S23 E9

Xavier has been lying a decent amount during his HOH week, and after he nominated Brent and Britini for eviction on Sunday, most of us were wondering if all of this deceitful gameplay would catch up to him, or if he was actually playing things rather shrewdly. Brent is his target for eviction, but during his nomination speech, he says that Brent is a pawn and that Britini is the true target. Would Brent buy this? Would it matter?

Early in the episode, Brent seems to see right through Xavier's lies. He's convinced he's the target, and he's telling everyone, including Xavier. It's hilarious watching him go around the house telling everyone that he's smarter than he looks (at least that's what I think he means when he keeps repeating the nonsensical phrase "Xavier thinks my body perceives my intelligence") and that he knows he's the target, all while falsely assuming he's made a bunch of loyal connections in this game and he won't go home.

The truth is, Brent is annoying everyone. He's egotistical, rude, and even his own teammates are ready to see him leave. And yet, Brent doesn't see it. He thinks nearly everyone in the house would vote to keep him. What's confusing is that if Brent really believed all that, why is he so upset about being a pawn? If he thinks that the house is on his side, then wouldn't that mean Xavier is being truthful in saying he's targeting Britini? I think that Brent, more than anything, is upset at the idea of being a pawn rather than actually thinking he's in danger. He's so full of himself that he can't even imagine not being a target.

Which brings us to the veto competition. Alongside HOH Xavier and the nominees Britini and Brent, Whitney, Derek F, and Christian are playing. Here's the breakdown when it comes to who'd use the veto and how: Derek F would take Britini off the block, Brent thinks his teammate Whitney would use it on him (she wouldn't, and she really wants to win just so she can see the look on his face when she betrays him), and Christian wouldn't use the veto because he's on board with Xavier's plan to get rid of Brent.

It's a dizzying competition, with players spinning around multiple times in order to unlock a bowling lane where they then have to knock down 3 numbers while stumbling around and trying not to puke from all the spinning. Brent is particularly prone to getting dizzy, and he's all over the place during the challenge. Quickly, both Brent and Britini are eliminated from the challenge, and when Derek F loses to Christian, there's really no more hope for either Brent or Britini coming off the block. Christian ends up winning the veto, and Xavier couldn't be more thrilled. Now, he believes, the nominations will stay the same, and he doesn't have to do any more dirty work.

Even though this is all looking pretty straightforward, it's still fun to watch because Brent is absolutely clueless and also completely sure he knows what's going on. He's so confident he has the numbers that he actually goes to Kyland and Derek X, asks them to talk to Xavier and Christian about not using the veto, and says that they should fake a story about "Brent being annoying" so that they can blindside Britini. In other words, he's laying out exactly what they're all planning to do, except the part where Britini goes home instead of him. "I can't wait to see the look on Xavier's face," says Brent. This is going to be a very clean vote this week, there's no doubt in my mind, but boy am I excited to see Brent react to it on live TV.

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