And it’s the greatest thing ever.

Who would have thought that a stoned Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) was something I needed in my life? After Richard accidentally chugged down Catherine's "weed juice," the delightful antics that followed had me giggling on my couch. The reality that Catherine's (Debbie Allen) cannabis beverage is a means to control the pain of her reoccurring cancer was sobering. 

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is the lucky one who discovers Richard flying high as a kite, scavenging the break room for snacks. She sequesters him in his office, patiently enduring his lovely baritone version of "It Had To Be You." Meredith even sends Schmitt (Jake Borelli) to report to Nick (Scott Speedman), who will be taking over all of her cases for the day. Assuming this is some weird Grey Sloan Memorial hazing, Nick takes the privileges he barely secured from Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and hops from OR to OR. 

Nick's not the only one scrambling around the hospital. Jo (Camilla Luddington) has been pulling double duty in OB and general surgery. The only way she has enough time to spend with her new "friend" Todd is if Link (Chris Carmack) babysits Luna. Fortunately, one of Link's old patients, named Simon, is admitted. Simon has cancer and is feeling abdominal pain. Jo orders a CT scan and invites Link to join her in the operating room when they discover another mass in Simon's intestines. They can catch up over an open gut like old times! It's totally the same as getting a drink at the bar. 

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Link stays because Simon is a good friend. And Simon's very pregnant wife wants assurance that Simon will live six more weeks to officially meet his son. Unfortunately, during Jo and Link's operating date, Jo discovers that the mass cannot be removed. Simon has a month to live at the most. 

Simon's wife demands that someone take her baby at 32 weeks. Jo tries to calm her down, explaining that she is an obstetrician, but Link interrupts, explaining that Jo is a first-year OB resident. He will be calling Dr. DeLuca to get a consult.

For a hot second, I thought he meant Andrew DeLuca. I forget that Carina is over at Station 19 living it up. 

Jo manhandles Link straight into a storage closet, where we know exciting things happen. Link admits that he misses Jo and is tired of her pretending to be his friend when all she did was use him for sex, then kick him out of the house. Jo calmly tells him that a baby's lungs aren't developed at 32 weeks and, oh by the way, she was in love with him, and that's why she kicked him out. To protect the friendship. 

Will these two crazy kids get together? Can we start calling them Jink? Jonk? 

We don't have to make a decision now. That's the lesson Teddy (Kim Raver) learned after really being annoyed that all her great research on how to best parent Leo is stored safely in her brain. According to the family therapist, she and Owen (Kevin McKidd) must support and affirm Leo's lead. Even if that takes them to Candyland. The ambiguity is Teddy's favorite! (Please read with sarcasm.)

And then there's Winston (Anthony Hill), who is walking around biting off the head of a patient who refuses to let Maggie (Kelly McCreary) call her wife after discovering she needs emergency surgery. The woman had been lying for weeks, claiming she had taken care of her pain a long time ago. Winston barks at the woman right before surgery, and she goes into V-fib. Maggie saves the woman, but dismisses Winston when things are under control.

She corners him afterward, desperate to know what is going on. Winston finally confesses that he's stressed out about his brother. He tells a story about Wendell asking Winston to pick him up at the mall. He and a friend jumped in the back of Winston's car with a bunch of stolen items. The cops pulled him over, and Winston got in trouble. Wendell sweet talked his way out of a ticket. 

He confides in Maggie that Wendell's patches don't work. Winston will not lie, but he's aggravated that Wendell is in his head. And he's nervous that he will ruin the one good thing he has going for him. That would be Maggie. He wants one night to talk loudly to his brother, to hash things out. Maggie agrees to stay at her sister's house. 

Meanwhile, Nick is crushing it in the OR. Bailey finds him holding a scalpel and nearly loses it. Then she witnesses Nick talk Schmitt off a ledge. The patient begins bleeding out, and Nick orders Schmitt to take control. Who cares that his last patient died this way? Write a new story. 

That's what Meredith is trying to do, too. Will she write a new story with Nick outside of Grey Sloan? To quote stoned Richard, "Seattle is haunted." The good news is that Miranda and Meredith finally forgive each other and make amends. Bailey is happy to have Meredith, and Nick, for that matter, for as long as she can. 

We just don't know how long that will be. 

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