By Kyle Fowle
July 21, 2021 at 10:17 PM EDT
S23 E6

Let the Frenchie chaos continue on Big Brother! Sure, he's on the block, and he should maybe be trying to make friends and repair some of his relationships, but no, he's out here making waves and blowing up everyone's alliances, creating as much havoc as he possibly can. I have to say, it might not be a smart strategy, but it sure makes for entertaining television.

The episode begins right after Kyland's nominations, where he's put Frenchie and Britini on the block. Frenchie, as he's wont to do, goes nuclear after getting the news. He starts puffing his chest and telling everybody that "y'all are scared because I am this house," and running around to every room and threatening to blow up people's games. Like, this is exactly the behavior that got him on the block in the first place. Everyone, including his alliance members, is sick of his erratic nature.

Then, there's Britini's reaction, and I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here. She's very, very upset, crying in Azah's arms and lamenting the fact that she's on the block because she doesn't "deserve" to be there and "didn't do anything wrong." This is a common sentiment among players the last few seasons, and I'm so sick of it. When did the contestants start forgetting that this is a game with strategy and that worrying about how everyone's going to feel about your moves is a terrible way to play the game. I certainly don't want toxic or abusive behavior in the house, but it's maddening that so many modern-day Big Brother players get so emotional about game moves. Take it in stride, move on, and play the game!

Anyways, this episode is once again mostly the Frenchie show. He's in one room telling Britini that if he wins the veto he'll use it to save her instead of himself. He's in another room telling everyone about who's in his Slaughterhouse alliance (he keeps Derek F off the list because of their Final 2 agreement). He's once again promising everything to everyone, and not a single player is buying much of what he's saying. A few players keep the Slaughterhouse knowledge in mind, but very few people trust Frenchie right now.

That brings us to the veto competition, which includes the HOH Kyland, the two nominees Britini and Frenchie, and then Derek X, Alyssa, and Claire. The challenge involves running around with a tiny bucket trying to catch suntan oil shooting out of giant bottles and then pouring what you get into a glass that raises a whistle to the top. Whoever retrieves the whistle in the fastest time wins the power of veto. Everyone except Alyssa does pretty well, but it's Derek X, for the second straight week, winning veto. He's building a nice résumé early in the game and making smart decisions too.

Last week, Derek X used the veto to take Kyland, this week's HOH, off the block. They have a tight bond, so you have to think this week he'll do whatever Kyland wants. Frenchie, for his part, really thought he had the veto won. He was absolutely certain. Now, as reality sets in, he's getting emotional. He knows he's going home and there's not much he can do about it. (Side note: If he's so upset about going home, can we guess he wouldn't have used the veto on Britini?).

Frenchie is truly down and out. He's basically talking about quitting, saying he's at the point where he'd be happy to go home and hug his kids. But his teammates, Azah, Britini, and especially Derek F, refuse to let him give up. They give him a pep talk and tell him to keep fighting. So, he gives up on his pity party and approaches Kyland and Derek X. He offers them his loyalty throughout the rest of the game, and points out that in any week he'd be a target before them.

It's a solid enough argument, but at this point it'd be pretty silly for Derek X and Kyland to align with Frenchie when the rest of the house is sick of him, and there's really no reason to make a simple eviction week more complicated. After Frenchie's hectic HOH week, the house could use a little stability. So Derek X doesn't use the veto, and it looks like Frenchie will be going home on Thursday.

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