Who's Amelia's baby daddy?

March 12, 2020 at 11:21 PM EDT

Everyone is in a mood on Grey's Anatomy this week. Jo is mad at Alex for leaving her for Izzie. Link is upset that Amelia’s baby might be Owen’s. Teddy is upset for the same reason. For some reason Richard is angry about furniture being delivered to his office. Meredith is irritated that a VIP patient requires an entire floor. And DeLuca is just plain pissed at life in general.

With all the negativity floating around this episode, I found myself longing for some happy moments, but that didn’t come until the very end. In order to get to the joy, we have to trudge through a lot of pain. And who’s in the most pain right now?

That would be Jo. She and Link scowl at the lovey-dovey couple on the train tracks who can’t seem to stop sucking face in public. They are young and in love and it’s gross. There’s no way they could have predicted that later, the dude would fall over backward onto the tracks and electrocute himself.

Link and Jo recognize the girl and learn that the passionate embrace was the result of this guy choosing to follow this girl to England for school. He’s giving up his music career to be with his soulmate. Of course, his trip across the pond is going to have to wait because Link, Jo, and Amelia are currently cutting open the tissue on his burned limbs to help the circulation. That’s another kind of gross.

Teddy’s morning isn’t much better. After an awkward interlude with Tom in the elevator, Maggie immediately detects that something fishy is going on. Teddy admits that she slept with Tom in a moment of panic and has been channeling her inner chill to throw everyone off. Teddy’s “chill” is peculiar at best.

Owen picks up on Teddy’s jittery behavior and calls her out in the stairwell. She blabs, “AMELIA’S BABY MIGHT BE YOURS,” and watches closely for any sort of reaction from her own baby daddy. Owen is stone-faced. Teddy wonders out loud what this means for their relationship? When Owen’s vocal cords remain paralyzed, she storms off in a huff.

Straight into the arms of Tom again.

Meanwhile, in the very crowded ER, Meredith and Schmidt help a diabetic patient who has been rationing her insulin to help save money so her parents can remain in their assisted-living facility. The woman needs a CT scan, but the line is crazy-long. There are sick patients everywhere.

Credit: Ali Goldstein/ABC

When Meredith is paged to meet Tom upstairs, she is livid to learn that a VIP patient has been given an entire floor for testing. Apparently this guy is a tech billionaire. One of his rockets just exploded over Seattle by mistake, and thanks to the good firefighters over at Station 19, no one was killed, but several were hurt. The billionaire needs to be diagnosed with a medical condition so he has a reason why the accident occurred. It can’t be human error. His fingers are crossed for a tumor.

Both Meredith and Jackson give the billionaire a clean bill of health. The guy asks Tom to please look again, knowing that his medical team missed something. Oh, and think of all the good Tom could create with a truckload of cash from this guy’s bank account. Is he sure there’s nothing wrong?

Tom finds Meredith, who just lost her diabetic patient, and asks her if she had the billionaire’s money, how would she spend it? Meredith ticks off 10 ideas without even thinking. Then Tom asks her, “How do you decide which rules to break?” Meredith stares him in the face and tells him, “If whatever I’m doing improves this mess of a world just a little bit.”

Oh, look! The billionaire has a teeny, tiny aneurism. Luckily he won’t need surgery unless the very big check doesn’t arrive in the mail in the next two to three weeks.

In other news, Bailey finds out that Weber has decided to step down from surgery, and she is not too happy about it. Does this mean Richard will no longer be on the show? Avery and Vicky break up because she moved onto a houseboat with her friend Dean, who now has a baby. Again, if you want to connect those dots, watch Station 19.

Owen makes up with Teddy. She doesn’t tell him that she slept with Tom. Twice.

And then there’s our electrocuted troubadour. He has a long road ahead of him. Healing will not be easy, and he will need tons of help. Sadly, the girlfriend chooses tea and crumpets over physical therapy and surgeries. He may have dropped everything to go to England with her, but she’s not going to do the same for him.

Link cries, “LOVE SUCKS!” to Jo, but she shuts Link down. Jo is angry at Alex, but she also knows that his love for her is the reason she will rise above. She will rise above and prove that he was a fool for leaving her. However, he is the reason she is a changed person and he is the reason she feels worthy of love. That’s hers to keep.

Then she tells Link not to toss Amelia away. He made the choice to leave; Jo wasn’t given that luxury.

So Link takes a page from the troubadour’s songbook and tries to write a ballad for Amelia. Of course that didn’t really happen in the amount of time it took him to drive to her house. He admits that he loves Amelia. He loves the baby. He doesn’t care if he’s the father. And he wants her back.

Amelia kisses him, claiming she really needed to hear that. Why? Because Link is the father of her baby.

I have to admit that I thought Owen was going to be the dad and that would leave Link wide open to start dating Jo. I will also admit that I’m glad Jo did not fall into the unstable arms of DeLuca when he hit on her at the bar later that night. Here’s hoping future episodes have more butterflies and rainbows. And Irish doctors.

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