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Warning: This article contains spoilers about The Masked Singer season 4 episode 7.

Even before the Group A finals started Wednesday, we knew it might be a close call to determine which two contestants would make it to the Super Six, as the Sun, Snow Owls, and Popcorn are the best performers from the best team this season. In the end, the harmonizing birds of prey flew the coop, but not before putting up a hell of a fight.

Let's not get too bummed though, because this is The Masked Singer, where celebrities judge fellow celebrities in costumes and the audience (likely from last season?) acts like they've never heard a song before.

The mood was even more uproarious than usual, as the delightful Niecy Nash served as a guest panelist, alongside stalwarts Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, and host Nick Cannon.

Tonight also featured the competitors' friends and loved ones disguise to talk about them and help us decipher their identities. First up was Sun, whose "Sol Mate" gave us some clues, and then she sang Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart."

The producers have really been experimenting with the onstage clues in season 4 — we've seen drones, brains, baby bottles on wheels, and more — and this time a robot straight out of The Jetsons delivered each masked singer's "game-changing clue." We think the robot needs to be brought back every time, if only because watching it fall over on stage was hilarious. Thicke even referenced season 3's Robot, joking that "Lil Wayne is down."

Nash brought the laughs too, making fun of the other panelists' guesses with remarks like, "You stretched that like a piece of gum on an old shoe." We are definitely stealing that.

Anyway, moving on to Snow Owls! While their rendition of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion's "The Prayer" was solid, it wasn't a standout compared to their last two amazing performances. They gave us an important clue on stage too, when they exchanged a kiss, prompting Thicke to reply, "So it's not Donny and Marie [Osmond]." We certainly hope not.

Last was Popcorn, who we would've previously guessed would get the ax this episode, but she notched her best performance yet with Jessie J's "Domino," which is not an easy song to nail. Randomly, we also saw Popcorn talk about her crush on the emcee ahead of her clue package, in what was basically a Nick Cannon fancam.

Between the three competitors, Cannon declared that Sun was going right through to the Super Six, while Snow Owls and Popcorn had to duke it out with the first "love ballad smackdown in Masked Singer history." The snowy pair did another Dion tune, "Because You Loved Me," while Popcorn hit back with Bryan Adams' "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You."

"It is a battle between the birds of prey and complex carbohydrates — it's anybody's game," Scherzinger quipped, cracking us up.

Unfortunately, Snow Owls, the show's first-ever duo, were eliminated.

The panelists revealed their first impression guesses, with Thicke sticking with his original guess of Amy Grant and Vince Gill, McCarthy agreeing with him over her first guess of Maureen McCormack and Barry Williams, Jeong changing from Derek and Julianne Hough to Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, and Scherzinger switching from the Osmonds to Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black.

The Snow Owls were unmasked and revealed to be ... married country singers Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black.

Clint Black (L) and Lisa Hartman Black
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EW called it! While the panelists' guesses weren't that far off, there were a few clues that convinced us right away that the "When I Said I Do" singers were inside the costumes. The pearl in the Owls' first clue package referenced Clint and Lisa's daughter Lily Pearl Black, and the Quarrel Canyon had to be a nod to Laurel Canyon, a neighborhood in Los Angeles the couple resided in for some time. In the second clue package, the electronic "D" could only be about Clint's 1999 album, D'Electrified, and the owls' second onstage clue with the witch's hat was a nod to Lisa's role as a witch in Tabitha, the short-lived Bewitched spin-off series.

After their elimination, the Blacks told EW they're releasing a single called "Till the End of Time" next month inspired by their time on the show, and might even consider recording a full Snow Owlbum.

Next week, Crocodile, Whatchamacallit, Serpent, and Seahorse return for the Group B finals, where only two competitors can make it through to the Super Six and two will be unmasked. I Can See Your Voice panelist Cheryl Hines will serve as a guest panelist.

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