Picking up after Christian's nomination ceremony, this week's episode sees the two nominees, Hannah and Whitney, navigating the house in an attempt to understand what everyone is thinking. Hannah, for the most part, feels safe. Christian talks to her right away and assures her that she's the pawn and that Whitney will be voted out, but Hannah also knows that things can change quickly. She's going to lay low a bit, but she's also going to make a play for the veto to guarantee her safety.

Whitney is a little more flustered, not necessarily because she thinks she's the main target but simply because she's on the block. Much like Britini previously, she's just upset that she's even been nominated because she thought she was friends with everybody. Much like I said when Britini had a meltdown about being on the block, I understand being a little upset because, sure, you could go home and that sucks, but why is anyone surprised this early in the game? No one should really be blindsided right now because the game is still taking shape, which means anyone could be a target. Plus, Whitney has barely managed to secure a part in any alliances. I guess she thought she could just be nice to people and that would be enough?

Anyways, after we watch Christian do some truly impressive backflip burpees, we're back to everyone talking about this week's nominations. Azah has her own reasons for wanting Whitney out, and she admits that those reasons are petty. As she says, "she feels like she's in middle school" because she has a crush on Xavier and she's upset by how much Whitney flirts with him. She tells Xavier this, and it's super cute. They don't have a showmance going or anything, but they just seem like good friends who can be honest with each other and flirt and see what maybe happens outside the house.

As for Azah's gameplay, she wants the nominations to stay the same so that no Jokers get put on the block. Meanwhile, Derek X desperately wants to play in the veto so that he can pull Hannah off the block. He's also close with Whitney, and on the same team, and would love for her to stick around too, but the fact is that he's closer to Hannah, and if he won he'd keep her around.

That brings us to the veto competition, where Claire, Derek X, and Azah play alongside HOH Christian and the two nominees, Hannah and Whitney. Normally the choices for the veto don't stir up too much trouble, but when Hannah chooses Derek X to play with her "Houseguest's Choice," Whitney mentions in the Diary Room that she feels "betrayed" because if he wins, he'd save Hannah. Umm, so was Hannah supposed to pick someone who wouldn't save her? Whitney has all sorts of hurt feelings right now. Also, Sarah Beth spends a lot of time whining about how she's not playing in any veto competitions, and that leads Tiffany to talk to Azah about how she's sick of Sarah Beth's attitude and gameplay and warns Hannah that Sarah Beth has mentioned her name as a target multiple times.

The veto competition is a good one, a test of endurance and strategy. The contestants must roll a volleyball along a tube, get it over a hump, and then run to catch it on the other side of the tube. The first to do this 100 times in a row without the ball falling (which resets their score to zero) wins the power of veto. While Azah sticks around in the competition for a while, and Hannah has an admirable effort, it comes down to Christian and Derek X. It's real close, and only comes down to a few throws, but Christian, the current HOH, wins the veto. That means the nominations probably stay the same. I do have a question though: when do people start to target Christian? He is winning a lot of competitions, and that only gets more dangerous as the game goes on.

Everything is looking simple with Whitney as the target, and then Derek X goes and puts his foot in his mouth. Some of the houseguests are sitting around talking about who's going to be Have Nots next week and eating slop, and he mentions that it'll only be him and Hannah from the Aces. In other words, he's saying his teammate Whitney is going home. She hears this, tells him that she could still be here and that what he said was hurtful, and that gives her all the reason she needs to start making waves in the house and pitch Christian on using the veto and targeting Derek X because he's a threat in the game.

Oh, Derek X. You're getting too far ahead of yourself. He's been playing a stellar game so far, but that one sentence suggests he's maybe a little too complacent and not careful about what he's saying in the house. Still, I'm not sure it'll cost him in the long run. Christian, despite Whitney's pleas, keeps the nominations the same, and I still think Whitney is the clear target and heading out the door this week.

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