... and sad news for Katherine.

When you work in the medical field, there's a lot of pressure to fix things. Your career demands that you assess a situation, figure out a solution and perform a surgery that runs smoothly. Whether that's a brain tumor, a bent penis, or a leaking heart, the fine professionals at Grey Sloan know how to mend what is broken.

Unless it's an issue of the heart that concerns touchy-feely things. If that's the case, take everything to Webber or Bailey. They will know what to do.

For example, Owen asks Teddy for a supervisor to shadow him while a medical commissioner follows him around all day. If the commissioner likes what he sees, Owen will get his license back and be able to practice as Chief of Trauma in the ER. It should be easy, right?

Jake Borelli, Debbie Allen, and Pamela Shafer on 'Grey's Anatomy'
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Not necessarily. Three doctors walking around seems suspicious to innocent head injury patients in the emergency room. Owen has to be honest when asked why he has an entourage. Obviously, "I have a suspended medical license that I'm trying to renew" isn't the epitome of professionalism one looks for in an emergency situation. It doesn't help that one lady walks out of the ER when Owen doesn't immediately prescribe her medicine after her self-diagnosis.

All bets are off when a man is rolled into the ER, unable to breathe. Owen dives into trauma mode and saves the man's life by intubating him through his chest with a scalpel. It seems reckless at the time, but Owen reminds everyone that he obeys the rules, he respects the chain of command, and when he knows a patient is going to die before he reaches the OR, he will do whatever he can to save that man's life.

The commissioner leaves. Bailey chastises. Owen defends himself as Bailey holds up a finger. She knows Owen is excellent at his job. Everyone does. Maybe he should be apologizing for what he doesn't do instead of bragging about what he can do.

Cut to Owen racing to Teddy's office to say he's sorry for the past several months. If you listen closely, you'll hear that he's also apologizing to the viewing audience. Raise your hand if you are over Teddy and Owen constantly fighting. Thank goodness what appeared to be shock on the commissioner's face was actually awe, and Owen gets his life back.

The same can't be said for Natalia. If you recall from previous episodes, she's the young woman who came in for heart surgery but ended up having brain surgery. She also divorced her husband moments before going under the knife. It was the most precious and touching thing I've witnessed on Grey's Anatomy in years.

That is until I witnessed Natalia slowly pass away from her heart condition. What is happening right now? Natalia's heart is leaking, and there's nothing they can do to save her? Isn't this Maggie's sweet spot? The woman needs to see the sunset in Italy, for crying out loud! Someone book an OR!

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Nope. Natalia is dying, and we must all watch her ask everyone not to tell her husband. Then we have to watch her husband figure it out. Finally, we have to watch them plan the vacation they will never take. Like Dr. Miller, I am done.

Thank goodness for the Bostonian sisters who all have survived cancer. Yes, that sentence is weird, but these women provided much-needed comic relief in a seriously heavy episode. It seems the youngest sister, Barbara, has a mass on her brain, and her other sisters, Dee Dee and Paula, are eager for her to join the Cancer Club. They've all had it, including Carol, the sister who died 15 years ago and whose ashes they carry around in a box.

It turns out that Barbara's tumor is benign, which causes her sisters to be disappointed in her diagnosis. They were really looking forward to including her in Cancer Camp. Barbara begs them to stop putting cancer, and Carol, for that matter, on a pedestal and to just chill. Both Dee Dee and Paula admit that cancer sucks, and that Carol is really kitty litter because Paula left the real Carol in Reno back in 2007.

All might be well in Barbara's world, but Gerald is experiencing curved erections and needs surgery. Katherine Fox to the rescue! She asks Kwan and Adams to join Schmidt in studying the X-ray images of the penis, and that's when Schmidt insists the boys divulge all their childish jokes before going into surgery. Think crude boomerang and bent straw quips.

It's no laughing matter when Katherine starts to operate. Kwan witnesses the rush of blood spewing from the table and passes out cold. Schmidt barks for Adams to remove Kwan from the OR, and that's the moment when Schmidt is no longer "Glasses." He's bold. He's smart. And he's brave enough to ask out Nurse Carolos from the intern party. My how times have changed.

Other things are changing, too. People are on edge. Griffith and Adams barely speak to one another because Adams is seeing someone from internal medicine. The nerve. Katherine confesses that her cancer is progressing, which greatly disappoints Webber. Maggie and Winston are still on the outs. Kwan is embarrassed that he fainted. Miller is sad that Natalia died. How are you supposed to fix this?

By dancing, of course. And trying on old clothes someone down the street was giving away. Who cares that they smell like dead people and cabbage? Dancing is always the best medicine.

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