Absolutely nothing matters but the veto this week. Whoever wins the veto holds a lot of power over the nominations, giving them the ability to determine what not only happens this week but also the rest of the game. There's tension, and there's a lot of talk about Final 3 deals, so let's get to it.

In the aftermath of Xavier's nominations, Azah is having some regrets. She regrets how she played her HOH during the rushed double eviction, and she regrets trusting Big D when it's clear he's working with the guys in the house. She tries to talk to him about it, and he lays out how he's had separate Final 2 agreements with both Kyland and Xavier since early this season, and all Azah can do is point out that that's basically a Final 3 deal and she feels betrayed.

She's not the only one, though. Big D isn't feeling all that comfortable in his Final 2 deal with Kyland. Big D has been asking Kyland about his loyalty and not getting a straight answer, and it's causing a lot of tension. Not only does Big D feel like Kyland isn't fully committing to taking him to the end (Kyland keeps saying he's focused on the Final 3 right now, not the Final 2) but Kyland also thinks Big D's uncertainty is disrespectful at this point. He feels he's sacrificed enough to earn his trust. That said, both guys also have a Final 2 with Xavier, and Big D is close with Azah, so neither guy can claim the moral high ground here.

Still, that bit of drama with Kyland leads to some interesting thoughts. Xavier has been pretty focused on getting Azah out and bringing Big D and Kyland to the Final 3 with him, but he's starting to have his doubts. Azah plays the "I'm not as big a threat" card to convince him that she should go with him to the end, and Xavier certainly hears the argument. He talks to Big D about it, trying to get him used to the idea of maybe voting Kyland out should Xavier win veto and therefore leave Big D as the lone vote for the week. Considering what's been happening between Kyland and Big D, Kyland could absolutely be on the wrong side of that vote.

Well, that brings us to the most important veto competition of the season, and the players must balance on a beam and transfer bouncy balls with numbers on them to a receptacle on the other side. After every round, the slowest competitor gets a strike. Two strikes and you're out, and the last person standing gains important control over this week's eviction vote.

To add to the drama of the episode, Kyland is the first one eliminated. He goes a little too hard and ends up having to start over a number of times, while the other players are pretty composed. That leaves the door open for anyone else to get Kyland sent to the jury house this week, should that be their plan.

The competition gets real when Big D and Xavier come through with a win and give Azah her first strike. Since she's the other potential target, she needs the win, and Xavier still doesn't have a strike against him. Sure enough, Azah ends up dropping her balls too many times, and Big D and Xavier end up in the final round, with Big D carrying one strike against Xavier's clean sheet. And, as I've said in so many recent recaps, Xavier is a challenge beast who waited until now to truly run the game, and he wins veto and gains full control of who makes it to the Final 3.

So all that's left to consider is who Xavier thinks he should bring to the Final 3, who he thinks he can beat in the end, and if he can convince Big D to vote the way he wants him to. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Thursday to find out for sure, but for now, it looks like Xavier might be taking his shot at Kyland if Big D is down for it. We'll find out very soon!