By Kyle Fowle
October 22, 2020 at 09:50 PM EDT
S22 E34

Cody has a pretty clear path to the finals at this point. He's dominated competitions, avoided the block all season, and now he has the power to determine who sits in the Final 3. All week long he's been pretty confident in his decision to send Christmas home because he has a Final 2 deal with both Nicole and Enzo. That's really all that matters to him, and he's not hearing a lot of arguments to the contrary. Early on in the episode, Enzo tries to make a subtle case for why Christmas should stay, which he wants to happen because he has a Final 2 deal with her. He mentions Nicole being tough to beat in challenges and that she might be able to convince the jury that a former winner making it to the end yet again is enough to reward her with another $500,000. It's a solid argument, but Cody isn't swayed.

Christmas isn't ready to just accept her lot as the latest evicted player though. When she overhears Enzo asking Nicole and Cody how they feel about their Final 3, she realizes that maybe he isn't fighting that hard for her to stay. In typical Christmas fashion, she takes that moment, which seems like a genuine slip-up from Enzo, and storms around the house, brooding and angry. Cody noted in the previous episode that as soon as her mood shifts the whole house has to walk on eggshells, and that's the case here again. She goes into her room, reads her bible, and talks to the cameras about how she's going to "bring her claws out" and fight to stay in the game.

So, she makes a pitch to Cody. She says that Nicole is in no way a guarantee to take him to the Final 2, that she's smart enough to see that Cody is the most dominant player this season and that she probably has a better chance of winning the game against Enzo. She promises to take Cody to the Final 2 if she wins the final HOH, which is all she can do at this point, and to be honest, Cody should be considering it. He knows it too. In the Diary Room, he mentions being in a similar spot to where he was during his previous season: he could bring along the person he's been loyal to since the beginning even though they're the bigger threat, or he could bring the person he doesn't want in the game anymore but that he has a better chance of winning against.

Before we get to Cody's decision, we check in with the Jury House. Pretty much everyone is surprised to see Memphis walking in because most people assumed he was in control of the game alongside Cody. Watching the recap of how he was evicted isn't very interesting, but we do get some conflict when the group is discussing who might deserve the final prize. Dani is particularly combative when making her points, and she spars with Kevin a bit after he tells her she interrupted David and that she should hear him out. And David is making some good points. He says that Enzo and Nicole have played similar games, laying low and then winning competitions at key times, but that people would be silly to think she can't win because nobody wants to reward a past winner.

Alright, let's get to the vote. There really isn't much to say here. Julie takes us live to the house, and Cody gets up in front of Christmas and Nicole and says that he's just trying to do what's best for his game, that this isn't personal, but that he's sending Christmas to the Jury House. It all makes sense when you consider how Cody has been playing. He's not about to ditch Nicole at this point (though if he wins the final HOH, I'm genuinely curious who he'll take to sit beside him in the end; no easy answers there) and Christmas is just an easy vote.

Christmas herself knew that this was happening too; she's not surprised at all to be doing an exit interview with Julie. She's been watching Nicole and Cody bond all season, and she figured that Enzo was planting seeds everywhere. It'll be interesting to see how the Final 2 plays out and how Memphis and Christmas specifically vote. I think both of them thought they had better deals in place to go further, and I'm curious if there's any resentment that could sway their votes one way or another.

No matter what happens, we've got one week left of what's been a rather disappointing season. At this point, I'm rooting for Enzo but I think Cody has played the best game, but we'll see how it all plays out across the HOH competitions and the live 2-hour finale next week!

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