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With Memphis keeping his block nominations the same after winning POV, the scramble is on in this episode of Big Brother. Either David or Nicole A. is going home, and it looks like neither one of them has a lot of people on their side. In fact, the theme of this week's eviction, and of the last few days of the live feeds, is both David and Nicole A. struggling to see who's actually on their side, and perhaps ruining their game in the process.

For instance, David is not revealing a lot to Da'Vonne in their conversations, and actively telling her to "calm down" about her intentions to keep him in the house. Amazingly, Nicole A. is doing the same thing with her allies! Across a few days on the live feeds she's basically been melting down and trying to distance herself from Janelle and Kaysar because apparently the rest of the house thinks they're shady and Nicole A. is listening to the very people who are trying to get her out. But both Janelle and Kaysar are truly trying to keep Nicole A. around! It's really maddening to watch both these players get in their heads too much; it's pure tunnel vision, both of them too paranoid to see things clearly.

That brings us to the vote, and to David and Nicole A.'s speeches to stay. David talks about the love he's been feeling from some people, and how he hopes he gets to stay in the house longer this time around. Nicole A. is more pointed, chastising Memphis for targeting her and David, and calling on her fellow players to wake up and make some moves. Again, there's some paranoia in there that's probably misdirected, but she's also not wrong to point out that power can cohere early in the game and that everyone needs to be aware of the pacts they're making. The problem, I think, is that she carried over a lot of anxiety from last season, where no one would listen to her about how Michie was controlling everything, and she projected it onto Memphis and this current season and it clouded her vision, leading to her demise.

The vote isn't close, and even Nicole A.'s allies see where everything is going. By a count of 10-2, Nicole A. is sent home. When Julie reveals the main alliance to her afterward (Cody, Tyler, Memphis, Christmas, Dani, and Nicole F.), she admits that she messed up and that Janelle wasn't with them, that she truly was trying to save her. Nicole seems genuinely emotional about how she played and ruined her own game. If she ever does come back again, hopefully it's with enough distance from this performance to understand how, despite Memphis' nonsense, she really has nobody else to blame for being evicted so early.

That brings us to the latest HOH competition, where all of us at home (I assume) are begging for someone who isn't in that main alliance to win. At least Memphis can't play this time around. Let's shake things up! The players gather around three bar-like counters where they have to slide mugs of fake beer and try to get them as close to the edge as possible. Each table is lined with numbers, and the farther along the table you get your mug without going over, the more points you get. You get one shot at each table, and you have to lock in a time in case of a tie.

Most of the performances are mediocre; a lot of players end up sliding one mug off the table, and as soon as you do that there's no competing with someone else's score. Enzo takes the lead with 8 for a while, until Ian rips through the challenge and scores 1o. He really seems to have it locked down, but then Tyler comes through with a 12! That means the Commission once again holds all the power, and if I had to guess, Janelle and Kaysar are headed back to the block, this time without any Safety Suite protection. Tyler is certainly wary of Memphis and his vision for the alliance, but I don't see any rocking of the boat happening just yet. Janelle and Kaysar are clearly on the outs, and they seem like easy targets for the HOH this week. We'll find out for sure on Sunday!

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