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Alright, so just about everything about this week seemed predictable. When Michael won HOH, it was clear he wanted Terrance out of the house, as his options for nominations have dwindled in recent weeks. When he then won the veto as well and kept nominations the same, there was really no path forward that would lead to Terrance staying in the house. But now, Julie's here to surprise everyone with a double eviction, which means things are about to get a little more chaotic.

Let's begin with the first eviction. After Michael keeps the nominations the same, and since there's nothing else to really talk about, the players start to think about their path to the end of the game. Alyssa is trying her best to form a final three with the girls, and while I don't know how interested they are, Taylor and Brittany aren't going to argue with someone giving them another way to get to the finals. 

Then there's Terrance, trying to make his case to stay this week. He doesn't really have much to go on at this point. He tries to tell Monte and Taylor that they could run this back and have another POC player win this season, but at this point Terrance hasn't really shown himself to be trustworthy to either Monte or Taylor. They hear out his thoughts on jury votes — he somehow thinks Alyssa could get a lot of votes? Not sure I agree — but it's not going to make much of a difference.

With Terrance all but out of the house, more scheming begins. Turner and Monte start to talk about how they think that the plan to target Michael as soon as possible might not be best for their game. If Michael goes, they don't have a shield, and the girls could potentially align and pick them off. So, they approach Michael with the idea that they all team up to make sure they get to the end, even coming up with a plan of how they'll only take shots at those they feel comfortable taking shots at — ideally allowing each of them to not target the woman they're closest to in the house, and therefore managing their jury votes — and it seems like he could be on board.

We have to wait and see if that plan plays out at all when the players are confronted with the second eviction, though. Sure enough, in the first eviction of the night, Terrance is unanimously voted out of the house and is headed to the jury, where he's promised to throw a few people under the bus. 

Before we get to the crammed second half, including an HOH and veto competition, it's time to check in on the jury house. Now, usually these segments aren't all that entertaining. It's pretty boring watching the evicted players recap what we've already watched, but in this case we get to see Kyle have to explain to the evicted players why he's joining them in the house.

When Kyle shows up, Joseph is at first beyond happy, because Kyle was responsible for getting him out of the game. Joseph makes jokes about how Kyle was "going to go to war" in the house, just absolutely delighting in seeing him evicted. Kyle's face is in pain the entire time, knowing that he has to tell them the truth. They sit down to watch the footage, and Joseph is so confused when he sees that Turner won HOH and yet Kyle is now in the jury house. Kyle explains it all, about how he assumed there was an alliance purely based on race despite having no evidence of that whatsoever. 

In some ways, I think Kyle got off easy in the house, but him having to explain his whole ordeal to three POC players in the jury house is the kind of thing I can get behind. The looks on the faces of Joseph, Indy, and Jasmine will be all over Twitter. They are disgusted that he could even think that. "It's 2022, we have the internet, educate yourself!" yells an incensed Indy. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Joseph feel completely betrayed, pointing out to him that they were his friends and allies in the house and gave him no reason to assume they'd be working against him. It's great to see Kyle confronted like that, though I am getting tired of hearing his line about how this is the beginning of a new journey for him.

Anyways, back to the game. The next HOH is underway, and it's Turner who comes out with the win, meaning we'll see if his plan with Monte and Michael is real. He puts Alyssa and Brittany on the block, assuring Alyssa privately that he has a plan to get Brittany out of the house. So it looks like maybe this is happening, that the guys are teaming up, but then Monte wins the veto and he realizes this is what they've been waiting for, that this is their chance to get Michael, the clear frontrunner to win this game, out of the house.

Monte pulls Alyssa off the block, and Turner puts up Michael in her place. The only hope Michael has is convincing Taylor and Alyssa to vote for Brittany instead, so in quite the turn of events, he completely throws her under the bus during his speech, telling everyone how she's been leaking information and that, should he stay, he'll team with Alyssa and Taylor to get Monte and Turner out of the house. It's a good pitch, and his only chance, but Brittany is a different player than him. Brittany is loyal and isn't the kind of person who separates game and friendship, whereas Michael has no trouble separating the two, so Brittany ends up in tears.

In the end, none of that even matters. Michael is evicted, and now the prize at the end of the game is really up for grabs. 

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