Kyland is worried. He feels like he's played a strong game all season, but now he's sitting on the block next to Azah and he's not so sure about his safety. Sure, he has deals with both Xavier and Big D, but that isn't making him feel very comfortable. And why should it? Anything can happen this late in the game.

As we at home all know, Kyland is very much in danger of not making it to the Final 3. Xavier wants him sent to jury because he's the biggest threat to him winning the game. The problem is, while Xavier is HOH and holds the veto, he cannot cast a vote this week. The only person, as of now, who can do that is Big D. He's the one who decides who gets sent to jury and who makes the Final 3.

The thing is, Big D is suddenly very uncertain about sending Kyland home. He hasn't been getting along with Azah, and he's coming to a breaking point. He's openly having conversations with her about how he carried her to this point in the season and how she doesn't appreciate it. And then he's surprised that she's upset by that! I mean, c'mon dude, you can't claim responsibility for someone else's game, especially when you're Big D, a guy who, at least from what we've seen, hasn't been playing all that hard either. Because of this, Xavier starts to contemplate another idea. He could use the veto to pull Azah off the block, giving her the sole vote for eviction knowing that she would 100 percent vote Kyland out.

Before we get to the live veto ceremony and the vote, we check in with the Jury House, where Tiffany arrives as the first member of the Cookout to be evicted from the game. She runs down the whole week and her eviction, and the main takeaway from everyone in the house is that Kyland made a big mistake not getting Xavier out instead of her. I get that line of thinking, but at the same time, Tiffany was running things all season long and was absolutely a threat to win the whole thing. In fact, the jury house realizes this when Tiffany lays out the entire plan of getting the Cookout to the Final Six, including her "master plan" to have every Cookout member get close to one other disposable player in the house.

Then, because of the double eviction, Hannah comes to the jury house and everyone watches the next vote unfold. They're all shocked that Hannah got sent to the jury house and that Azah didn't target Xavier or Kyland. While most of the jury house seems to give her a break, Sarah Beth is spot on and ruthless with her analysis. She says she's not impressed at all with Azah's game, and that she "completely fumbled the ball" during this double eviction. She's right! Azah could still win this game if she wins the final HOH and takes Big D to the end, but she had an opportunity to really set herself up for success and she blew it.

All right, that brings us to the veto and the eviction, and folks, things get messy. Xavier doesn't use the veto, giving Big D the sole vote to evict. Big D sticks to his deal with Xavier and votes out Kyland, who he and Xavier believe is a bigger threat than Azah to win. Kyland is absolutely stunned by this, and rather than doing what everyone else does and leave the house in silent anger, he starts asking questions. He wants an explanation. When he's not satisfied by Big D's answer about him being a threat and Xavier saying "it's just the game," he starts to go in on Xavier, and things get very, very awkward. Kyland is so furious that he brings up Xavier's nephew and questions how Xavier could be a role model to him when he refused to take on the challenge of beating Kyland in the Final 2. Just as a reminder, Xavier's brother died not all that long ago, leaving behind a son. Xavier has stated he's playing this game to set an example for his nephew and also to win money to put aside for the young man's future. So, of course, Kyland using Xavier's nephew as some sort of attack is more than shady and definitely crossed the line.

Still, it was great drama! Easily one of the messiest evictions I've ever seen. But now we're down to the Final 3 of Xavier, Big D, and Azah. Soon they'll compete in the final HOH, where the winner will determine who they take to the end. Only a few more episodes until Big Brother crowns its first-ever African American winner, and we'll find out if Big D or Azah can possibly beat Xavier, the clear frontrunner to win the whole thing.

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