After a wild week of twists and turns, it's time for the live eviction, and one of the season's strongest competitors could be going home.

S23 E22

If we can home in on a pattern from this season of Big Brother, one that's been of note is that when the stereotypical big threats have hit the block, they're getting sent home without question. That's been a nice change of pace from recent seasons, where many players would be too scared to pull the trigger, allowing those big threats to coast to the end of the game.

This week has been a little more complicated. When Xavier used his veto, which allowed Sarah Beth to execute her backdoor plan and put Derek X, the consensus biggest threat in the house, on the block, everything looked simple. But at this point in the game people are starting to think more for themselves, and for some, Derek X going home isn't as simple a vote for eviction as, say, Christian was a few weeks ago.

Obviously we know that Derek X's biggest ally within the controlling alliance, the Cookout, is Tiffany. She's very open about wanting to keep him in the house with her alliance members — she's actually particularly prickly about it, even when Kyland and Xavier are just trying to rationally discuss options — but she doesn't think she can really sway them. So she goes to Derek X to help him with his pitch. She basically crafts his whole angle for him, telling him to go to Azah and talk about how he can help shift the power imbalance in the house, that if he's still around he'll be an easy target for Alyssa and Sarah Beth to go after, meaning Azah and her allies get longer in the game.

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He makes the same pitch during the live eviction speeches, and it's pretty compelling. He's basically calling Sarah Beth the biggest threat in the house, and asking to be used as a weapon against her next week. It's an especially fascinating pitch when you consider that Xavier, one of the main Cookout members who was adamant about taking this shot at Derek X, must spend the final 24 hours before live eviction secluded in the Have-Not room, a punishment he inherited as part of winning the veto. Without Xavier around, could this pitch really work?

I do really think that some members of the Cookout were seriously thinking about keeping Derek X around, but when it finally came down to it, this was the week to take the shot against someone who's been winning a ton of challenges and has proven that he's ready to make big moves. Kyland and Hannah, Derek X's best friends in the house, throw him sympathy votes, but everyone else votes to send him out of the house.

In the end, he only has himself to blame for his eviction. He had the opportunity to keep himself safe this week, but like he says in his exit interview, he was thinking about the long-term game without really realizing that he was in danger in the short term. "No risk, no reward," he says, "but I took too much risk." Now he's the second person to join the jury.

With Sarah Beth on the way out as HOH, it's time to crown someone new. The houseguests get a chance to watch a bunch of NFTs and memorize details about them. Then they must answer true-or-false questions about those NFTs. Get one wrong and you're out, and the last person standing wins. It's with great pleasure that I can announce that Tiffany gets the job done and wins this week's veto. She's been a power player all season long, and I'm stoked to see her get a challenge win under her belt. Now, the Coin of Destiny is still in play and could ruin her HOH, but I'm definitely excited to see how this all plays out and what it means for the Cookout in general. They're looking very solid right now, but at some point they'll have to turn on each other. Could this week expose some cracks in the alliance?

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