By Kyle Fowle
October 14, 2020 at 09:43 PM EDT
S22 E30

At this point in the game, there are only so many permutations of challenge winners and nominees. With only five players left in the house, strategy is less important than simply winning competitions. Everyone is locked in with who they want to go to the end with, and that means that the last few episodes have seen the players largely going through the motions. The whole season has been relatively drama-free, but the last few episodes have been especially dull.

That's pretty much the same with Wednesday's episode. There's little room for surprises before the veto competition. The veto is the only thing that can shake things up at this point, so most of the beginning of this episode is just Nicole, Cody, and Enzo talking about needing to keep the nominations the same (which we know), and Memphis hilariously assuming he doesn't even need to win the veto to be safe because he falsely believes Cody and Enzo have his back. Christmas is at least trying to make some moves prior to the competition, talking with Enzo about him using the veto should he win and then going after Cody, the biggest threat in the house. She also pitches Nicole on a Final 2 and mentions not wanting the guys to gang up on them. For now, it looks like Nicole wants Memphis gone, so maybe there is hope for Christmas to get to the end.

If there's anything entertaining during the first half of the episode, it's Enzo's consistently strange behavior. There's this whole sequence where he uses the house's teapot for the first time. Whenever he's made tea previously, he's boiled water in a large pot and then poured it into a cup. This being Enzo, he makes a mess every single time. Why does he do this? Because he's never used a teapot and because it's more "manly" to use a huge pot filled with boiling water. It's truly insane, but I will say this season could have used more footage of Enzo's ridiculousness. You know it's bad when Cody, who's not exactly known for his wits, is rolling his eyes at you.

That brings us to the veto competition, which is the famous BB Comics challenge. The players use a zipline to get a peek at 16 comics in a specific order and then must recreate that order with their own bundle of comics. The difficult part is that there's plenty of fake comics mixed in with the real ones, the covers bearing a slight difference that the players must spot. You only get a quick look at the correct answer every time you use the zipline, so it takes a lot of running back and forth and a lot of attention to detail to snag the win. For once, Enzo isn't the worst at the challenge; he's the second-worst because Memphis takes 30 minutes in a competition that he potentially needed to win to save his life in this game. Instead, Nicole comes through with a huge win, clocking in at 11 minutes, allowing her to keep the nominations the same.

There's a last-ditch effort here to shake things up. Christmas heads into Nicole's HOH room and tells her this could be a perfect opportunity to backdoor Cody and get the biggest threat to win the whole thing out of the house for good. Christmas, for all her gameplay faults, has the right read here. Cody is loyal to Enzo above anyone else, and the longer he stays in the game the more likely it is he'll win. He's a comp beast who's got the best case to make with the jury for why he deserves to win the game. Bringing him to Final Four is a dangerous move, but that's exactly what Nicole does. Like so many other potential big moves this season, this one is talked about but doesn't happen.

The vote this week comes down to Enzo and Cody since Nicole is HOH and can't vote. That means that while Nicole wants Memphis to go home, Cody and Enzo can talk about what's best for their games and vote out Christmas if they want. Sure, that'd shock Nicole but these Committee members are so friendly with one another that I have trouble believing there'd be any bad blood if they went against her wishes. We'll see what happens during the live eviction on Thursday!

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