But there’s also a divorce.

For an episode that revolves around love, you know it's pretty dismal when the most touching moment goes to the one couple who got a divorce. Why is everyone at Teddy's (Kim Raver) dinner party so cranky? Who is Trey, and why does Griffith (Alexis Floyd) hang on his every word? When will Link (Chris Carmack) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) just get together already?

These are all solid questions, yet very few were answered. Let's start with the elusive Trey and his sudden appearance at Griffith's door. Piecing together context clues, Trey and Griffith met in medical school, attended the same residency program, and were engaged once upon a time. After Griffith's outburst, which led her to Grey Sloan, Trey has come back into her life to try and persuade her to leave Seattle.

Cue the constant bickering followed by hot make-out sessions. Of course, Griffith blatantly omits that she has any attraction toward Adams (Niko Terho), labeling him and her fellow roommates as "her people." Trey scoffs at the array of medical personnel partying hard around a beer pong table in Meredith's backyard. The residents are lower tier. Griffith needs to come back home and present her case in a calm and collected way.  

"Calm and collected" irritates Griffith to no end. She storms out to pout in her bedroom, where Adams finds her brooding in a corner. This might be the cheap bourbon in a Mason jar speaking, but he shares that he finds Griffith perfect. Particularly when she's mad. She can do no wrong.

Niko Terho and Alexis Floyd on 'Grey's Anatomy'
| Credit: ABC/Raymond Liu

Griffith flings herself into Adams' arms. Just as things get hot and heavy against the door, Trey knocks and apologizes profusely through the mahogany. He loves her and begs her to talk. Annoyingly, Griffith asks for a few more minutes and promises to find him downstairs soon.

Adams has one question: He asks Griffith if she loves Trey. When she doesn't answer, he gives her an out. Clearly, she needs to discern her feelings before anything else happens. What he doesn't expect is for Trey to get down on one knee in front of the entire party, request that Griffith start wearing her engagement ring again, and promise to love her no matter what.

What's even worse is Griffith mumbling a shaky "Yes."

Speaking for everyone who adores Baby Shepherd, I think we should allow the slow burn. So far, Trey has no redeeming qualities, and I trust he will be returning back to wherever he came from in the near future. Is it too soon to adopt the hashtag Team Gradams?  

Griffith's meandering emotions are the exact opposite of Maggie's (Kelly McCreary) patient Natalia and her husband Elliott. Their love is palpable. When Natalia experiences a sudden seizure, scans reveal that the cancer in her esophagus has spread to her brain, and it's currently bleeding. She must have life-saving surgery immediately.

Millin (Adelaide Kane) and Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) are on ICU duty, and as Natalia and Elliott quietly yet fervently discuss the financial distress of yet another surgery, Kwan suggests they get a divorce. That way, if Natalia dies, Elliott will not be burdened by any of her medical bills. In a controlled way, of course, Maggie loses her mind over this major boundary that has been crossed. Kwan is off the case.

Natalia and Elliott think the divorce is definitely the way to go. After a hospital doctor whips up the paperwork, the couple promises to love and cherish each other in divorce until death parts them. Then Millin rolls Natalia away to surgery.

Thankfully, she makes it, and Kwan provides a celebratory pudding pack to Elliott. As he sneaks out of the ICU room, Maggie catches him and rips him a new one. Kwan barks back that he knows what it's like to have a mountain of debt, thanks to tons of medical bills. But he didn't have the luxury of divorcing his own mother. Every invoice he receives is a punch in the gut.

Do you know what else is being punched in the gut? Teddy and Owen's (Kevin McKidd) marriage. They've been so moody for practically the entire season, and Teddy's new role as chief is not helping things. Even a fun dinner with Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Ben (Jason George) doesn't stop them from arguing with each other.

Thank goodness Bailey is there to set them straight. It's no wonder Owen and Teddy's daughter Allison has been biting their daughter Prue. Her parents' biting remarks are harsh! And if they can't control their relationship, it's definitely going to seep into Grey Sloan, which has enough problems on its own.

Jason George, Chandra Wilson, and Kim Raver on 'Grey's Anatomy'
| Credit: ABC/Raymond Liu

Feeling triumphant, Bailey is shocked to hear that Ben has issues with Bailey returning to the clinic. Even though she's working fewer hours and rarely on weekends, he has major resentment. Are any marriages stable? Is everyone having a bad day?

Technically, no. We do have a few people who are living their best life. Take Yasuda (Midori Francis), for example. I'm 95 percent sure she hooked up with Helm (Jaicy Elliot). And I know for a fact that Schmitt (Jake Borelli) made out with a traveling nurse named Carlos at the rager.

And then there's Link. Sure, he can't go outside without having eggs thrown on his lustrous hair due to the fact that a Seattle Seahawk died on his table last week, but he does help Jo deliver a baby. He holds the hand of an anxious mother the entire time she is in labor. And that, my friend, is enough to make Jo swoon and question why Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) would ever leave someone so perfect.  

Amelia smiles. "He wasn't perfect for me, but maybe he's perfect for you."

Something tells me these two are about to get stuck in an elevator.

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