... and we won't know their fate until next year.

The Grey's Anatomy winter finale left viewers with a literal cliffhanger. Most fans know characters can kick the bucket at any moment. No one is safe on the roster. Therefore, there's no telling if the good doctor Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) will be alive by the time the firefighters at Station 19 careen down a mountain to save him after a terrifying car accident. 

How did we get here? I'm glad you asked ...

Winston (Anthony Hill) found a heart for Farouk, and for some reason, the entire team of doctors must go and "lay eyes" on the organ. Teddy (Kim Raver), Owen, and Hayes (Richard Flood) pile into an SUV headed for Tacoma. On the way there, Hayes warns Teddy and Owen that Megan (Abigail Spencer) is severely depressed. She claims, "If Farouk dies, I'm going with him." Teddy feels Megan will snap out of it once Farouk gets his heart. Hayes doesn't think it will be that easy.

Especially when the driver has a stroke, causing the car to careen out of control, rolling near the edge of a cliff. The good news? No bones are broken, and the heart is safe. The bad news? No one has cell service — and the car is hung on a tree, threatening to break. 

The guys decide Teddy needs to hop out and get the heart to Grey Sloan in whatever means necessary. She has a hard time saying her goodbyes to Owen, but she manages to crawl out of the only open window in the backseat to safety in a matter of seconds. Later, Owen barks at Hayes to escape too — but not before confessing that he helped the veteran Noah take his own life. And he's promised to help three more veterans do the same, so that very big torch has officially been passed to Hayes, should Owen not survive the inevitable fall. 

Owen shoves Hayes out the window, and the car slides down. We see Winston waiting patiently in the OR  for a heart that is currently roaming a backwood street in Tacoma. If we look at this as a glass-half-empty scenario, we could have Owen, Farouk, and Megan without paychecks come 2022. 

Surely showrunners wouldn't do that to us, right? 

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Meanwhile, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and the Minnesota gang, excluding handsome Nick (Scott Speedman), have infiltrated the halls of Grey Sloan so they can perform their super-secret surgery on David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher). Everyone is all a buzz about the groundbreaking things happening in OR 2. Unfortunately, Meredith has a moment of digestive distress when Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) reminds her that they are about to drill a hole in a very important doctor's head, using technology that was just invented to cure a disease that previously incurable disease. Let's do this! 

Unfortunately, Hamilton tries to sneak one over on Meredith. He claims he's just nervous, but his splotchy skin and pained facial expressions totally give him away. A CT scan shows a perforated bowel. Performing this basic surgery will cause the team to miss their official FDA window, and all parties throw minor hissy fits. Parkinson's will have to be cured another day. 

In another OR, newbie Jordan Wright (Greg Tarzan Davis) is slaying his surgery with Bailey (Chandra Wilson). He's all about learning from his hero, and I can't decide if it's endearing or weird. Does he have a professional crush? Or is there an undertone of flirting in his voice? Perhaps both? Whatever the case, Jordan is flawless and thorough. 

That is so not the case for Schmidt (Jake Borelli). When practicing the Webber method, Schmidt handles what some would call a routine surgery on podcaster Devon Gomez. Schmidt is somewhat of a groupie but commands the OR like a boss. Sadly, Devon begins to bleed out when Schmidt chooses not to wait on an attending, as the method teaches, and begins dissection by himself. Blood gushes everywhere, and the poor guy dies on the table surrounded by a puddle of red. 

All eyes are on Schmidt. First, Helm (Jaycie Elliot) tries to describe what happened judiciously but is immediately shut down. Next, Bailey makes Schmidt call time of death. Then all eyes shift to Webber. Is his method too much for the fourth years? Or is it too hard for the guy who once dropped his glasses in a dude's abdomen?

Schmidt's not the only one having a bad day. Link (Chris Carmack) has decided he doesn't need to be married to Amelia and is ready to go all-in, no matter what that looks like. He even practices his "I love you and have loved you forever" speech on Jo (Camilla Luddington), which is straight-up torture since Jo is now contemplating Link as more than a friend and sort of roommate. 

But Link doesn't get a chance to deliver his love monolog to Amelia. She's too busy with her tongue stuck down Dr. Kai's (E.R. Fightmaster) throat. Link walks up on their romantic interlude, shocked to find the love of his life in a major lip lock. 

I have so many questions. Who will end up in Minnesota, and who will stay in Seattle? Will Jo and Link hook up? Is Owen alive? Does Farouk get his heart in time? More importantly, when will we see Dr. Nick again?

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