By Kyle Fowle
October 07, 2020 at 09:35 PM EDT
S22 E27

While I don't think this season of Big Brother contains a lot of good games, if I had to choose one player who's ostensibly running the show and has the best shot of making an argument about why he should win, it's Cody. He's hardly a savvy player, but he's managed to be on almost everyone's good side this whole time, he's influenced plenty of decisions within The Committee, and he's won a ton of competitions and avoided the block all season long. In almost any other season, he'd probably be the guy who loses out in the end to someone who made more bold moves, but there have been no bold moves this season, so he has a pretty clear path to the finals at the moment. Keeping himself safe is the key now, so winning any remaining competitions is incredibly important.

Memphis is maybe the only other player not constantly kowtowing to Cody, but as the first stretch of this episode shows, just about everyone is hovering around him, and not just because he's HOH. He has Nicole offering to do whatever he wants in terms of votes this week (at some point doesn't she have to make a big move to win? She's not particularly well-liked and she's a former winner, which will work against her with the jury), and Enzo is the one who helped get Christmas and Tyler on the block by not voting with them in the previous week in an attempt to get Nicole out. What's funny is that a player like Enzo thinks he's being sneaky in this game, not making any enemies along the way, but he's also just continually going along with whatever Cody wants. If the two of them make it to the end as promised, I do think Enzo has a shot, but Cody probably has the better argument. To draw a comparison to last season, Enzo is the Holly to Cody's Michie; didn't rub anyone the wrong way, but didn't do enough to secure jury votes.

Most of the early part of this episode is talk amongst the players about keeping the nominations the same. Cody, Enzo, Nicole, and Memphis not only want to target Tyler and Christmas, nobody wants to risk being on the block this late in the game, even if they're looking pretty safe. For their part, Tyler and Christmas are trying to make some waves here and there, but they're both seemingly grasping at straws at this point. Christmas tries to use some tears on Cody to garner sympathy, and she tries to put some fear in Memphis that he's the next target, but both of them can barely listen to her arguments. Sure, they give her the time to say what she needs to say, but neither of them is buying what she's selling. Similarly, Tyler thinks he has a trump card with Enzo: he tells him about The Committee as a way to drive a wedge between him and Cody, hoping to secure Enzo as an ally who will possibly use the veto on him. The problem? Enzo already knows about The Committee because Cody told him a few weeks back. So Enzo just plays along with it, reassuring Tyler while knowing full well he'll vote him out if that's what Cody wants.

Which brings us to the veto competition, where the players have to arrange a bunch of photos featuring evicted houseguests in chronological order by spotting differences in the pictures. Whoever completes it the fastest wins POV. It's a pretty tough competition because there's a lot going on in the photos, and it can be tough to focus as you're running from picture to picture trying to notice all the differences. From what we see of the competition, it's clear that Enzo is terrible at it. He struggles to make any sense of what he's doing and actually maxes out his time at 25 minutes. Amazing.

Shockingly enough, Tyler also maxes out his time. He's usually a comp beast, but he totally blows it here. Nicole comes real close to winning with a time around 7 minutes, but it's HOH Cody, killing it once again, snagging the win with a 4-minute time. That means there's no way the nominations are changing, and this week becomes all about who the main target is. Cody mentions to Nicole that he's "55-45" in favor of getting rid of Christmas, but when Enzo tells him about Tyler coming clean about The Committee and lying about Cody targeting Enzo, Cody starts to wonder if Tyler is the bigger threat and needs to go home. But Tyler also gets to chat with Cody and mentions Memphis having a connection with Christmas, and how Tyler going home leaves Cody as the biggest target around. He's got a point, but we'll have to wait until Thursday to see how it plays out. For now, Cody has kept the nominations the same, and either Tyler or Christmas is going home.

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