It's time for the the birth of Rome and Gina's baby and Katherine and Eddie's vow renewal, so naturally disaster strikes in every possible way.

By Ruth Kinane
March 26, 2020 at 11:00 PM EDT
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Somehow, we've made it to the finale of another season of A Million Little Things, and naturally, that means the drama is abundant in these 42 mins, so let's jump right in.

The final prep for Katherine and Eddie's vow renewal is underway at their home and everyone has stopped in to help. While Gary and Rome fight over who's going to be Eddie's best man, Eddie decides to give the honor to Theo instead. It's cute or insufferable, depending on your appreciation for cheese. Maggie arrives and when she walks into the room, Gary drops Darcy's hand — they spent the previous night together and are feeling particularly cozy. The hand-dropping doesn't go unnoticed by Darcy, who brings it up to Gary later. He explains that he just didn't want to hurt Maggie by flaunting their happiness since she's not in the same place.

Just then, the party preparation is interrupted by the news that Eve has gone into labor! Rome and Gina rush off to the hospital and Katherine suggests postponing the renewal, but — since Maggie leaves for Oxford that night — Eddie comes up with the idea to do it at the hospital instead. Charming?

At the hospital, Rome is being overbearing. He's nervous and asking a lot of questions. The nurse tells them it's going to be a while, but then Eve and the baby's heart rates drop suddenly and the doctor comes in to whip them off for an emergency C-section. Rome overhears the doc mention Eve showing signs of preeclampsia and goes crazy Googling all the possible outcomes. Luckily, Delilah's new boyfriend Miles — who also happens to be an EMT — is there and explains the situation and reassures everyone. He's a hit; they all love him.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Eddie is about to leave for the hospital too (he's bringing Katherine's wedding dress), when Alex's sister shows up at his door. (Remember Alex? The girl who mysteriously drowned when they were teens and Eddie thinks he might be to blame?) She asks Eddie not to reopen the wound of her sister's death and begs him to let it go. But Eddie really wants to know what happened and calls his own sister, Lindsey, to ask what she did with his wet clothes the night of the accident, thinking that they might've contained a clue. Lindsey explains that she hid them in the spot where they used to hide booze and Eddie immediately heads up to the lake house to find them. Lo and behold, 20 years (or whatever it's been?) later, the clothes are still where she put them and remarkably not covered in mold or dirt or anything. He riffles through the pockets and finds a bracelet he gave to Alex when they were young. He then thinks back to the night she drowned and realizes he grabbed for her arm to save her and her bracelet came off into his hand, but he couldn't pull her back into the boat. He's devastated and, believing it's his fault she died, heads to the nearest bar.

Back at the hospital, Maggie (triggered by an egg salad sandwich — but that's a whole other story) finds the courage to tell Gary she still loves him. She tells him she was lost even before she got sick again, but he changed everything in her life. She thought she had to figure out her life on her own, but she doesn’t want her life without him. She knows he’s seeing someone, but tells him, "we’re us" and she'd love if he would still come with her to Oxford. For a half-second, it seems like Gary's on board. He tells her he wanted to hear that so many times, but this morning for the first time since their breakup, he didn’t think about her, so of course she does this now. He gets mad, telling her that he tried to make himself better for her, but she was busy having an emotional affair with Eric. It seems to him that, now that she sees him happy with someone else, she wants him back. He says he’s sorry but she’s too late and walks out. Maggie returns to the hospital waiting room, trying not to cry. Everyone, including Darcy, can tell something’s going on so Mags promptly leaves for the airport to avoid any further humiliation. Later, Darcy pulls Gary aside and tells him very reasonably that she's a single mom and doesn't have time for games, so he can just let her know when he figures out how he feels about his ex.

While all that was going down, Eve was giving birth to a healthy baby boy. Rome and Gina are delighted and, after asking D's permission, decide to name him Jon. Then, tragedy strikes when Eve changes her mind and decides she wants to keep the baby after all. The kindness they showed her and all support she got from the women's shelter has made her realize she can raise the baby on her own. Rome and Gina are fully devastated. They head home, where Gina tells Rome that he was the one who made her want this and walks away from him.

In the only real lighthearted moment in this episode, Sophie and Danny show up at the hospital and meet Miles alone. They're fighting over who gets to flirt with the hot EMT before D walks over and introduces him as her new friend. I can't decide if it's hilarious or just kinda gross. Later, Miles drops Delilah off at home and she asks him why he's so into her when he's so hot and funny and could have anyone. Miles tells her it's because she spent the whole day taking care of everyone else and that’s a person worth spending time with — plus, she’s French.

Realizing Maggie's about to leave town without saying goodbye, Gary rushes to the airport, showing up right in time. He apologizes for being spiteful to her before and says he can’t lose another friend. Yup, she heard that word "friend" too. Gary tells her he couldn't let her fly to Oxford without apologizing. He’s so grateful for her; she saved him, but their timing is horrible. He wants to see how things play out with Darcy and wants her to be happy too. He tells her he loves her and to go have the best time in Oxford. He'll hear all about it when she gets back. He leaves Maggie at the airport and goes over to Darcy's place. Let's see how long that decision lasts in season 3, eh?

Okay, back to Eddie and the lake drama. The recovering alcoholic sits at the bar and screens a call from Katherine, who has no idea where he is and is getting worried and suspicious. Eddie orders a whisky neat and is about to take a sip when he notices an older drunk man next to him, yelling at the TV and falling over himself. It's the wakeup call that Eddie needed and he gets up, telling the bartender that the random dude just saved his life. All the while, Hoobastank's "The Reason" plays in the background. ALOL. Anyway, walking out of the bar, Eddie calls Katherine. He tells her he was going to drink but didn’t and that he's coming home to tell her everything. He’s so sorry and wants to do the vows tonight — even if it’s just the two of them! She tells him she loves him and then... HE'S HIT BY A CAR. I mean, the dude was walking out into the street, not looking around him at all so if you didn't see this would-be-cute moment ending this way, then ... you clearly don't watch enough television.

And, folks, that's' where we leave our A Million Little Things friends until the fall (hopefully?). Will Eddie survive? Will Rome and Gina cope? Will the hot EMT return? Will Maggie? I'd say: Yes, eventually; yes, if he doesn't get a leading gig on another show; and yes. Time will tell.

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