By Kyle Fowle
July 18, 2021 at 09:45 PM EDT
S23 E5

The biggest question heading into the second week of Big Brother is whether or not Frenchie's chaotic, intense gameplay during his HOH week would instantly make him a target once he didn't have any protection. Last week, Kyland became the newest HOH, and now he's trying to decide who to put on the block. It's a lot of pressure, but he's definitely feeling good holding so much power after he was briefly on the block last week.

At the top of the episode, everyone is trying to figure out the way last week's votes panned out. Everyone believed Travis would go home with a unanimous vote, but in reality, two votes were cast for Alyssa. Big D cast what he calls a "joke vote" for Alyssa, saying it's ridiculous that anyone is worked up about the two rogue votes. Um, dude, have you never seen this show? People are making alliances from the jump and anyone breaking away from that is always a problem. You can't just throw out random votes for fun! I mean, you can, but of course, it'll get people talking.

The second vote is more interesting. It turns out that Frenchie asked Tiffany to throw a vote to Alyssa in an attempt to get people thinking that Derek X was the one who did it. She agrees to do it for two reasons: 1. He kept her safe all week, and 2. She knows he can't help but gossip and run his mouth, so she's prepared to catch him in a lie at some point. I love Tiffany so far. She's thinking ahead, she's seeing things clearly, and she's even creating fake crying sessions with Azah so that they can share information. It's beautiful to watch.

Anyways, guess what? If you thought Frenchie's game was going to cool off now that he's not HOH, you'd be dead wrong. When this week's Wild Card Competition comes around, Frenchie starts to truly come unhinged. He's adamant that he must play because he thinks he's a target this week (wonder why that might be, Frenchie?). That's fine, nothing wrong with being worried about your place in the game and trying to stay safe. But Frenchie goes absolutely nuclear. He starts telling his alliance members, openly and in front of everyone, that "he's out" and that he knows what's going on, and that he's "not stupid." He's running around the house fuming at everybody. Whitney tries to calm him down, but he's unraveling. Everyone in the house is one edge because he's on edge, and that's only making him more of a target. He even goes so far as to suggest that Brent throw the Wild Card Competition so that Frenchie can win and stay safe. Absolutely ridiculous gameplay.

The Wild Card Competition is a difficult one; it's all based on memory. Frenchie and Brent struggle, while third competitor Sarah Beth, the forensic scientist, is incredibly sharp and quick. She coasts to an easy win. But the power of safety comes at a cost. If she wants to stay safe, she must permanently trade places with someone on Kyland's team. In other words, the HOH's team is safe, and Sarah Beth can also be safe if she joins that team. But that means removing Tiffany or Claire from safety and perhaps jeopardizing future relationships. It's a tough call, but Sarah Beth is feeling pretty safe with Kyland as HOH, and she's not ready to ruffle any feathers, so she passes up safety this week and keeps Kyland's team intact.

That brings us to Kyland's nominations. He meets with everyone in his HOH room, and there's a common theme: they're all sick of Frenchie. He's playing too hard, he's too unpredictable, and just about everyone wants him gone. Everyone except Britini that is. That's because Frenchie is her teammate, so she tries to sway Kyland's thought process, talking about how Christian and Alyssa are clearly very close and could be dangerous. Unfortunately for Britini, this puts a target on her back. Kyland can tell that she's loyal to her team above all else, and he's worried that if she's not on the block, she could end up winning the veto, and therefore pull Frenchie off the block and ruin his whole plan. So, Kyland nominates Frenchie and Britini, with Frenchie as the clear target. We'll see if this week's veto ends up ruining a plan that, for now, should be pretty simple to execute.

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