S23 E19

Kyland's HOH has made for an interesting week on Big Brother. He didn't seem all that eager to win HOH, but his nominations were set pretty quick once he did. With his Cookout alliance members obviously not an option, he decided to go after Claire, while his ally Big D offered to be a pawn on the block. But then the High Rollers Room was introduced, which brought a second veto into play this week. After the veto competition, Kyland and Alyssa held the Power of Veto, meaning things could change quickly.

Funnily enough, as the episode kicks off, it's Kyland who ends up changing his mind. He uses his veto to take Claire, his original target, off the block and put Britini in that spot. He thinks she's more of a threat despite Claire mentioning that she'd target some of Kyland's allies. She also believes he has the votes to send her home. Alyssa, respecting Kyland's nominations, chooses to abstain from using her own veto.

Things are really starting to get interesting here, especially as the numbers dwindle. Britini has another breakdown about being on the block (I do have some sympathy for her because she's been on the block four out of six weeks, and that's pretty relentless, but at the same time, this is the game, and she hasn't really built any meaningful alliances to secure a position for herself), and then the players get talking.

Claire and Derek X start to float the idea of sending Big D home, talking to Tiffany and Hannah about it. They make a good case, saying that if they keep Britini she'll be not only incredibly loyal to them, but she'll also be around to take shots at Kyland and Xavier later in the game, something the others might be hesitant to do. As Derek X aptly puts it, she could be "both a shield and a weapon."

Tiffany and Hannah have no interest in this, though, which puts a target on Derek X and Claire's backs. The Cookout senses that it won't be long before someone discovers their alliance, and Derek X tells Tiffany that this is maybe the first time no white male has made it to jury, so they're eager to start picking off the threats to their power. Kyland and Xavier even go so far as to try to convince Derek X to throw the next HOH competition as a way to keep the heat off of him, though what they really want is to target him. It's so nice to see people actually playing the game this season!

When people are really thinking ahead to the next week, that usually means the vote is pretty simple. Sure enough, Britini goes home by a vote of 7-1, with her best bud Azah throwing a sympathy vote towards Big D to save Britini from a unanimous decision. During her exit interview with Julie, Britini talks about seeing this as a compliment, that she had a unique underdog story and could beat anyone in that house in the Final Two. I understand from a personal standpoint why she'd think that way, and I certainly don't blame her, but I do wonder how she'll start to think about the remaining players as more people enter the jury house and she perhaps learns about The Cookout. She says people are "playing scared" right now, which isn't a good read on the house dynamic. But it is a ringing endorsement of how well The Cookout is playing right now, not really tipping their hand even this late in the game.

Alright, with the vote done, it's on to the challenge to crown this week's HOH. The contestants must race across a series of balance beams, all varying in thickness, and hit a button at the end. If they fall off, they must go back to the beginning and start over. Whoever finishes with the fastest time becomes the new HOH. Claire goes first and sets a solid pace with 34 seconds. Alyssa almost beats her by a good 7 seconds, but she falls off right at the end before she presses the button. That leaves the door open for The Cookout alliance to stay in power, but none of them perform very well. Instead, it's Sarah Beth who absolutely flies through the course and wins the HOH with a stellar 21-second score.

This should make for a very interesting week. Sarah Beth has her allies in the house, namely Kyland, but she's not part of The Cookout. I'm very curious to see who she considers a threat. In previous weeks, she's mentioned Hannah as a threat in this game. Could she go after the blooming romance of Hannah and Derek X? Maybe! This should be a fun week.

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