As much as I love the Cookout and think they're playing a fantastic game, we're getting toward that point in the season where the votes are becoming predictable one week after another. Don't get me wrong, it's still satisfying to see a well-drawn plan play out, but we're overdue for a few moments of the Cookout being under pressure.

Those days are definitely coming soon. With the numbers dwindling, it's becoming easier for people to sniff out strong alliances. While sitting outside with Xavier and Claire, Alyssa points out that if Sarah Beth goes home this week, Claire is the only white person left in the house. They all have a laugh about it, and Claire jokingly says, "maybe there's an alliance in the house I don't know about," but obviously, people are starting to suspect the Cookout to a certain extent.

Surprisingly enough, most of this week's drama isn't related to the game. Rather, a series of events leads to a lot of chaos in the house. When Big D and Hannah are hanging out on the hammock together, chatting with Tiffany, a beetle starts flying near them. Big D has absolutely no chill, and once it gets close, he scrambles and jumps off the hammock, slingshotting Hannah to the ground where she promptly smacks her head on some solid wood.

This just happens to go down at the same time a few houseguests are cooking dinner. With Hannah needing ice on her head and everyone worrying about how she's doing, some food gets left in the oven. When Claire eventually opens the oven door, it's all flames and smoke. Luckily, Azah acts quickly, gets the fire extinguisher, and deals with it while everyone outside comes back in to assess the mess.

What a wonderful bit of foreshadowing because things are getting hot within the Cookout (yeah, I nailed that). With very few non-alliance members left to vote out, the Cookout members are starting to think ahead about how they'll align inter-alliance and who might get voted out first when it's down to just the six of them. Xavier is considering a few Final Three deals: a "guys alliance" with Kyland and Big D, or perhaps something with Tiffany or Hannah, with whom he's worked more closely this season. Meanwhile, Tiffany wants to target Big D right away and says so to Kyland. Then she talks about getting Xavier out next because he's the biggest threat to win the game. It'll be interesting to see how it actually plays out.

Before the eviction vote, we check in with the jury house, where Britini is very surprised to see Derek X. Together, they watch the previous week's highlights to see how everything played out. It's clear that with some distance, Derek X is even more upset about not playing a better, more secure short-term game. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but he more clearly sees how he got greedy and it cost him. Also, after talking with Britini a bit, he manages to figure out some of the Cookout. He sees it as four people working together, and he figures out that they all have a second non-alliance ally to sit next to during evictions. He's smart, and he can't help but respect the gameplay.

That brings us to the vote. As I hinted at above, this is a straightforward, predictable vote. With the exception of Tiffany throwing a sympathy vote towards Kyland, everyone votes to evict Sarah Beth. On her way out she tells Julie that she was evicted because she was seen as a threat and that Kyland was maybe more of an isolated player who people could use, so when she finds out (most) of the truth from Kyland's goodbye video, much like Derek X, she's shocked but also respects the gameplay.

That's it for this live eviction episode. A new HOH competition is underway, and it's the usual endurance competition with the players hanging from a rope, banging into things, and getting sprayed by water and goo. We'll see how it all plays out soon enough, and if the Cookout should be worried heading into next week.

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