And the residents are in awe.

Ladies and gentlemen, Addison Montgomery is back. She's still boss enough to wear her signature five-inch stilettos as she commands a band of mostly faceless residents, and I am here for it. Plus, whatever deal with the devil Kate Walsh and Ellen Pompeo made 18 years ago to produce such elegant aging skin is both impressive and annoying. 

I will say that my favorite part of the entire episode was the continuous running joke of the "I heard" rumors from the residents between the Meredith Grey versus Addison Montgomery-Shepherd dynamic. Which one cheated? Who was in the plane crash? Did Grey make Montgomery cry? Amelia's question to Meredith, wondering, "She's like my sister, and you're like my sister. Is this weird?" was equally classic. 

Pile all of the Dr. Montgomery hooplas on top of a Seattle heatwave, and you've got wacky antics overflowing all over Grey Sloan Memorial. For example, there's the YouTuber who tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk, ended up slipping on the egg, and severely burning his bare butt. Why was he naked, you ask? That's the theme of his channel, of course. 

Oh, and there's the girl who had a jet skiing accident horrific enough to perforate her rectum, yet she was unwilling to call her parents because she had lied about where she was going. Teenagers, am I right? 

But one of the heroes of the day was Winston. Remember last week when he pulled all sorts of strings to get a woman on the kidney transplant list? And [cough] refused to place a permanent port [cough] to make it enough of an emergency to be on the top of the list? Well, the kidney is here! Unfortunately, since the stupid HVAC isn't working, protocol dictates that organs can no longer be transferred to rooms below a certain temperature.

Never fear. Owen Hunt is on it. He calls Bailey's husband over at Station 19, who has a pretty sweet mobile surgery unit, and the kidney lady is totally fine having a shiny new organ placed in her body in a vehicle that could technically be mistaken for a food truck if you squint in just the right sunlight. Luckily, the surgery works, and no one bangs on the door for falafel while Winston is sewing his last stitch. 

Needless to say, the biggest moment of the night was Addison performing a uterine transplant. With the air filtration on the fritz, infection is a concern, and Richard barking at her to hurry up is not helping her nerves. Addison's solution? Call Meredith Grey.

Doesn't that seem to be everyone's solution on this show?

The residents are having a field day, trying to interpret every little word and hand gesture. Body movements are analyzed and later discussed. Finally, Meredith and Addison finish surgery, stalk to the elevator together with stern facial expressions, roll their eyes, and bust out laughing when the doors close. Addison's giggles dissolve into tears, and she babbles apologetically about how she doesn't feel Derek anywhere in the hospital. 

Meredith tears up with Addison and, through a gentle smile, explains to the woman standing next to her that Derek is very much alive in his children, and she would love for Addison to meet them. They all have bowls of ice cream that night as Addison chokes up, telling the Shepherd spawn that she's "daddy's friend."

In the end, it's Teddy who brings a little whimsy to Grey Sloan. The staff is tired. Doctors are retiring early. The heat has beaten everyone down. Link and Amelia are on the rocks. Jo is missing out on the great Addison Montgomery because she's the only OB in the entire hospital, it seems. Meredith is about to be in Minnesota half of the week, and Hayes' teenage boys are being teenage boys. The staff is in a funk. And they are sweaty. 

And as Ambassador of Fun, Teddy realizes that once the air conditioning is fixed, the best place to cool off is the morgue. Not only are people dying to get into this party, but they have snowcones too!

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