And their relationship status changes.

It's Thanksgiving, and everyone is celebrating what they are thankful for, excluding Meredith, who has just learned that her flight to Seattle has been canceled due to weather. Thanks to a huge snowstorm in Minnesota, she won't be able to spend the holidays with her kids. 

But Meredith's loss quickly turns into a helluva gain. Dr. Nick, Mr. Scott Speedman himself, ditches his own Thanksgiving plans of sipping whiskey by a fireplace in a cabin so Meredith doesn't have to be alone eating peanuts in her hotel bathrobe. Isn't he the best? And the cutest? 

While Nick and Meredith share horrific Thanksgiving Day horror stories from the ER, Richard, Bailey, and Schmitt count down the minutes until someone rolls into the hospital half-burned from trying to fry a turkey or bleeding profusely from a butcher knife to the finger. What they get is a lovely pregnant lady in excruciating pain who offers our doctors a homemade pecan pie in exchange for a "quick checkup." 

Unfortunately, the woman is suffering from appendicitis, and Jo is called in for a consultation. She explains that if the damage is too severe, she may have to do a hysterectomy. But Jo is going to do everything she can to prevent that. The woman has other ideas and would be oh so grateful if Jo tied her tubes. Five kids are more than enough, and she doesn't want six. Her husband seems shocked by this mandate but nods his approval anyway.  

Richard and Schmitt perform the surgery. When the baby becomes distressed, Jo delivers him and ends up performing a hysterectomy. The husband is concerned why his wife would never tell him that she was struggling with the chaos. Why wouldn't she just ask for help? Jo encourages the man just to help next time instead of waiting for her to ask. 

This is exactly what Link does when Amelia is left with four kids and a cold turkey in the oven. It seems someone forgot to turn the little knob to bake. Link to the rescue! He cooks a kid-friendly meal, maneuvers around an inconveniently timed "what is sex" question, and manages a pretty sweet after-dinner dance party. 

Was it the twerking that caused Amelia to get all hot and bothered? Or the running man? One can't be sure, but they end up in a hot, passionate embrace after the kids are asleep. Amelia makes it clear that her feelings about marriage have not changed. Link considers her confession for two seconds before the hormones take over. 

Are they getting back together? Who knows. Amelia received some pretty flirty exchanges from Kai and a considerate "Happy Turkey Day" text. And according to the next episode's promo, Link admits to having a crush on Jo once upon a time. 

It's Grey's Anatomy musical chairs. After 18 seasons, you just have to go with it.

I also think showrunners are paving the way for Hayes and Megan to start a little something. There was way too much witty banter during a Monopoly game for the chemistry to go unnoticed. Moreover, with Farouk's sudden need to be on the heart transplant list, my guess is that Hayes is going to save her little boy's life dramatically, forcing Megan to make out with Hayes as a thank you. More than likely, this will occur in an elevator. 

It's definitely not going to happen in a supply closet because those are reserved for emotional people to lose control. Noah, the veteran with pulmonary fibrosis, is back in the ER, and he's not doing good. Owen takes his son to play some video games, while Bailey takes his wife to fall apart in an empty room as she guards the door. 

It's an exhausting day, but luckily Schmitt's mom brings Thanksgiving dinner and a side of Jewish guilt for everyone to enjoy. The team shares what they are thankful for, and everyone enjoys a piece of pecan pie. 

And what am I thankful for? I'm glad you asked. Finally, after many months of "will they or won't they," Meredith and Nick finally get together. My hope is that this is the real thing for Meredith and that her infatuation with Nick doesn't cause her to cut all her hair off at the end of the season. 

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