Sunday's episode of Big Brother saw the final power in the High Rollers Room be used, as Claire won the secret competition and became the new, anonymous HOH, dethroning Tiffany. With that said, Claire considers Tiffany to be her closest ally in the house, so even though she would remain anonymous and could put anyone up for eviction, she chooses to keep Tiffany's nominations, Kyland and Sarah Beth, on the block.

I'm mentioning all of this because there's a moment at the beginning of this episode that just absolutely cracks me up. Claire is getting ready to take over the HOH room, watching Tiffany pack her stuff along with Hannah. When they start talking strategy, with Tiffany saying that she'll insinuate to the other players that she won the secret HOH and that's why nominations are the same, Claire gets a little miffed. In the Diary Room, she says she's not getting "the full advantage" of the HOH (well, yeah, you took over the HOH anonymously through a secret power!) and that she doesn't want this week to be seen "as just Tiffany's move." Claire, you kept Tiffany's nominations the same! You're an anonymous HOH! This is how it goes when you don't make a move and follow someone else's plan!

Before we get to the veto competition, let's check in with Sarah Beth. She's pretty emotional about being on the block, especially with her best friend Kyland sitting next to her. For her, someone who's so analytical and strategic, she's frustrated by what she thinks is an illogical move, and she feels isolated from what's actually happening in the house. She doesn't understand how Tiffany and a secret HOH could nominate her and Kyland when bigger targets are in the house. Kyland hates seeing her struggle, especially since he's keeping the true dynamic of the house (The Cookout) a secret from her.

As the veto competition grows closer, things get interesting. After all, a veto competition where the secret HOH would have to put up a new nominee — and where Xavier is already a third nominee because of his punishment — really shakes things up more than usual. Claire has to start thinking about one of the nominations being pulled down and who she'd pick as a replacement or what she'd do if she won the veto. She could make some big moves if she wanted, but I'm not sure she has it in her.

The veto competition is one we've seen plenty of times, where the players must arrange photos in chronological order based on various clues they see in the pictures. Kyland sets a good pace right off the bat, while a few others struggle. Bottom line, this all comes down to whether Claire or Sarah Beth wins the veto. Claire doesn't do so well, but Sarah Beth flies through with a great time. Unfortunately for her, she comes up 23 seconds short, losing out to Hannah. Claire laments losing because she says she was contemplating a different move than Tiffany, which I don't believe for a single second.

Hannah talks about maybe using the veto to pull Xavier off the block since he doesn't really deserve to be there and because he's a member of The Cookout. Nobody would really question that, and Sarah Beth would remain the target. But then Kyland spends a bit of time exploring the veto being used on him, specifically asking Claire and Hannah about their ideas for the veto, and that rubs some of his alliance the wrong way, with Tiffany seeing that he's perhaps trying to save Sarah Beth and not stick to The Cookout's plan. He tells Hannah that he wants to come off the block just to give Sarah Beth a sympathy vote to make her exit out of the house a little better, but Hannah's not buying that.

The thing is, I kind of believe Kyland. He's just clueless and sweet enough that he'd think this is a nice, innocent plan and not something that would make his alliance members wary of his motivations. To be fair, I don't think Kyland is the most liked member of The Cookout anyways. He's liked personally, but I think there are tighter bonds within that alliance that will go further when it's time to start turning on each other. Anyways, there's no way Hannah is changing things here, so she pulls Xavier off the block, and it's all but guaranteed that Sarah Beth is heading home on Thursday.

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