See which two celebrities were under the masks.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about The Masked Singer season 5 episode 7.

A double elimination went down during a pretty chaotic episode of The Masked Singer tonight, which is saying a lot for this show, the TV equivalent of everyone's eccentric uncle. We had all eight remaining contestants perform, an Elizabethan chicken appeared to mess with the panelists, Robin Thicke said "bustin' makes me feel good," and that's not even all of it.

Anyway, let's start at the beginning of the Super 8 two-hour special. Host Nick Cannon (who looked like the haute couture version of the Green Goblin in his suit) introduced Rita Wilson as the guest panelist, before the Piglet took the stage to rock out to the Foo Fighters' "The Pretender."

For this week's on-stage clue, the contestants each showed off their food delivery orders, brought to them by a robot cart who won't "spill the secrets on Reddit," Cannon joked. Did you hear that, r/TheMaskedSinger sleuths? Bulldog's onto y'all.

The Piglet's order was cotton candy, which led Ken Jeong to guess Adam Levine, as Maroon 5 has a song called "Sugar." McCarthy said NSYNC-er and almost-astronaut Lance Bass because of the UFO image in the Piglet's clues package, while Wilson thought the performin' pork could be Nick Jonas or one of the Manning brothers.

For the first time, clue-meister Cluedle-Doo showed his face to the panelists and vowed to "make things even harder" for them, which he did later in the episode.

Robopine then performed Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," and Nicole Scherzinger zeroed in on his "deep, dark, milky, chocolate" vocal quality. If a contestant remotely sounds Black, the panelists seem to either go the flavor route, or describe them as "soulful."

The steampunk porcupine unveiled lobster as his food order, and connected it to his family's roots in Costa Rica. Because Robopine was shown showering in his clues package, Thicke guessed he could be Terry Crews, who starred in numerous Old Spice commercials. Meanwhile, Jeong said Guy's Aaron Hall, and Scherzinger tipped the Jar of Shame for once again guessing Jamie Foxx.

Then MC Chameleon grabbed the mic for Warren G and Snoop Dogg's "Regulate," and Wilson heated up the competition to "spit some flow" with her delivery of Naughty by Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray." The singer, who previously rapped the track on Instagram and even hopped on the official remix, said it took her a month and a half to memorize the lyrics.

"Now I can see where your sons get it from," Cannon said, praising Wilson. Yes, because when you see Colin and Chet Hanks, you think "these white guys have swag."

Chameleon's food delivery clue was ready-to-eat fried bird and cricket cake meals, and he said it was because he supports "all the troops."

Given the military angle, Jenny McCarthy thought the statuesque competitor could be Machine Gun Kelly (also because he acted in Bird Box). Jeong, who's a big NBA fan, picked up on Chameleon's sports references to guess Kyrie Irving, as the Brooklyn Nets player is also a budding rapper.

Cluedle-Doo then showed up on stage to offer an additional clue, about Chameleon's connection to the Golden Globes. Thicke noted that rapper Wiz Khalifa has a Globe nod for "See You Again" with Charlie Puth. The clue-meister left the stage and revealed via an odd song that we won't ever talk about again that he's a "big celeb" himself. If he turns out to be Foxx, maybe the panelists will finally stop naming him every damn episode.

Next, in a first for the show, Yeti rollerbladed around the stage for his rendition of Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco's "Lonely." It's not necessarily a song I thought would go with wheels but hey, good for Yeti. The abominable snowman, who debuted as the season's final Wildcard last episode, also revealed donuts as his on-stage order hint.

Seeing how multi-talented Yeti was, Scherzinger surmised that he could be Sisqó or her friend Todrick Hall. Jeong went in another direction, interpreting Yeti's admission about his past ego and mistakes to go with Justin Timberlake. Thicke thought the donut holes referenced O-names and guessed singers Omarion or Mario.

We're halfway through, everybody! Going next were the Russian Dolls, who sang Bruno Mars' "24k Magic" and continued to confuse us with how many vocalists were in their group. Jeong named the Jonas Brothers as a possibility, Scherzinger said Hanson, and Wilson agreed but also said Boyz II Men.

Crab then gave us another emotional performance, with Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," before revealing that marshmallows were his on-stage clue. Thicke thought the "bustin" line in Crab's clues package was a nod to the Ghostbusters theme song, so he guessed its songwriter Ray Parker Jr. So yes, there was context to him saying "bustin' makes me feel good" but it doesn't mean I like it any more. McCarthy and Scherzinger both connected the jack card in the package to New Jack City (and therefore new jack swing), with the former guessing Flavor Flav and the latter naming Keith Sweat.

Crab was followed by Seashell, who sang Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now." To mess with the panelists, Cluedle-Doo didn't show them her food clue but revealed to the audience that it was grapes. Seashell's roast bird and TNT clues had Jeong going with expert roaster and Lady Dynamite guest star Sarah Silverman. Scherzinger understood TNT to mean famous twins "Tia and Tamera," and guessed Tamera Mowry. Rita Wilson said Scout Willis, because of the scout cookies we saw in Seashell's clues segment.

Last but not least was Black Swan, who gave Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" her own spin and the panelists ate it up. Her on-stage food clue was goldfish crackers. Wilson predicted that she was Kesha, as Black Swan said she was raised by her mother. Jeong said Demi Lovato because of the vocals, while Scherzinger offered up her friend JoJo, who's close to her mother.

Cannon then announced the first contestant going home: Crab. I thought the crustacean was bound to go all the way, but hey, guess there ain't no laws when you've got claws.

He was revealed to be ... veteran singer and entertainer Bobby Brown!

2017 BET Upfront NY
Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Jeong and McCarthy upped their correct first impressions guesses to two, as they both wrote down Brown. The two had also stuck with him for their final answers, as Crab opened up about his personal tragedies and his love of cooking, plus all the BB names (Brooklyn Bridge, Big Ben) in the clues packages had to be for Brown. The "bustin'" line and the marshmallow clue did in fact refer to Ghostbusters since Brown's song "On Our Own" was in Ghostbusters 2, and he made a cameo in the 1989 movie.

Everybody else was wrong. Thicke ultimately stuck with Parker Jr, but his initial guess was Kool from Kool & the Gang. Scherzinger's first impression was "a member of the Jackson 5," before she finally landed on Sweat. Wilson's final guess was Martin Lawrence.

Cannon then declared that Seashell was the other contestant eliminated. She was unmasked to be ... actress and famous twin Tamera Mowry!

Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

There were plenty of clues that applied to both Mowry sisters, like Seashell saying she was pulled "all around the world" with her family as a child in her first clues package. The twins were born in Germany to parents in the army, and so they moved around a lot. The hotdog clue could also be interpreted in a bunch of ways: military brat, bratwurst for Germany, as well as Tamera's films The Hot Chick and Redemption of a Dog. The broom we saw was a nod to the Disney Channel movie Twitches, which starred the Mowry sisters as twin witches.

However, the bell was specifically about Tamera, as she played Tamera Campbell on Sister, Sister. And Seashell's reference to her getting with a "total jock" made sense for Tamera too, since her husband is former professional baseball player Adam Housley.

So there you have it! Next week is the singalong special, so there won't be any eliminations. The Wednesday after that will be the Spicy 6, with Chrissy Metz as guest panelist.

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