By Kyle Fowle
September 24, 2020 at 09:59 PM EDT
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S22 E22

For the most part, it looked like Da'Vonne had sealed her fate this week on Big Brother. Not only was she alienating one of her closest allies in David, but she also made a show of not really campaigning during the veto ceremony when Tyler gave both eviction nominees time to speak. I don't blame her; she felt helpless, and like there was no real point to campaigning because everyone's mind had been made up. But the thing is, she still had connections in the house, ones that she could potentially use if she figured out David was on her side. If she figured that out, could she sway Dani and Nicole to her side against the other members of the Committee, noting that it was clear a sub-alliance made up of the boys was present in the group? That's the big question heading into the live eviction.

Right at the top of the episode, Da'Vonne mentions her energy being low, and how she's not been feeling like herself in the house because she has to constantly hide her voice and try not to speak up because she's not given the same leeway to be passionate and loud as the white players. She's not "kissing anybody's ass" this week, namely talking about the controlling players like Cody and Tyler, but she's hoping to talk to David about voting to keep her around and then relying on Dani and Nicole to do the same.

In order for that plan to work, not only do Nicole and Dani have to be on her side for real (which is in no way possible), but she also has to trust David again. Kevin, to his credit, is really coming around on the idea that David didn't flip during last week's vote and that Nicole is the one lying through her teeth. He tries to reason with Da'Vonne, laying out how that deception would benefit Nicole and how it doesn't make much sense for David to flip, but she's still not even close to believing it.

Elsewhere, the Committee members are starting to see a little further down the line, to the point where everyone else is voted out and they have to turn on each other. They're starting to think about who they want to align with as the game shifts, and how that might involve whoever is around after this week's vote. So, Memphis is trying to shore up his Final 3 and Final 2. He says he wants to go to the Final 2 with Enzo because he believes he can beat him — my two cents is that nobody in the house is a big fan of Memphis, and that he'd struggle to win sitting next to just about anybody — and he has a plan to make two separate alliances with him. There's a Final 3 involving Memphis, Enzo, and Cody, and then another involving Memphis, Enzo, and Christmas. Memphis is hoping that at least one of these alliances will carry him to the end.

Then there's Dani, who's hoping to keep Da'Vonne around this week so that she's a number on her side in a potential turn against the Committee. But she tells that to Christmas, who has no real interest in siding with Dani or with Da'Vonne. So Christmas tells David about Nicole and Dani's plan to sabotage his voting from last week, hoping to recruit him to her side. In other words, it seems like the only real potential for change here was a girls alliance plus David going up against the remaining members of the Committee, but as has been the case all season long, the Committee continues to stand together. They're in full control, and I'm not sure that'll change at all until it's just the six of them (and Enzo) left.

That brings us to the live vote, where Da'Vonne gives a great speech about the history of African American players in the game and how she wants to keep working toward the goal of having a winner "that looks like me," either now or in the future. She feels like she's going home, but she's optimistic that things can change and that she can continue to be a champion of that change. Unfortunately, that speech isn't enough to keep her around. Too many people see her as a potential threat. The votes are rather interesting: David seems to align with Christmas and whoever else he thinks may keep him safe going forward, voting Da'Vonne out, while Nicole and Dani vote to keep Da'Vonne around. Is this a sign of Committee members starting to turn on each other? Will Dani and Nicole actually become targets, allowing David (and maybe Kevin) some room to make some moves in the game? I'm not ready to suggest the Committee is done just yet, but this was the first vote that seemed a little wonky in terms of allegiances.

If I had to make a guess as to what happened in the vote, when you add in the context of the housguest goodbye videos, I'd say that Nicole and Dani were trying to soften the impact of Da'Vonne leaving and lying to her about David in the hopes that she won't hold it against them should they make it to the finals. They knew she didn't have the votes to stay, and they threw votes her way to try and appease her. Based on Da'Vonne's reaction, I don't think it worked at all. She's shocked to find out about the alliance — once again Tyler lays it all out for her, like he did with Ian, which seems like his own form of jury management — including Nicole and Dani, and I think she feels betrayed by that.

But enough about this week's episode, because we've got a few notes for next week. Not only is Dr. Will the surprise guest living in the house next door, and he brings a few game twists with him that will be revealed next week, but we also learn that next Thursday's episode will be a two-hour triple eviction. That's a lot of people going home with very little strategy able to take place, and should cause some much-needed chaos. It has the potential to be the best episode of the season, so let's keep our fingers crossed!

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