And Maggie performs a groundbreaking surgery.

Big things are happening at Grey Sloan Memorial, and they all have to do with hearts. It's cardiopalooza, which means Maggie (Kelly McCreary) is front and center. People all across the country are virtually following a young girl named Fernanda who travels across the country from Massachusetts to see Dr. Pearce perform groundbreaking surgery. 

Fernanda and her family have been featured on morning shows, enjoying an extra few days of vacation as they make their way from Boston to Seattle. The hospital is ready. Residents are pumped. The media is in a frenzy. And when the RV wheels into the ambulance bay to deliver the girl, hearts skip a beat when Maggie and Winston (Anthony Hill) realize that Fernanda can't breathe. 

Unfortunately, the extra days the family chose to take road tripping caused Fernanda to dehydrate, which means her very complicated surgery just got a little more complicated. To make matters even more tense, Winston's brother Windell has arrived out of the blue. He's the family's black sheep, which means he's incredibly handsome and devilishly charming. 

The good news is that Windell has a job in medical sales. The bad news is that he used both Maggie and Winston's names to get a leg up in his field. When Winston finds Windell chatting up Owen (Kevin McKidd) about a new drone that can deliver a defibrillator to someone in need, Winston deftly excuses himself and his brother to remind Windell that he does not work at Grey Sloan and needs to back off. Windell lays on some heavy manipulation, claiming their father knew Winston wouldn't support Windell's new career path. 

Winston tries to shake it off, but the emotional cut seeps into his attitude, and he barks at Maggie when she suggests they perform an even riskier surgery on Fernanda. He claims Fernanda's family is selfish, and he thinks they should scrap surgery altogether. Maggie calls him out, asking if he's punishing the family or reading the scans?

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Meanwhile, Bailey is battling a physician's shortage with Owen on crutches, Richard refusing to pick up a scalpel, and Meredith sick at home. Luckily, the Chief of Surgery does a lot of organizing and managing, which one can do from a desk. So Owen offers to do the boring parts of Bailey's job, while she actually operates on people. This brings her joy deep down in her heart. 

While Bailey (Chandra Wilson) scrubs in everywhere, Jo (Camilla Luddington) is back with her pregnant patient Laura and Laura's cute brother Todd. He brings his sister an edible fruit basket, which the staff devours, thanks to Laura not being able to eat anything before surgery. When she gets a little nervous about the procedure, Jo immediately calms her nerves. She also blows off Todd's dinner invite to study in the hospital library. Lame.

Back in the opposite part of the hospital, Maggie and Winston explain the new "I'm cutting your daughter's heart in half" surgery to Fernanda's family. When her brother has a panic attack, Winston handles it beautifully. Before Fernanda's surgery, we later learn the anxiety behind Winston's family situation. 

He admits he was wrong when he shouted at Maggie. It all comes down to his mother's death. When she had cancer, she would use money earmarked for her treatments to bail her husband out of jail. Windell was a hot mess during this time, as well. That's when Winston's panic attacks started. He almost quit his fellowship because of it. Now that he's in town, he's scared that Windell will trigger all that drama. So he lost it a little bit.

Winston looks at his nervous wife and smiles. He claims he has a fantastic job and a genius wife. He invites her to save a life. To save the family. He reminds Maggie that this family followed her across the country, just like he did a few years ago.

Dr. Winston Ndugu for Husband of the Year. 

Maggie rocks it, of course. The surgery works. And all is well. Winston even reconciles with his brother and invites him to stay for a while. I'm sure that will end in some sort of chaos, but I'll allow it. The Ndugu brothers are intriguing to me.

Teddy (Kim Raver) also saves Laura's heart, which brings Todd to the library to thank Jo for taking such good care of his soon-to-be niece or nephew. He bestows gifts, as every potential relationship should, in the form of flowers, chocolate, and chips. The trifecta produced butterflies, especially when Todd informs Jo that he will continue his tradition of NOT kissing ladies in libraries. Now Todd is lame, but I do enjoy a slow burn.  

Later that night, Bailey returns to her office to find Owen sitting behind her desk. She's elated, and he's miserable. Thinking it's normal "chiefy" details that make his scowl so fierce, she babbles on about her day of fun-filled surgeries. Owen interrupts with disturbing news.

A woman from the Medical Accreditation Association is threatening to pull the residency program from Grey Sloan. There have been many complaints. She listed long work hours, a lack of good teachers and even called Owen out for yelling at residents earlier that day. 

What's Bailey going to do? What if Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) leaves? Sweet Zola tells her mom that she and her siblings will follow Meredith wherever medicine may lead. Even if that's Minnesota. Does this mean the Greys will be road-tripping, too? And how many hearts will be broken as a result of that decision? 

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