And Winston remains.

Just when you think all is right with the world and everyone is in love on Grey's Anatomy, people start drifting apart left and right. Maggie (Kelly McCreary) is officially gone. Kai (E. R. Fightmaster) is leaving for London. And all of our hopes and dreams of Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Link (Chris Carmack) finally getting together have already been dashed.

Luckily for a two-member girl band called Double Helix, Maggie is literally summoned on her last day from the first-floor intercom system by a woman named Viv. She has driven four hundred miles for Dr. Pearce to fix her partner Nola's heart. There's a giant tumor on there that needs to be removed, and no one else in the medical field will touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Maggie is happy to perform an amazing surgery on her last day but needs Winston's (Anthony Hill) help to figure out exactly how to do it. They tag team in the OR, even pivoting mid-surgery when Plan A doesn't work. The chemistry between their eyes over an open chest cavity was palpable. And it's definitely why they ended up in bed together later that night.

Credit: ABC/Liliane Lathan

Maggie asks Winston to go with her to Chicago. He simply can't because he's crushing it at Grey Sloan Memorial. And he doesn't want to rely on Maggie paving the way for him in Illinois as she did in Seattle. Then Winston asks Maggie to stay. She simply can't because her passion is rooted in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She's passionate about what she will be doing.

This is when Winston eludes to the fact that she is cold and only concerned about her career. Just like her mother, Ellis Grey. It's in her DNA. Maggie rushes to Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) to inquire if she indeed has a cold heart. But Amelia is in no position to defend Maggie.

Why? Because Amelia just learned that Kai is moving to London. Like Maggie's new gig, this one is an opportunity that can't be turned down. Amelia gives Maggie a little grace and insists she still move, but the same attitude is not bestowed on Kai. Amelia is annoyed.

But not annoyed enough to ask Kai to consult on a woman who slipped and fell in her tub, resulting in paralysis. You see, Lindsey has some hardware in her neck from previous spinal surgery, and bloodwork shows that she's allergic to the metal. The good news is that Kai can whip her up a piece of plastic hardware in a 3D machine. She'll be good as new once her hovering brother lets her breathe.

The surgery is a success, and Amelia wastes no time asking Teddy (Kim Raver) if Kai can do her research in Seattle versus London. Teddy agrees, and Amelia explodes with the good news. Except, Kai does not want to stay at Grey Sloan. Yes, Kai loves Amelia, but Amelia has not once congratulated Kai on a job well done or praised Kai for being chosen to lead a team of fellow brilliant people. In true Amelia form, she made it all about Amelia.

Anthony Hill
| Credit: ABC/Raymond Liu

Meanwhile, our other lovey-dovey couple giggles in the elevator so loudly that Teddy's eyes nearly get stuck in the back of her head from rolling them so hard. Does Owen not see how in love these two crazy kids act? Even the guy who tries to mail himself in a box to his girlfriend as a grand gesture is no match for Link's apartment full of gorgeous flowers and a romantic meal.

However, a call from Jo sucks all the life out of Link's night. Luna's caregivers believe she may have hearing problems. And it turns out they are right. This sweet girl is slowly going deaf, and Link's "cheerleader" mode is getting on Jo's last nerves. Instead of leaning on her friend, she asks for space. One of these days, Jink will be a thing. I can't lose all hope.  

Schmidt is not losing hope, either. After a young boy named Grayson is admitted for ulcerative colitis flare-ups, Richard learns that Grayson has stopped taking his meds, so he's not the weird "bubble boy" at school. Now he's going to miss his bar mitzvah, and his entire world is in shambles. This is thirteen.

Niko Terho, Alexis Floyd, and Kelly McCreary on 'Grey's Anatomy'
| Credit: ABC/Raymond Liu

Schmidt pulls together a few interns to help throw a bar mitzvah at the hospital, and it's adorable. Even Grayson's great grandfather partakes, and Grayson's darling crush in the pale pink dress shows up to support her friend. Her friend who is finally a man.

Richard eventually acknowledges that Schmidt handled things beautifully with this kid and wonders if Schmidt should consider a fellowship in pediatrics. It makes perfect sense since everyone in peds has moved on. Or randomly disappeared. I'm talking to you, Dr. Karev.  

Back in the OR, Millin and Winston fix Nola's throat. Allow me to explain what happened in normal people's terms. During the first surgery, it was Winston's idea to fix Nola's heart with part of her jugular. And now that section is infected. Since Winston is an all-star, he and Millin save the day once again, which only gives Winston further ammunition to stay at Grey Sloan, where he has definitely achieved rock star status.

Maggie, who still hasn't officially left yet, and Griffith help a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She's a strong, independent, passionate career woman who melts down at the thought of dealing with this reality. Maggie gives her permission to love her job. Griffith gives her permission to juggle other things with this job she loves. Clearly, these two doctors see themselves in the woman and feel like girl bosses as a result of meeting her.

In other news, Catherine continues to get tested in labs, which makes me think her future on the show is shaky. Kwan steals an operation from a sleeping Yasuda. Adams nearly loses Prue, the most adorable child actor in the history of television.

And Maggie is off to save the world. With the help of her adoptive mother and biological mother, they smile as they ride the elevator for the last time at Grey Sloan Memorial.

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