnant, Ian dotes on her with every ounce of love he possesses. Sadly, Emily loses the baby and the experience guts Ian. But that doesn't stop him from showering Emily with even more devotion. When Emily loses a second child, things change. 

Since he isn't full-blood Mohawk, Ian is told that his spirit is "doing battle" with Emily's spirit. As a result, a child will never take root in her womb. The elderly woman demands that Ian leave at once, and Ian marches off to the camp, knowing that this woman doesn't think he is good enough for Emily. 

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He finds Kaheroton inside his teepee with Emily. She seems remorseful, but sticks to what her tradition preaches. Ian must go. This is when we learn that Kaheroton is one of the Mohawk who have come to trade. Of all the Indian camps in all the colonial worlds, Kaheroton chooses to exchange goods at this one on this specific day. Ugh. 

Ian wonders if he should have fought for Emily. Is he weak? Would it have been wrong to take her back?  

Jamie is wonderful with Ian. I've always loved their bond and the way Ian looks up to Jamie for advice on love and what it means to be a good man. Jamie tells Ian to stay put, while he puts in a bit off face time at the party. 

Jamie meets another Indian Agent by the name Scotchee. This guy is a tool, and after a few shots of Jamie's good whiskey, he lets it slip that he just purchased some land from Indians in Tennessee. Jamie reminds Scotchee that the treaty doesn't go that far west, but Scotchee is quick to inform Jamie that it doesn't technically matter if the Indians are the ones who want to sell. PS: This will inevitably happen, so Jamie better get on board. The word "inevitably" causes Jamie to pause. 

Meanwhile, Ian approaches one of the Mohawk who traveled with Kaheroton. He learns that Emily has given him a son and they are very happy. Ian storms over to Kaheroton and picks a fight. Jamie and Scotchee separate the young men, but for some reason (hint: alcohol), Scotchee taunts Kaheroton and even kicks him after knocking him to the ground. 

Remember when I said Scotchee was a tool? He's also a moron. 

Kaheroton's honor has been insulted and now they must fight to the death. Scotchee is cool with this plan, as long as they use pistols. Ian looks mortified. He may be the cause of his beloved Emily losing her husband and baby's father in one act of bitterness. 

Uncle and nephew once again bond over the things they have in common. Jamie tells Ian that he had a daughter who he never had the chance to hold. Perhaps his baby girl Faith can find Ian's baby girl Isabel in heaven so neither are wandering around alone. Gah! I'm done. 

Ian later hands Kaheroton Jamie's pistol, claiming he deserves a fighting chance. In return, Kaheroton hands Ian a bracelet symbolizing his "first joining" with Emily and asks that Ian care for his family should he not make it through this ridiculous dual. 

Awesome. Now Ian has to decide if he wants Kaheroton to die or live. And he doesn't have Rollo there to comfort him in this time of immense stress!

Jamie is equally stressed. He goes out on a very thin limb, assuming that the Cherokee chief will have no qualms about the information he's about to receive. Jamie tells the chief that his wife and daughter "see dreams," and a man by the name of Winfield Scott will take the Cherokee from their land, and many will die in the process. 

To the chief's defense, he isn't that fazed by Jamie's revelation. He's more concerned as why Jamie would warn them? What's the benefit? 

It's because Jamie is a good man and wants everyone to be safe. At the end of the day, he doesn't care if the Cherokee fight for King George or the enemy. He just wants the Cherokee to fight for themselves. Then he heads outside to oversee the pending dual that could change Ian's life forever.

Of course the drunk Scotchee guy cheats, by turning to shoot at Kaheroton early. Luckily Ian is there to toss a weapon, which lands on Scotchee's pistol, causing the shot to miss Kaheroton. Jamie gives Kaheroton the authority to shoot Scotchee at will, but he doesn't take it. Scotchee is a coward and should live with that shame forever. 

Ian gives the bracelet back to his former friend and boldly states, "God chose you to be with her." At this point, Ian has learned to be both Mohawk and Scottish. Jamie applauds Ian's decision. As someone who goes by the names Alexander Malcom, Jamie MacTavish, and Bear Killer, Red Jamie encourages Young Ian to be whomever he wants to be. 

For Claire (Caitriona Balfe), that person is someone who dabbles in ether testing on willing subjects at Fraser's Ridge. Both Lizzie and Josiah inhale the ether as Malva (Jessica Reynolds) and Claire take notes. It seems all is well, but I'm still convinced something strange is going on with Malva. She's a little too interested in Claire's note journal and the power of putting people to sleep. 

My suspicions are confirmed when we see Malva peeking through the stable door as Claire "welcomes Jamie home" from his trip to see the Cherokee, just like the last time he returned. They get horizontal and Malva watches the entire thing. Could this mean she's no more than a stalker of Claire? Or is she learning the ways of a married couple so she can practice on Ian later? Regardless of your opinion, Malva is up to no good. And I think she's going to be our next villain. 

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