... And bites her head off in the OR.
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Who knew that the way to a person's heart attending the Medical Student Convention is complimentary deep-dish Chicago pizza and free massages? Sure, Miranda Bailey has a world-renown surgeon at her disposal, ready to show and tell. But it's difficult when the woman who puts the "Grey" in Grey Sloan Memorial is a no-show. 

Meredith is busy being berated by her other boss in Minnesota. Dr. Hamilton wants groundbreaking medicine to spontaneously combust overnight and is very confused why Meredith and her team haven't yet found a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Hamilton threatens to pull the plug on Dr. Grey if something doesn't happen soon. 

Amelia is quick to jump in, attempting to diffuse the simmering situation. Since I didn't go to med school, I'll sum up what I know to be pertinent information in just a few sentences, created from the brain that afforded me both a high school and college education. The FDA wants this certain number to be above ninety percent. Amelia and Kai figured out that if they mess with the temperature of the cells, they might get to that magic number. Meredith gives them a day and vows to walk if they aren't successful.

Amelia dismisses Meredith. Kai wonders out loud if Meredith will leave, but what she really wants to know is if Amelia will go with her. That answer is yes. Is Amelia into Kai? I also think that answer is yes.

Nick pages Meredith because he knows she needs to blow off steam. Just when I think there will be a scandalous elevator ride or a naughty trip to the janitor's closet, I realize that Nick's idea of blowing off steam involves scalpels and an OR table. He has a surgery for Meredith.

Brian is the patient, and he has a mass on his kidney. You should also know that this is his only kidney. Nick is very particular about the details of this case and seems shifty when Meredith is going over the procedure with Brian. However, when Brian asks if Nick can be in the OR with him, Meredith is more than happy to oblige. 

Of course, Nick gets mouthy and weird while Meredith and Nick's best resident, Jordan, cut Brian open. We quickly learn that he knows Brian personally, and Meredith barks at him to leave immediately. She then has a calm, lovely conversation with Jordan, giggling when he shares that he is obsessed with Bailey and was disappointed when he didn't secure a residency at Grey Sloan. Meredith saves Brian's life and confidently walks out of the room to find Nick.

Guess who has Brian's other kidney? That would be Meredith's Minnesota boyfriend. Brian and Nick have been best friends since Brian gave Nick a kidney when they were young. He's like a brother, and Nick couldn't live with himself if something happened to Brian. That's why he didn't want to put that extra pressure on Meredith.

The joke's on you, Nick. Meredith is a rock star. She can handle the pressure. P.S.: The olive green scrubs are ridiculous. Also, how does Scott Speedman look so good in them?

Back in Seattle, where Bailey is stuck in "the armpit of the convention," Dr. Lin suggests that they compete with free laptops by calling the residents to come and explain the Webber Method to potential candidates. It doesn't work. Even Maggie can't entice the students away from free tote bags. 

Bailey is beside herself. And just when you think she's about to throw in the towel and take any old candidate right off the street, Meredith brings her a present from Minnesota. His name is Jordan, and he's Bailey's biggest fan. All that's missing is a bow on his head. Who cares that she pilfered him from Nick? All's fair in love and war. Especially when you save your beau's best friend from dying.

Speaking of saving lives, Jo and Link are in the right place at the right time. A community production of a famous fairytale causes quite the stir. After the prince falls from climbing up Rapunzel's hair, his femur snaps in two. Is there a doctor in the house? Why, yes — there are two! 

Both Link and Jo roll their baby strollers up on the stage. Rapunzel's witchy step-mom leaps into action, explaining the prince has a heart condition. This leads to all sorts of different problems. Our superhero team uses diapers, a dagger, and pieces of wood from the set to stabilize Prince's leg. They also use the EPI pen of every kid allergic to peanuts in the vicinity to restart Prince's heart. 

The witch is ecstatic to hear that Prince will be okay. She claims it's because Prince is her best friend, but we all know that the witch is totally in love with Prince. Link agrees, claiming it happens all the time with guys and girls who are besties. Jo laughs. She never liked Link that way! He laughs right back. The guy had a crush on her for years.

I find it hard to believe that Jo never picked up on this vibe, but I choose not to pull too hard at that string. Naturally, she starts to think about the possibility of Link being more than a friend. What if they aren't in a fairytale, and this is the middle part? Could their mess be what leads them to happily ever after? 

Link loves this idea. Except he thinks Jo is talking about Amelia. He loves her, and he doesn't have to marry her right now. It's time for a grand gesture!

Yeah, that went over well last time. 

Besides, Amelia might be walking away from Link and towards Kai at this point. After bonding over NOT reaching that elusive ninety percent, they click again when Amelia figures out they should be freezing the needle. They reach ninety-two percent, and it's a success! Everyone is staying, and Parkinson's will be cured by the time Grey's Anatomy breaks for the spring. Hooray!

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