By Kyle Fowle
October 21, 2020 at 09:38 PM EDT
S22 E33

As the headline states, this is the one week of the season where the veto wields more power than ever. Winning POV this week means that you get to be the only vote to send someone to the jury house. So Christmas or Nicole could win veto and pull themselves off the block, and go from near-eviction to being the one sending someone home. Or Cody could win and secure his current spot as the lone vote of the week, and can decide if he wants to go with Enzo's plan to get rid of Nicole or do what he wants and send Christmas home. Either way, the POV has never been more important, and Enzo is the only one who's truly safe right now.

At the top of the episode, directly after the nominations, Christmas is very emotional. She apparently feels blindsided by Enzo, which is strange because they never really had that strong of a relationship. Look, I don't want to shame anyone for feeling isolated in the house. It has to be tough to be away from your family for so long — as a parent myself, I can't fathom so much time away from my kid — and it'd be extra hard to sacrifice so much and then come up just short of the prize. But this is a game, and two out of three people have to be nominated. Unless you're super close to the HOH, you're probably going on the block!

Before we get to the POV competition, I guess we should check in with a surprise competition called Clash of Comics (I say "I guess" because it's painful to watch, but here we go). The superhero comic covers from the BB Comics competition are revived for this comp where each player must draft four "superheroes" for their team, and then compete against each other in a Mortal Kombat-style game. The last superhero standing wins their player $10,000. Here's the thing: there's no strategy or gameplay at all here. They draft their heroes and then just sit and watch a predetermined "battle" on the TV. So we stupidly get some of the same team's heroes competing against each other, which really underlines that this isn't a competition but a complete waste of time. We really don't need to recap anything here, but it should be said that this house is so uneventful right now that we're forced to watch 10 minutes of fake competition just to fill TV time. Anyways, Nicole wins the $10,000, and Christmas yet again gets emotional because she didn't choose Memphis' comic (which is the winner) and doesn't want him to feel like she betrayed him. I mean...what? Christmas is clearly having a rough week.

Anyways, with not much else going on, we get some time watching the houseguests just hanging around with each other, trying to pass the time before the POV. So we watch as Christmas waxes Cody and Enzo's eyebrows — unsurprisingly, Cody is a big baby about it — and in the night's best segment, we listen to Enzo narrate as he watches Cody and Christmas in the kitchen. He's analyzing their composure before the POV, and he sees Christmas "relaxed, getting her protein, her coffee" and Cody "all tense, and his pants are too tight." Enzo is great at just riffing and he really lightens up this otherwise boring season, so I'll take any extended Enzo segments I can get.

But, as I said, this episode is all about the POV. This competition sees the players trying to remember when certain events happened during the season, and locking in an answer using a giant hamster wheel. The last person to lock in the correct answer in each round receives a strike. Three strikes and you're out, and the competition continues until there's only one player left standing. It's a fun little competition, both physically and mentally demanding.

It's a good thing that Enzo is safe this week because he's eliminated first. Christmas is knocked out next, meaning she's definitely staying on the block. That leaves Nicole and Cody, who each have one strike against them. It's a real close call in the end, but Nicole overshoots her final number, and that gives Cody the opening he needs. He snags the win, ends up with POV, and now he has a decision to make for Thursday. Does he send Nicole, the former winner but also his ally, home because that's what Enzo wants and because she's a threat? Or does he stick to his gut and send Christmas to the jury house? We'll find out soon!

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