By Kyle Fowle
October 08, 2020 at 09:55 PM EDT
S22 E28

At the top of this week's live eviction episode, Julie Chen mentions that this late in the game, with The Committee forced to turn on each other, winning is all about determining who's truly loyal to one another. There's a lot of sub-alliances and Final 2 deals going around, but only so many of them can be true. Deciphering who's ready to take who to the end means a lot when there's only a few competitions left to go.

The first stretch of the episode is all about that, as everyone tries to get a read on who has Final 2 deals before deciding to send home either Tyler or Christmas. Tyler is making his case to stay, and it's a pretty good one. He sits down with Cody and tells him about how Memphis and Christmas are obviously close, and that if he's evicted, Cody will have a tough week in front of him. Because Cody can't play in the HOH competition, that increases the odds that Christmas or Memphis will win, and if that happens, Cody (or Enzo) will probably be the target. That makes a lot of sense, and as has been the case for most of the season, Tyler is making sound arguments to the people that need to hear it.

Cody's uncertaintiy about the vote, and about Memphis, only grows when Memphis chats with him about how he doesn't care who gets sent home, but that targeting a comp beast like Tyler is probably a smart move. What Memphis doesn't understand is that Cody already knows about Memphis' "Wise Guys" alliance with Christmas and Enzo (because Enzo is actually loyal to Cody and told him all about it), so he's not buying that he's okay with getting Christmas out of the house.

As if that's not enough to make Memphis a shady character, he goes to Enzo and talks about getting Nicole out next week, information that Enzo delivers directly to his bestie Cody. So now Cody really does know what's up, and he's maybe seeing clearly. If he keeps Christmas around, it could be a move that backfires next week. At this point, it might be better to keep a threat like Tyler around because at least he'll probably be a number for Cody, rather than fortifying a Final 2 that's already in place.

Still, this is a pretty dull live episode. There's just not a lot going on here. Even when we check in with the jury house, there's not a lot of interesting conversations or new information being passed around. While it's nice to see Da'Vonne and Ian again — and I love that Ian understands how much of Big Brother is gameplay and can't be taken personally (and he's the only one who understands and endorses David's decision to take the money during the POV competition) — the Jury House segment is largely just an unecessary recap. We get a bunch of footage we've already seen, and nothing is really added by the people who've been evicted. If there's anything interesting to mention it's Dani thinking that Cody is playing the best game, and then Kevin's statement that acts as an astute analysis of the whole season as he watches what else went down on the Triple Eviction night: "I feel like I should be gaining respect for people's games, but I'm losing respect."

With that out of the way, we're on to the vote. Despite all the talk about how Christmas is a threat to his game, Cody manages to influence everyone to vote Tyler out. I get it. Tyler probably had the best game left in the house alongside Cody, and the outgoing HOH is looking to eliminate threats while he can. Does that mean he'll regret it if Memphis or Christmas targets him soon? Of course. But when the biggest threat against you winning the money is on the block, you take your shot. Even the exit interview is boring in this episode. The moves at this point aren't really shocking or even filled with drama, so even Julie doesn't have a lot of questions to ask. It's just Tyler saying, "Yeah, I was voted out, it makes sense, that's how it goes."

So, we leave this episode as the next HOH competition is in progress, the result of which we'll see Monday. Cody can't play this time around, which could lead to the season's potential frontrunner being targeted. Let's hope next week brings some more fireworks!

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