By Kyle Fowle
October 06, 2020 at 12:09 AM EDT
S22 E25

Well, we're getting down to it now, folks. There are only six players left in the house: Cody, Nicole, Tyler, Christmas, Enzo, and Memphis. After forming The Committee early on and steamrolling the competition, last week's Triple Eviction saw them finally oust one of their own members, as Dani was sent home. The only non-Committee member left was Enzo, but that barely even counts because he's been close with Cody since Day 1. But now that we're down to such a small number, things get interesting. Loyalties tested, vetos more powerful and disruptive, the possibility of a vote swinging at any moment. So, let's dive into the episode.

Let's get right into what's frustrating about this episode. Coming off the live Triple Eviction, where we didn't get a new HOH for this week, Big Brother, as it sometimes does, decides to fill us in on what went down during the previous live show, giving us a bunch of footage we didn't see. The footage is from the second eviction onwards, so we see the 3-2 vote sending David out of the house and the ensuing fallout, as both Tyler and Christmas, members of The Committee, took their shots and missed because Enzo decided to stay loyal to Cody.

Part of me gets why Big Brother does things this way. It's good to get some insight into what went down during a chaotic live show, and it helps us orient ourselves in terms of the new dynamic in the house. The problem? It was easy enough for us at home to deduce all of this before tonight's episode. We know Tyler and Christmas targeted Nicole. We know that Memphis, Cody, and Nicole would then be gunning for them. We know that this causes a rift within the main alliance because only the main alliance is left. Watching all this footage would be fine if it was condensed, but it takes up a good half of the episode, and it feels like padding. This has been a very predictable season, and the edit here is mining for drama that doesn't really exist. I mean, I just can't watch Nicole try to fake being mad and saying "game on" now that she's a target because The Committee knew this part of the game, where they have to turn on each other, was coming. The indignation is annoying.

Similarly, we get a lot about Tyler needing to win the HOH and the veto because of how he voted against Memphis' interests, and how he wants to target Dani but also put up Nicole, and again, we know all of this. We know that Dani is on the outs within The Committee. We know that these players love to feel offended after simple gameplay moves and that this season is a constant stream of apologizing and damage control and faux politeness. All this footage is exactly what the likes of Kaysar and Janelle were railing against before they were booted from the house.

Anyways, that brings us to the HOH competition, which adopts a concept we've seen in previous seasons. The players must remove items of clothing while pressing down three buttons that keep their clocked time from speeding up. For the most part, everyone is bad at the competition. Christmas is eliminated first after failing to even remove all the required items of clothing, and guys like Memphis and Enzo are constantly letting time be added to their clocks. The trick in this competition is patience and keeping your buttons pressed, not letting up no matter how you think it might help you.

Cody, despite not knowing what a "Texan" is, understands that. He knows you can't let all three buttons go no matter what. The competition comes down to Cody and Memphis. While Cody mentions in a Diary Room interview that he doesn't really need to win HOH again, that's exactly what he does. And hey, that's not a bad position to be in after a chaotic triple eviction. Being in control at this point in the game is exactly what you want to assure your own safety. Memphis, much like previous rounds, decides to let go of all his buttons near the end and take a shot at his time. That means Cody beats him by a solid 3 minutes, and Tyler and Christmas are very worried about their place in the house.

They're specifically worried because they targeted Nicole in the previous vote, making them the targets this time around. Again, everyone here is being super annoying. There's Christmas trying to blame Tyler for the move, and Nicole being mad about a legit gameplay move against her. This whole alliance gets very whiny and entitled when they're targets, but have no problem outcasting other people. Still, the lines are being drawn now, and there's no way to avoid that.

So, the predictable happens. Cody nominates Christmas and Tyler for eviction, the easy votes for the week because even this late in the game it's somehow controversial to try and go against the majority rule. Nobody seems that upset by the nominations. Memphis is a bit of a floater, but the other players are all happy to get rid of either one of them. We'll see how the veto plays out, but it's looking like one of the two who tried to flip the vote is going home this week.

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