Bailey's life may change as a result.

It's time to all get on board and accept the fact that crossover events with Station 19 will continue until Grey's Anatomy bows out for its last season. Is it vital that we invest in the lives of the firefighters on that show? Not really. But it certainly helps to have a basic understanding of storylines to connect the dots when the time arises. 

For example, if I watched Station 19, I would probably be utterly heartbroken that Dean Miller died. Instead, I think to myself, "That's the guy from Hamilton," and quickly move on to the next ambulance hauling in firefighters from an explosion. I perk up when I see Victoria Hughes arrive with injuries sustained from electrocution. She dated Avery. I know her! She can't die.

Famous last words, am I right? As a Grey's Anatomy fan, I know not to assume anyone on Shonda Rhimes' roster is safe from death's door. I get a little prickly feeling in my stomach when Bailey paces back and forth by the hospital exit, frantic that the next ambulance has pulled in without any sirens or sense of emergency. Could her husband be in there? Bailey's mom just died of COVID. Please don't do this to her!

Fortunately, Ben hops out into the waiting arms of his relieved wife. Miller didn't make it, and a very handsome fellow firefighter thinks its best to deliver the bad news to Hughes while she's hopped up on pain pills. This causes her to suffer a minor heart attack, but Teddy is there to literally save the day. Hughes is going to make it. 

The part that did cause a small tear to well up in my eye was Ben's promise to Miller, a single dad, that he would take his daughter. Was this something Ben should have discussed with Bailey? You better believe it. And knowing that Bailey's only hesitation in whisking sweet Baby Prue into her arms is the possibility that grandparents could come in and take her away was gut-wrenching. 

It's too bad a firefighter bro pact won't hold up in a court of law. 

While Ben and Bailey sort out what to do with the baby, Owen is all business in the ER. The explosion causes him to experience PTSD from his time in Afghanistan. We are led to believe that he is on edge, about to lose his grip. But in reality, he's handling himself beautifully. 

Teddy finds him in a closet, pacing back-and-forth. She's worried that his time spent with vets is wreaking havoc. Instead, Owen calls attention to the PTSD he's experiencing, and he reminds Teddy that he knows how to talk himself down because he learned how to take care of himself. He needs two minutes to center. Then he's going to help other vets do the same. 

And he's going to start with his sister. Abigail freaks out when she hears the explosion and runs to the OR, where Hayes and Winston perform open-heart surgery on Farouk. She refuses to leave her son's side, insisting on humming commercials to keep him calm like she did when she was in the refugee camp. 

Hayes quickly realizes that the humming is more for Abigail than Farouk and wisely asks Owen and Teddy to accompany him to the ICU, where Farouk is being watched. Owen promises Abigail that she will never be alone. They are one big happy family. Amelia and Farouk. Teddy, Owen, Allison, and Leo. I guess we can include Amelia in that tree branch with Scout and Link. We'll have to draw another line in there to include Luna, now that Link will take Jo's baby, should she pass away tragically. 

You get the picture. 

Speaking of Amelia, she and Meredith are ticking right along in the lab until Tom Koracick shows up. I have to admit, I've missed his sarcasm and witty banter, but I did not expect Dr. Hamilton to be so irritated by the addition. Does anyone like Tom? 

Most do not. Especially when Tom sleeps with your daughter. 

Meredith asks Hamilton very good questions. Was his daughter under age? Nope. Did Tom abuse his power? Negative. Did Hamilton's adult daughter have consensual sex with a man of her choosing? Yes, she did. Is this Hamilton's lab or Meredith's lab? It depends on who you ask.

Meredith rushes to Nick's office to get some clarity. Was she charmed by the man with luscious eyebrows? Did she just witness a renowned doctor have a tantrum? Is Hamilton both difficult and desperate? The answer to all is yes. But she's also working with a terrified man who doesn't want to lose his purpose in life because of stupid Parkinson's. 

That's all she needs to go back to the lab and tell everyone where to stick it. Hamilton apologizes for not letting Meredith run her own show. Tom commends Amelia for having a great idea (that he thought of first). Amelia flirts with Dr. Bartley. Dr. Bartley flirts back. 

And Meredith finally allows Dr. Nick a quick make-out sesh on a rooftop bar. This is everything I've been waiting for! Which hopefully means the door is closing on McIrish, who probably wants to hum with Abigail over open chest cavities anyway. Who's with me? 

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