Could this be the end of the series?

They are dropping like flies over at Grey's Anatomy. We should have guessed that an entire episode revolving around Jesse Williams would result in a major plot twist with our beloved Jackson Avery leaving the hallowed halls of Grey Sloan. Whose lethal ice-blue stare will mesmerize me now? 

Is this how showrunners are going to end the series? By picking off the cast one-by-one? Will Bailey and Richard retire? Will Amelia be a stay-at-home mom? Will Meredith ever wake up? 

Teasers from the next episode straight up tell us that Jackson is done. He's going to Boston to head up the foundation. And as he runs through the pouring rain to beat on April's door to tell her this brand new information, we all nod when April blurts out what we're all thinking: "You're not that guy."

It's true. Jackson's entire storyline revolves around his disdain for the Avery name and the burden that comes with holding the checkbook attached to millions of dollars. Do I believe Jackson is experiencing a desperate need to make a difference in this world? Absolutely. Do I believe he would decide to uproot his entire life as a renowned plastic surgeon practically overnight to be a desk man? Unlikely.

So how did we get here? 

After "running away" to the wilderness, Jackson visits his dad. This did not go well when Jackson showed up several seasons ago. Needless to say, Robert was pretty shocked to see his son walk through the door of his grill. Things are weird. Especially when the two make small talk while boxing lunches for the community. And why does the camera keep zeroing in on the meat slicer?

The next thing we know, Jackson drops in on April just as she's slightly hysterical that Harriett has a high fever and her husband Matthew is out of town. They work together to ease their daughter's disposition, without electricity thanks to the storm. That's when I notice the wrap on Jackson's hand. Context clues tell me blood is about to gush. Awesome. Would you rather watch Meredith lay on a gurney or Jackson lose a finger while slicing turkey? Discuss.

Jackson technically doesn't saw off a finger, but the cut is deep. He lost his focus while arguing with his father over "walking away from it all" and questioning why Robert left their family so long ago. Robert rushes over to help, only to be brutally rebuffed by his son. Jackson stalks off to get some fresh air with Robert hot on his tail. Here's hoping someone tossed the soiled turkey in the garbage. 

Robert takes a seat next to Jackson and lets it all out. The older man admits he left because that's what he does. He walks away and never looks back. Robert also convinced himself that Jackson was better off without him in his life. He feels he didn't deserve to take up any of Jackson's time or space. But not one day has gone by that he hasn't regretted leaving his boy. He knows an apology will never make up for it, and he has to live with that forever.

Jackson and I both cry at this revelation and continue to do so when Robert claims Jackson will be okay no matter what road he chooses. Jackson is not Robert. Jackson is not a runner. On Jackson's worst day, he is 10 times the man Robert is. Can someone pass me a tissue?

With newfound freedom, this is when Jackson heads over to April's house. Even though she questions Jackson's decision, she is happy for him. She also wonders aloud why he needed to tell her this in person?

Because he's moving to Boston and needs April, Matthew, and Harriett to come with him. Jackson promises April a job and all the funds she needs to make the world a better place. She just needs to do it in a different zip code. Cool. 

April appropriately balks at this request before she and Jackson go round-and-round on who has been there for the other one more. April asks all the normal questions one might ponder in this situation, and Jackson has an answer for every single one. This is a time for radical change, and he wants to give his daughter a better world. April sleeps on it, and in the morning, she agrees to move to Boston. 

I'm sorry, what?

Jackson is equally confused. Doesn't April have to pray about it? Talk to her pastor? I don't know, CONSULT HER HUSBAND? Jackson quickly realizes that this is a tick in the win column for him. He babbles on how Matthew will love Boston, and he can get him a great new job. April is visibly jittery, and that's when it hits me. Matthew is out of the picture. She tells him they split up.

This was when I yelled at my television for Jackson to kiss April. Let the record show that he did not. I'm choosing to believe that these two crazy kids will find their way back to each other at a Red Sox game or on the Freedom Trail. It's way easier than wondering why Jackson didn't decide to run the foundation from Seattle. It's best not to pull at that string.

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