Richard gives everyone a solo surgery.

We all need a helping hand every once in a while, even if you're a doctor working endless hours at Grey Sloan Memorial. Everyone in this episode teams up with a buddy to tackle medical issues on a professional level while spending just as much time meeting personal needs on an emotional level. 

Richard embraces this philosophy as the official leader of the residents as he introduces the "Webber Method" into the OR. All the newbies are allowed to perform solo on basic surgeries like the lap chole. Apparently, 13 people in the Seattle area do not need their gallbladder, and Richard is totally cool with handing scalpels to, as Bailey puts it, "the children." 

It's a 45-minute surgery, and an attending is necessary for about 10 minutes of that time. Richard thinks that if everyone sticks to the timeline, the residents can do most of the surgery, while the attending can rush in at the last minute to assist or approve and move on to the next OR. He's essentially meeting two needs at once. The residents are learning in a high-stakes environment, and he's finding a solution to the hospital's physician shortage. 

Meredith is on board. Bailey is not, but she's willing to give it a go. All is well at the beginning. Schmidt even plows through his first lap chole with enough time to do a second. Here's hoping he didn't skip a few steps or leave a spare clamp in his patient's gut. Sadly, it's Helm who accidentally clips an artery, causing blood to spill everywhere. Bailey has to come in and save the day. She and I both consider this a flaw in the Webber Method. Meredith and Richard think it's a success. Bailey was there to help Helm. 

I wonder how the poor person with the huge scar across their abdomen feels? Do you think they are counting the surgery as a victory? 

Speaking of victory, Addison needs a huge one. She has just placed the woman with the transplanted uterus in an induced coma because she began seizing. She calls for help in the form of a world-class neurosurgeon to figure out what is going on. Amelia is happy to offer solutions, starting with an MRI of the brain. 

While waiting for the scans to pop up, an anxious Addison asks Amelia all about Link. Why did she leave Link? Sure, he used Meredith's kids as props during a proposal, but isn't that a romantic gesture? Is he manipulative as a rule? How can you leave someone so earnest? 

These are all very good questions. Plus, Link is hella good-looking and plays the guitar. What's not to love?

Amelia gets it. But she also reminds her former sister-in-law that during COVID, she was drowning in diapers and domesticity. She thought about doing drugs every day. Amelia was hanging on by a thread, and Link was falling more in love with their life. He continued to propose, even when she repeatedly told him no. Then she waits for Addison's judgment.

Addison surprises us all by admitting that she almost checked herself into rehab during COVID. She loves her husband and son, but she hated their quirks during quarantine. She coped with copious amounts of red wine. Then, Addison went dark, and the thought of going to sleep and never waking up comforted her. 

This patient and the potential for a clinical trial success is what helps Addison get up in the morning. This woman can't die. And no matter how annoyed she is with the men in her life, Addison does love them and wants to get back home to Los Angeles. Amelia swears they will do everything to make that happen. And by "they," she means someone other than herself and Meredith because that particular "they" will be in Minnesota half the time. 

There's always the residents. I hear they pretty much run the show at Grey Sloan. I bet they can keep the woman alive if they watch her in three-hour shifts. 

Meanwhile, over at Veteran's Affairs, Noah introduces Owen to a good friend named Roy, who is working to spread the word about the burn pits that have caused lung illnesses. Roy coughs up blood and is rushed to the ER, where Owen meets Winston. A quick scan shows Roy has lung cancer, which is untreatable thanks to the pulmonary fibrosis from which he already suffers. 

Winston suggests a risky surgery to take out the tumor. It might buy Roy a few more months so he can speak at the capital. Noah brings in all the VA guys for a pep talk before surgery. Right before he goes under, Roy confesses that he authorized the burn pits at his military base. He commits to fighting for his life, but if he dies, he probably deserves it. 

Roy makes it through the surgery, but in true Grey's Anatomy fashion, he dies after. Noah blames Owen for pushing Roy to have the surgery and lashes out at the doctor for making things worse. 

In happier news, Jo helps a woman through labor when her boyfriend leaves her at the hospital. Full disclosure: this dude was not the baby's father and had no idea Nicki was pregnant. He just thought she was a large woman. Bless it. 

Nicki laments when Jo explains that the guy left, but she promises she will be there to hold her hand the entire time. I have no idea how she's supposed to do that and deliver a baby, but it's the thought that counts. Dr. DeLuca ends up scrubbing in (may the other one RIP) as Jo gets real with Nicki, illustrating every detail of what it takes to be a single mom. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Raise your hand if you're ready for Jo to have a more whimsical storyline! 

And finally, Megan corners Hayes for a pediatric consult on a "kid who plays soccer behind my house." Hayes looks at Megan like she's a nut for asking such a strange question, then quickly realizes it's her adopted son Farouk. Hayes examines Farouk, hearing a murmur. It will require surgery. This sends Megan over the edge into a fit of tears. 

The entire exchange seems odd. Do I hope Farouk is okay? Yes, I do. But something tells me the writers are throwing Hayes and Megan together because my boy Scott Speedman will be helping Meredith Grey out, if you know what I mean. 

In case you didn't know, I'm down with that.

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