Last Thursday's episode was a frantic one, as a double eviction secured a Final Six-spot for every member of the Cookout. First, Claire was evicted from the house, then, when Hannah won the next HOH, the alliance promptly came together to get Alyssa out of the game. It was a historic night and the end of a beautifully executed plan, but now all that's left is the Cookout. There are no more "easy" votes. It's time for the Cookout to disband and worry about their individual games.

We pick up with a little bit of a flashback to last week's final vote. This is to tune us into Kyland's mindset and set up the potential friction this week. Basically, Hannah approaches Kyland about going up on the block next to Alyssa, and he's not too happy about it. He sees that Tiffany and Azah haven't been on the block at all and doesn't understand why one of them can't take one for the team. Hannah tries to explain that she wants to keep the Cookout a secret and that nominating Kyland would do that, but he's not seeing the logic. He thinks Alyssa is about to find out about the Cookout anyways, so why is everyone trying to take her feelings into account?

Honestly, I get where he's coming from. He saw some of his alliance members prioritizing jury management over anything else, and that rubbed him the wrong way. Keeping the Cookout a secret earlier in the game? Makes sense! Worrying about what one final nomination might reveal even though you know how the vote is going to go? I can see how that would be frustrating to Kyland.

Once that all gets dealt with, the alliance starts breaking off as individuals consider their games. Tiffany does her best to make amends with Kyland about the nomination by sharing how she told Hannah she disagreed with the plan and even tries to smooth talk Xavier, telling him that they're the two biggest threats in the game and they should have each other's backs. She's not wrong, but she's also absolutely targeting Xavier if she wins HOH. Elsewhere, Kyland, Tiffany, and Hannah make a Final Three agreement, but of course, these deals are happening all over the house, so their solidity is very much in question.

That brings us to the HOH competition, the most important one of the season so far, and it's a fascinating challenge. The players must navigate an egg through an obstacle course by putting their fingers through small holes in chicken wire, and then roll that same egg along a balance maze in order to knock off a lever at the end. The first to knock down three levers becomes the new HOH.

It's a heated competition. Big D is very composed, taking things slow and steady, and he jumps out to an early lead. Then Xavier starts catching up, and Kyland is right there too. Before long, Kyland has figured out a new strategy, where he bypasses a lot of the obstacles by dropping his egg between the chicken wire rather than slowly working it up and down in small increments. He ends up taking the lead, and despite his best attempts to allow Big D to catch up and get the win (he feels more than safe with Big D winning HOH), Kyland wins his third HOH of the season.

Now, for the tough part. Big D is not only worried that he could be a target, but he's also considering that even if Kyland doesn't put him on the block he's not winning enough competitions to make a real run in this game. Kyland assures him he's not a target, and then in a conversation with Xavier, with whom he's recently solidified a Final Two agreement, mentions that Tiffany has to be the target and that Hannah should go up next to her.

Eventually though, Tiffany sits down with him, and we all know she's very persuasive. She lays out how Xavier is the biggest threat in the game and that if he makes it to the end, he wins the game. She says she'd rather battle it out with Kyland than have either of them lose to Xavier. It's a smart pitch, but of course she's also played an amazing game and could easily pull off a win. Either way, Kyland has a very difficult decision to make, and it'll draw some lines in the sand.

After much consideration, Kyland sticks to his deal with Xavier. He puts Tiffany and Hannah on the block, and he's ready to send Tiffany home because he doesn't feel safe with her in the game. I don't think there was an easy answer here. I think Kyland, Tiffany, and Xavier are the easy frontrunners to win the game right now, so with Kyland as HOH, he was bound to leave at least one threat in the house. Still, there's a veto competition to play, so let's see how this week plays out!

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