As Eddie's life hangs in the balance after a hit and run, the gang rushes to the hospital to support Katherine.
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A Million Little Things fans! Did you ever think we'd see the day? We're back for season 3 with a premiere that packs enough drama for an entire season. It has been 7,000 years since we last spent time with the Boston buddies, so if you need a full refresher head here. Otherwise, here's a very quick reminder: Maggie moved to England. She and Gary — who is dating new girl Darcy — are going to try and be friends. Rome and Gina were about to adopt a baby when the birth mother changed her mind. Gina is blaming Rome for making her want a child. Delilah is dating a hot EMT and, oh yeah, Eddie almost drank alcohol and then, after leaving the bar sober, got hit by a car.

We pick things up right there. Eddie is still on the phone to Katherine when the car hits so she hears everything — including a stranger yelling for someone to call 911 and saying Eddie isn't breathing and has no pulse. Harrowing. The driver doesn't stop but does call 911 from his car as he flees the scene. Pretty sure we're going to be seeing more of him as the season unwinds.

We cut to Gary and his new girlfriend Darcy, whose make-out session is interrupted by Katherine calling to tell them about Eddie. Rome has gotten the call too and he and Gina, who's not talking to her husband, head over to Boston General Hospital. Delilah's kids are looking after Theo, who doesn't know about his dad at this point. Once everyone is there, Katherine fills the others in on why Eddie was up by the lake. She basically tells the story of the latter half of last season and how Eddie was involved with his friend Alex's death. It's a nice little recap from last season. Fair enough, it's been a while. When the doctor updates the group, it's to let them know Eddie is being rushed into emergency surgery and has a lot of internal bleeding. They don't know if he's going to make it. None of us really believe that, but Katherine ponders bringing Theo over in case he needs to say goodbye.

She's not the only one thinking about making calls. Gary wonders if he should call Maggie (who is absolutely still in the air right now on her 6-plus hour flight to London) to fill her in. After much back and forth and another impromptu recap scene that shows their awkward goodbye/let's try to be friends conversation from the season 2 finale, Gary decides to send her a text instead. And because that wasn't enough reminiscing, we now get a flashback to the moment Gary, Eddie, Rome, and Jon all met when they were stuck in an elevator together. It's nice?

Back in the waiting area, Rome checks a voicemail from Gloria, the social worker helping them with adopting a baby. Apparently, there's an opportunity for Rome and Gina to adopt another baby — the very next day! There's a mother in labor in Lennox and this could be their chance. They feel bad about leaving, but Katherine tells everyone they should go; it'll be hours before they know anything and she'll text them if there's any change. They all head out, but Gary doubles back and jokes to Katherine he's waiting to hear about someone else.

Once alone in the car, Gina hesitates about going through with another adoption so soon after losing the first. She asks Rome if they're doing the right thing. He says there's a baby in Lennox who needs them and that they should go and forget what happened. He's not going to look back. Gina thinks they need time to mourn, but he can't believe she's saying no to a baby again. She says they both said no to kids when they got married, but she can't erase the baby they were supposed to have now with another child. It's not fair to them or the baby. She wants it, but not like this. Rome's worried they might not get another chance, but calls Gloria to turn down the new adoption regardless.

Over in Oxford, Maggie has pulled up to her new flat in a taxi with no correct currency to pay for it. It's an absolute steal at only £7.50 all the way from the airport!! Anyway, she tells the driver she'll just pop inside and borrow a tenner from her new flatmate Jamie. When she gets to the door, however, a woman answers sobbing. The unknown woman, who Maggie assumes is Jamie, complains that her boyfriend has been texting his ex. Maggie gives her some doorstep therapy and tells her she deserves better and should leave this man. Just then said-boyfriend enters the scene and the woman — who we now learn is named Cassie — marches out, breaking up with the man. The man is Jamie, Maggie's new roommate, and he is pissed. He later explains to Maggie that he was texting his ex because they're friends now, in fact, they get on better now that they're not together. Maggie can relate, sharing that she and Gary are trying to figure out the just friends thing. Just then all of Maggie's texts come flooding in and she finds out about Eddie. She calls Delilah, but D tells Maggie to stay in England. She's already helped all of them so much, it's time for Maggie to help Maggie.

Back at the hospital, Katherine gets the results of the toxicology report she ordered. It comes back clear, showing Eddie had no alcohol or drugs in his system. She just had to know for sure. Fair. The on-duty nurse takes pity on Katherine and lets her and Gary in to see Eddie. While Katherine takes a call from Delilah because Theo has found out about his dad, Gary talks to his unconscious friend. He tells Eddie not to give up, to keep fighting, and not to leave them. Of course, that's all Eddie needed to hear! He squeezes Gary's hand and then when Katherine comes back in the room hers too! (I mean, we could've dragged this out for a few episodes but sure!) Gary barely resists the urge to make a threesome joke. Shudder. By the time Theo arrives at the hospital, Eddie is starting to wake up. They go in and see him. He talks, makes jokes, and then as Theo climbs up onto the bed to sit with his dad, realizes he can't feel his legs. Seems like something a doctor would've checked before they let the family in, but okay.

One month later, coronavirus has arrived. From what we hear from Dr. Fauci on a television set in the hospital, the pandemic is still in the early stages. (Remember those?) Eddie is ready to leave the hospital but will do so in a wheelchair. Darcy (who, conveniently for the plot, is a physiotherapist) has let Katherine know that there's less than a 10 percent chance Eddie will ever walk again. The nurse sends them packing with some prescription painkillers for Eddie, who's worried about the oxycodone because of his addiction problems. As they get ready to leave, Eddie tells Katherine he's been thinking about Theo's birth, when he promised her he wouldn't drink again. He hasn't, but he did go to that bar and can't help but feel like he let her down again. Eddie tells Katherine he would understand if she said she couldn't do this anymore. She says let's just get you home.

When they get to the house, the gang is there and they've built Eddie a ramp as a surprise. They FaceTime Maggie in, whose hair has grown a hell of a lot in one month. Gary and Maggie talk for the first time since the airport and Darcy overhears. She confronts Gary about not telling her he went to see Maggie at the airport before she left, but he tells her it doesn't mean he isn't committed to being with her because he is.

As Theo wheels his dad through the house and out to the yard, there's another surprise for him: They're getting married (again) right there and then! First, she proposes and he says yes. They say their vows, filled with mushy promises, and acknowledge their chosen family too, a.k.a the gang. Eddie also mentions Jon and the toast he made at Eddie and Katherine's first wedding about friendship not being a big thing, but a million little things. (Sounds familiar.) Eddie expounds on this sentiment, saying, for him, family is the people who hold your hand as you take a million little steps in the right direction. (He wrote it before the accident.) Now he doesn't know if he's ever going to take another step again but knows he can get through anything with Katherine's love. They kiss. Everyone cries. There's confetti. And...

Across the street we see someone watching from a parked car. We soon find out it's Alex's dad and then in yet another flashback we see that he also watched from his car as Eddie left the bar a month ago and then ran him down on purpose. And that, my friends, sets up what I'm sure is going to be a season-long arc of drama and despair. I do hope you'll come along on this ride with me.

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