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September 13, 2020 at 09:51 PM EDT
Big Brother
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S22 E17

Alright folks, let's get right to it. Last week's episode ended with Bayleigh going home and the new HOH competition underway. So Sunday's episode picks up with the competition, as all the players (minus outgoing HOH Christmas) cling to a billboard that tilts them towards the ground at varying intervals while cold water drenches them from above. It's a grueling endurance competition, easily the toughest of the season so far.

There's a little more strategy going on here than usual. Da'Vonne is the first to have her own idea about how to use this challenge. In the Diary Room, she says that she's largely being kept in the house because everyone thinks they can beat her in the challenges, so she's going to play right into that idea. She drops out after only 15 minutes and musters some fake tears for her audience of houseguests. It's a bold move considering she was just on the block, but it could pay off in the long run. More baffling and less strategic is Memphis' choice to purposely drop out after the first three players have gone (David and Ian follow Da'Vonne, and all three become the Have-Nots for the week). He openly admits he just didn't want to be a Have-Not for the week, and gives up any chance at the HOH. He must feel pretty secure in his position.

Once Kevin and Enzo fall too, we're down to four members of The Committee battling it out: Tyler, Nicole, Cody, and Dani. Tyler falls next, which is all Dani wanted. She's considering getting revenge for him throwing her under the bus with Da'Vonne and Bayleigh, and she's not convinced he won't target her. With Tyler gone, we're left with three people who, and I can't believe I'm saying this, don't want to win! They all admit it in the Diary Room! Nicole feels secure with her alliance and doesn't want to nominate anyone and cause trouble, Cody feels like it's time for Dani or Nicole to get "blood on their hands," and Dani simply wanted to make sure Tyler didn't win. So, it all comes down to who's able to throw the competition without looking like they threw it. Once Nicole drops, Cody decides to follow suit, and that leaves Dani with her first HOH of the season. For us at home, she's certainly the most intriguing option out of The Committee members who could have won. She's unpredictable enough that she might try to shake things up.

Thus, the conversations begin. Da'Vonne immediately goes to Dani to make sure she's safe, and Dani assures her that she is. She's not sure who to put up though, and asks what Da'Vonne would do. She says she'd put up Christmas as a pawn, but go after Tyler. Dani sees the logic, and she's been wary of Tyler for a while now, and yet, just like every other HOH, she's terrified of making a big move. Cody, her alliance member, thinks this is an easy week; put up David and Kevin, the two people they don't have any deals with, and just keep cruising to a Final Six. Dani does mention Tyler as a nomination to him, and that worries Cody because he sees Tyler as a shield, the one player who's a bigger threat than he is.

Tyler isn't in the dark here. He knows that he wronged Dani and that he's on thin ice with her. So, he tries to just be honest. He tells her that he'd understand if he was nominated or backdoored in the case of a veto being used. With Tyler, honesty is more a strategy than it is a humbling moment. His whole thing is trying to be charming enough that people don't want to target him. He did the same thing with Da'Vonne and Bayeligh last week. His goal in the house is to be the strong player who's also loved by everybody, and this bad blood with Dani could ruin that (though what's really ruining that strategy is his compulsion to talk game and alliances with everybody and therefore ensure that someone is going to feel betrayed at some point).

Dani sees right through it. She knows Tyler is just trying to be in the good graces of every player in the house, but between her own thoughts about her game and her alliance's strong objection to targeting Tyler right now, she's not ready to make any sort of big move. As has been the case this season, that's not surprising! So, Dani chooses what she deems the path of least resistance and puts Kevin and David on the block. But here's the thing: David has his secret power, which will allow him to pull himself off the block. And Dani also likes Kevin a lot and has some connection with him. If there was any week where the HOH could be seriously forced to shift the landscape of the game, this is the one.

That's it for the HOH and the nominations! Don't forget that the next episode, featuring the veto competition, airs Tuesday rather than Wednesday this week. See you then!

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