By Kyle Fowle
September 20, 2020 at 10:42 PM EDT
S22 E20

This season of Big Brother has been really, really easy for The Committee. They've been rolling over all the other players since Day 1 and it's made for a rather maddening season. The Committee has cracks that could be exploited, and only a few of the players in that alliance are actually playing well strategically, but ever since Janelle and Kaysar couldn't convince players like Bayeligh, Da'Vonne, David, and Kevin that things weren't going their way and they needed to make moves now, it's been all Committee all the time.

The fact is, the players outside The Committee have had multiple weeks and nominations to sniff out who's in the main alliance, but have instead spent too much time being paranoid about each other while failing to read the true motivations of players like Memphis, Dani, and Nicole, who've all at one point or another convinced their enemies that they're actually allies. Now, with a new HOH on the way, the weekly cycle is starting all over again.

We pick up where we left off on Thursday, as the players try to build a large 3-D fire hydrant puzzle and become the new HOH. David gets off to a fast start, which is good for him because he's in a weird position. Here's the rundown, as the episode cuts from the middle of the challenge to update us on some of what happened before Thursday's eviction: David, as we know, voted with Da'Vonne and Kevin to evict Tyler and keep Ian, assuming that Nicole would do the same, making it a 4-4 tie, which would force Dani, the HOH, to choose who left the house. The other assumption, alongside Nicole voting with them, is that Dani is targeting Tyler and not Ian. That's not true. She wants Ian out, and she doesn't want to go against her alliance right now.

So, when the votes come in and it's 5-3, there's the assumption that David flipped because he's been "untrustworthy" before. But somehow Da'Vonne and Kevin trust Nicole? Somehow they trust Dani? It's maddening! The same six people have been making all the decisions all season long, and while I know it's harder to read people while living in the house, this has been weeks of obvious patterns and moves, and nobody outside the main alliance is picking up on it. Anyways, this is all context for later in the episode.

That brings us back to the HOH competition. Unfortunately, David's momentum fizzles out, and Committee member Memphis wins HOH. That all but guarantees that two of David, Da'Vonne, and Kevin are going on the block. The only real question is how the nominations will play out, and how that will affect the grouping of the people outside The Committee. They've been in control the whole time, but now it's really obvious that they have a clear path to a Final 6 (unless the floater Enzo manages to squeeze in somewhere).

Unsurprisingly, there's not a whole lot of talk in this episode about who the nominations will be because it's all pretty obvious. Instead, we get to sit through a ton of infuriatingly stupid "gameplay" from the people outside The Committee. Da'Vonne is livid with David for flipping (again, to be clear: he didn't). She won't even talk to him. She just throws passive-aggressive comments his way, and no matter how many times he tries to tell her he's on her side and that he didn't flip, she refuses to believe it. Nicole and Dani's plan to put the "flip" vote on David has worked perfectly, and it's allowed The Committee to sow division amongst the only people who aren't close with them, essentially fortifying their power.

This is exactly what Janelle and Kaysar said would happen, and still, no one is picking up on it. For some reason, Da'Vonne is still treating David like a chump player, and putting full trust in Dani and Nicole. This is pure gameplay failure, and it's brutal to watch. This might be the most maddening episode of the season, the one where you just want to yell at the players on your TV to smarten up and figure out what's going on. Add in Christmas and Cody getting angry and defensive about being named "Have-Nots" — like I've said in other recaps, The Committee players are essentially entitled children who whine when they don't get their way — and you have an episode that's just unbearable to watch.

So, as expected, Memphis goes for nominations outside of his alliance: Da'Vonne and Kevin. He makes a "deal" with David: if he keeps him off the block and David is chosen to play in the veto, he has to throw the competition so that the nominations stay the same. As usual, Memphis proposes this in the most condescending manner possible (as he always does with David, and it's gross every single time), but it's unclear why any of this is even necessary. Memphis says he truly wants to get David out by backdooring him after the veto, but that's a convoluted plan. He could just put David up and be done with it but instead chooses this complicated, roundabout plan that doesn't really benefit his game in any way.

None of that really matters though. Da'Vonne and Kevin are on the block, David still plans on trying to win the veto and save one of his allies (despite them being mad at him for something he didn't do), and The Committee remains in a very powerful position.

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