To whip the residents in shape.

It looks like Grey's Anatomy is tired of COVID dominating their storylines, which is why this episode spanned a total of five weeks. It's clear that the showrunners are eager to zip things along as the season finale looms in the not-so-distant future. Many of the characters are on the precipice of something major changing in his or her life. Therefore, a lot is packed into a short amount of time.

The result is a boring episode. Boring, yet informative. 

Meredith and Bailey

Meredith is struggling to adjust to life after COVID, and it's not going to be easy. The fatigue is a nightmare. How is she supposed to perform surgeries when she can't stand for any significant length of time? The fact that Jackson, Tom, and DeLuca are gone does not help matters.

Bailey has an idea. After sharing that her husband Ben's tumor is fine, she launches into the details of her plan.

Oh, you didn't know Ben had a tumor? Neither did the rest of the world unless you are that small faction of die-hards who watch Station 19. I decided to adopt Meredith's reaction and react to this huge piece of news as if Bailey had just shared her top shows on Netflix. 

Ben is fine, and Bailey wants Meredith to take over the residency program. The system is broken. There is no "normal" in the world anymore. Bailey wants Meredith to take the program and make it shine. She wants Jackson's "save the world" mantra to seep into the young people at Grey Sloan, and Meredith is just the rock star who will make them listen. 

Meredith agrees. Here's hoping we actually see her working in a hospital again and, hopefully, making out with Dr. Hayes in an elevator. 

Jo and Luna

Kudos to Link for saying out loud what we've all been thinking. "Let's not pretend that you're not thinking about adopting Luna." We've all seen this writing on the wall. However, I should have known as the weeks trudged on, and the circles around Jo's eyes darkened that things were not going in a positive direction.

Luna develops pneumonia, and her body starts to decline. Jo's heart is ripped. She loves Luna as her own, and when her application to adopt is denied due to her background check, Jo ends up in bed, fully clothed, crying deep tears into her pillow. It was heartbreaking. I'm ready for Jo to catch a break, and I really thought switching to the pink scrubs was going to be the key. 

Amelia and Link

Before Owen and Amelia operate on a young woman's brain, her father pleads with the doctors to take care of his little girl. Not having been at the hospital for ages, Amelia feels the pressure of this particular case. It deepens when the woman does not wake up after surgery.

There is no medical reason why the young woman isn't responding. Still, Amelia can communicate with her using music and many neurological words that sound extremely important. Amelia becomes obsessed with fixing the woman and proving to the father that he has not lost his little girl. 

The experience makes Amelia realize that she doesn't want to have any other kids. She is perfectly happy with Link and Scout, but she is afraid to lose herself if she adds more to the brood. The problem? Link wants more children. A lot more. Owen's advice is, to be honest with Link. Amelia takes that advice and ignores it, claiming to be stuck at work when she's really at Meredith's house. 

Maggie and Winston

These two crazy kids are having a ball planning their dream wedding. They even roll their eyes when Richard constantly reminds them that the entire world has shut down, and it might be hard to fly grandma 20 hours to New Zealand so they can get married by a waterfall. 

Gwen, a heart patient of Maggie's, is super excited to hear Maggie is engaged, and she wants to hear all about it. Gwen even arranges for Helm to page both Maggie and Winston so she can officially meet the groom-to-be. 

A donor's heart arrives, and we suddenly see Maggie and Helm working on Gwen in the OR. Both agree that Gwen is the perfect "mom-type" who exudes only the good parts. She gives great advice and is extremely smart and invested. 

Gwen makes it through surgery. Maggie finds Winston and suggests they hold off on the wedding until they can make it their own instead of compromising because of circumstances. Winston thinks Maggie has cold feet. It turns out Maggie is just sad. Spending time with Gwen made her realize that her wedding is never going to be perfect. Why? Because her mom won't be there. And it's okay to be sad, but the wedding will go on. Not by a waterfall, but somewhere nice. (A.k.a. Meredith's backyard.)

Schmidt and Nico

There's some X-Factor Schmidt exudes that makes him attractive to anyone and everyone. Even the guy giving COVID shots. Talk about a flirt! He practically throws himself at Schmitt and then assumes Schmidt will meet him at his apartment later that night. 

Instead of answering that blatant booty call, Schmidt heads over to Nico's. With the romantic glow of a dozen candles, Nico admits that he loves Schmidt and he never wants to be without him. Schmidt is totally caught off-guard, especially with the fire hazard blazing in Nico's apartment. How did he know Schmidt was coming?

Nico claims he lights all those candles every night, just in case Schmidt ever shows up. That was all Schmidt needed to close the deal with a passionate embrace. 

Schmico forever.  

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