By Kyle Fowle
August 13, 2020 at 09:31 PM EDT
Big Brother
Credit: CBS
S22 E4

It's scramble time on Big Brother! After sitting back and apparently just letting the game pass them by, Keesha and Kevin have found themselves on the block. They've struggled to get any social game rolling, and now they're working from behind.

Typically there's some sort of agreed-upon direction for the vote within the house, but this time around everyone seems nervous to get things started. Every time someone is asked about who they're voting for, the answer is "I don't know, I'm waiting to see." But you can only wait so long, and if we're being honest the episode is edited to remove a lot of the strategic conversations taking place over the live streams, making it seem like there's more uncertainty than there is. Anyways, eventually the ball gets rolling. Memphis is eager to secure a Final Two with Cody, and he dubs their alliance the Commission (yawn). Memphis takes charge in expanding that alliance into a "second tier" of players they can toss down the line, and that includes Christmas, Tyler, Dani, and Nicole F. Meanwhile, Nicole A. and Kevin are securing a Final Two, and Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are looking to pair their Black Girl Magic alliance with Enzo and Cody for a Final Four.

So yeah, there's a lot of moving pieces here, and while it's fun watching the different side alliances take shape, with almost everyone making a pact with somebody in the house, you also get the sense that everyone is seriously overthinking this vote. It seems pretty clear that Kevin can be made an ally if he stays, and that Keesha isn't much of a threat and doesn't even seem interested in sticking around, so at some point all this back-and-forth feels like too much strategy too soon.

That said, there's one person not doing too much strategy too soon: Keesha. Janelle has to give her a pep talk, trying to get her to start campaigning for herself rather than sitting back and just accepting whatever happens, but Keesha doesn't seem to motivated. She can't even remember Tyler's name! If you've been keeping up with the live feeds, you know that Janelle wants to keep Keesha around as an ally, but that she's incredibly frustrated by Keesha's total lack of energy and enthusiasm for the game.

That lack of enthusiasm extends to the vote itself, as Keesha can barely muster any words for the rest of the players. It's just "Hey, this has been fun, I wish most of you good luck." What is that?! I get that she probably knew the numbers weren't on her side, but still, you have to fight! She didn't even bother to broaden her social game at all prior to the vote. I like Keesha enough, but she came out flat this time around. She seemed truly clueless about what was happening around her and decided to just check out of the game before it even got started. So it's no surprise that she becomes the first person evicted from the house, and the vote is unanimous. What's hilarious is that in her exit interview with Julie, she basically says she was a victim of no one really wanting to play the game just yet, that she couldn't get anyone to talk strategy. Clearly that isn't true! Alliances are popping up everywhere, but Keesha was sitting back and waiting for people to come to her. Huge mistake. So long, Keesha! That was a truly brutal performance!

That brings us to the next HOH competition. The less said about the actual game, the better, unless you really want to read a recap of Big Brother's typically horrifying attempts at comedy. Basically, the players have to watch a video of "Big Brother fans" and then answer questions about what they saw. After the first video and round of three questions, Kaysar, David, Enzo, Dani, Nicole F., and Christmas are all eliminated after answering incorrectly. Then we get a second cringeworthy video and another set of questions. Kevin, Ian, and Janelle get eliminated on the first question. It's looking like we're headed toward a brutal showdown. But then, out of nowhere, everyone except for Memphis gets the next question wrong.

So, for the first time in the entire history of his game, Memphis is HOH. If this episode is any indication, that means he and Cody still hold a lot of power and will be coordinating with the Commission to figure out who to target. Is Kevin a potential ally now? Will Nicole A. work her way in there too? Is anyone truly an outsider, and an easy target for the Commission, at this point? We'll be back Sunday to find out.

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