Warning: This article contains spoilers about The Masked Singer season 5 episode 3.

A rowdy Raccoon who had the hots for Jenny McCarthy went home tonight, after taking off their mask (and almost their belt). This would have been bizarre to see on season 1, but now, it's just another Wednesday in the world of The Masked Singer. Oh, and the first Wildcard contestant and guest panelist Joel McHale appeared, respectively.

Russian Dolls upped the intrigue yet again tonight, revealing a third member during their performance of Shawn Mendes' "Wonder" after two took the stage during the premiere. The panelists guessed famous past and present trios like Lady A, Sugarland, and Boyz II Men. Ken Jeong even made the case for the Jacksons, because of the high-five and letter blocks (like the Jackson 5's "ABC") clues in the Dolls' clues package. If you're confused by that, don't worry, host Niecy Nash did not approve either.

Just when we thought three was the final number, Cluedle-Doo teased a possible fourth member of the Russian Dolls. Stay tuned ...

Next was Raccoon, who did a lot of thrashing and yelling to Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," with plenty of shout-outs to McCarthy (including a wanted poster with her face on it!). While the rest of the panelists played nice, McHale wasn't afraid to say how he really felt about Raccoon.

"Well, I'm speechless. Much like the Raccoon was during his song," the comedian said.

McCarthy told McHale to knock it off and "don't make fun of my boyfriend!"

"I can't believe Mickey Rourke is back," McHale added, referencing the actor's ... off-beat performance as Gremlin last season.

Robopine was next up and gave John Legend a run for his money with his rendition of "All of Me."

Nicole Scherzinger loved the sci-fi porcupine's performance, noting that it brought out her "first season 5 tears."

"I've never been more compelled at any other performance on any other season ever," the panelist added.

She guessed that Robopine was Jason Derulo because of the cat clue (the singer appeared in the infamous dud Cats), while Robin Thicke said Wesley Snipes, and Jeong went with Eddie Murphy.

Seashell then blew us out of our shells with Demi Lovato's "Confident," and the panelists guessed celebrities like Ashlee Simpson, Jenny Slate, and Haylie Duff.

We stayed underwater for the next performer — the show's first Wildcard contestant, Orca, who sang Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It." The singer's rocker vibes led panelists to predict musicians like Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan.

Finally, it was time for fans at home and the panelists to vote for their faves of the night.

Scoring the fewest votes and the next Group A member to be sent home was Raccoon. He initially pretended to remove his belt and pants (god I hope that was a gag), before he took off his costume to reveal actor Danny Trejo!

Danny Trejo
Credit: Axelle/FilmMagic

EW had Trejo's number from the beginning and there were tons of clues that pointed right to the Machete star. Raccoon's first clue package noted that he had been on the wrong side of the law, and Trejo did jail time for a series of offenses, including robbery, drugs, and theft. The actor previously told EW that his "personal bottom" was in solitary confinement "facing a possible death penalty charge." Raccoon also said he recited The Hunchback of Notre Dame in his darkest days, and Trejo said the same in a podcast interview about his time in solitary confinement.

Trejo later turned his life around, and said God played a role in his transformation, and that connection to faith was reflected in Raccoon's first package. His entrepreneurial endeavors were also referenced, with a glowing donut shown in the segment. Trejo owns a series of restaurants in Los Angeles, including Trejo's Coffee & Donuts, and coffee was also referenced in Raccoon's clue package tonight. His second clues segment also mentioned boxing, model trains, and revealed Raccoon trained Hollywood leading men before he became one. Trejo became a champion boxer while in prison, and later trained Eric Roberts for a boxing scene for the film Runaway Train. And as we all know, Trejo became a Hollywood star in his own right.

Unfortunately, none of the panelists guessed Trejo, so Jeong and McCarthy are still tied with one point apiece for the Golden Ear trophy. Jeong had Mike Tyson as his first impressions guess, before switching over to Danny DeVito. Thicke, whose first guess was DeVito, said Tony Danza for his final prediction, with McHale agreeing. Similarly, McCarthy guessed Dustin Hoffman first, before changing her mind to Gary Busey, Scherzinger's first guess. The singer finally settled on Sylvester Stallone.

Next week, Black Swan, Grandpa Monster, Chameleon, the Piglet will be back for Group B's wildcard round.

Hear more on all of today's must-see picks, plus an exclusive clip from Genius: Aretha, in EW's What to Watch podcast, hosted by Gerrad Hall.

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